Jiang Mian, a member of the cabinet, is not much worse than Jiao Fanglai. There are also many officials in this ruling and opposition.

Let Zhao Yushi take the lead. If everything goes well, then Jiang Mian will follow China Unicom’s officials in the civil and military fields to force the Queen Mother to allow them to elect a monarch.
However, it was beyond Jiang Mian’s expectation that Jiao Fang would be on the sidelines at this time, but I never thought that Jiao Fang would take the initiative to jump out and make Zhao Yushi a villain.
Zhao Yushi, however, is a member of them, but sitting back and letting Zhao Yushi be charged by Jiao Fang will have much impact on them. Just Zhao Yushi’s pleading for the election of a monarch is a qualitative violation, so how can they be forced to choose a new monarch?
It is said that Jiang Mian came out and he came out at this time to save the situation.
"Records of adults this bad!"
Jiao Fang slowly turned around and looked at Jiang Mian with a smile on his mouth. "Oh, I wonder if Lord Jiang can tell the old lady about her mistakes?"
Jiang Mian always felt that Jiao Fang looked a little strange when he saw him, but Jiang Mian didn’t think so much. Now it can be said that the arrow has to be sent. At this time, it can put pressure on the queen mother, and the sooner she agrees to choose a new LaCrosse, the better.
Jiang Mian first saluted the Queen Mother and said, "The old minister of the Queen Mother has something to say!"
The queen mother sat there and took a look at Jiang Mian and nodded slightly. "Jiang Ge always has something to say, just say it!"
After thanking the Empress Dowager, Jiang Mian turned his eyes to Jiao Fangshen and bowed his hand. "Lord Jiao feels that Zhao Yushi is wholeheartedly concerned about the safety of my big country. How did it become a big rebellion among the population of Jiao Da?"
Jiao Fang chuckled, "Oh, so Lord Jiang will also ask the queen mother to choose a monarch?"
Jiang Mian looked slightly bowed and said, "The country can’t wait for a day. Your husband and wife naturally hope that you can wake up as soon as possible to take charge of the overall situation, but you have been in a coma for many days. Shouldn’t our ministers consider it?"
Jiao Fang said slowly, "What Jiang’s adult said is not unreasonable. I am curious that Jiang’s adult is going to elect a future king?"
At once, a lot of people in the civil and military affairs are looking at Jiao Fang and Jiang Mian. Besides Jiang Mian, they are the core personnel. It can be said that many civil and military roots don’t know who Jiang Mian will elect.
Jiang Mian smell speech first one leng to react slightly shook his head. "Is it so important that the old man can decide to elect you? Naturally, it is necessary to ask the opinions of officials."
Jiao Fang stroked his beard and nodded slightly, and his eyes swept through a crowd. "The sky is in a coma. I wait for the minister to try my best to wake up the sky, but here I force the queen mother to choose a monarch. I beg your pardon!"
Jiang Mian looked at Jiao Fangdao with a slight tilt of her mouth. "If Jiao Ge is old, I naturally hope that I will be safe and sick, but my eyes have been in a coma for many days. There must always be someone to act for the selected monarch, even if it is instead of acting for the court. Is it necessary to say that Jiao Da’s personal cabinet and records are selfish?"
When this was said, many officials immediately looked at Jiao Fang.
You know, Jiang Mian just didn’t directly say that Jiao Fang wanted to monopolize and be a minister.
Jiao Fang was almost outraged by Jiang Mian’s words, pointing to Jiang Mian and saying, "Jiang Mian, you should be so careful when you want to monopolize the country and be a minister!"
Jiang Mian sneered, "In that case, why don’t you promise to elect Jun Jun, my Lord? It’s just a precaution in case there is a great chaos. It’s natural that everything would be fine, but it’s impossible for people to be lucky. Jiang dared to say that if something happens to God, you Jiao Fang might bear the consequences?"
"Minister Ma Li’s postscript implores the Queen Mother to choose a monarch to settle the country!"
Seeing Jiang Mian occupying the wind, Jiang Mian, one by one, all the officials looked forward to sitting there, and the queen mother played, please ask the queen mother to choose a monarch.
Suddenly it was dark, and hundreds of civil and military officials came out, and Qi Qi played for the Queen Mother. At that time, the hall was silent.
The remaining officials who are still in the queue are also looking around with amazement, and then look at the officials such as Ma Li, Zhao Yushi and Jiang Mian. Many people can’t help but show their conation.
Whether to come out to support the election of the monarch at this time or to remain silent and wait for the news of Zhu Houzhao’s death before making a choice is indeed a big test for all the officials in the field
Obviously, at this time, after the death of the team, the effect of the team is naturally very different, and then the position in the mind of the new king will naturally be different
A dozen officials came out slowly and joined Jiang Mian and others, but most officials in the DPRK chose to remain neutral.
But even so, hundreds of officials have come out in unison, which has formed a great potential. If you don’t know what you are talking about, I’m afraid the Queen Mother has lost her temper.
The queen mother sat there silently without any words.
The queen mother’s reaction was that in the eyes of Jiang Mian and others, it was natural that the queen mother was stunned by their potential, and she saw Jiang Mian’s previous step toward the queen mother, "The queen mother is so heavy!"
A hundred officials behind him immediately said, "Please also ask the Queen Mother to return to the country!"
The resounding sound in Fengtian Hall is deafening and makes people tremble.
Zhao Yushi, Ma Li and others’ eyes sparkled with excitement, and the Queen Mother was really shocked. Except for an accident, it can be said that all this was what they expected to see how the Queen Mother would react.
The queen mother can’t help but sigh slightly, and her eyes slowly swept away from Fang Jiangmian and other officials, and her eyes were full of disappointment.
Jiang Mian and others noticed the change of the Queen Mother’s look, but they didn’t feel anything wrong. After all, it would be strange if the Queen Mother was happy with what they had done.
To put it bluntly, they are forcing the queen mother to cooperate with them in choosing a monarch
After a long time, I heard the queen mother slowly say, "If your family chooses to establish a monarch, do you have any candidates in mind?"
When Jiang Mian and others heard that the Empress Dowager’s mouth became the Empress Dowager, they let go and showed excitement. They heard Zhao Yushi’s previous step: "Report to the Empress Dowager that since ancient times, if there are heirs, you should choose an emperor from among them. If the emperor is naturally a brother, a brother and a minister, you have a good name, but I am a great king!"
Jiang Mian, an official, has obviously unified the tone. Even those officials who are not qualified to know the core curtain see Zhao Yushi’s mouth at the moment, and Jiang Mian slightly doesn’t know where they choose.
The latter officials naturally said in unison, "Xing Xian Wang Kejun!"
The queen mother frowned slightly, although she said that her heart had long been expected, but when she heard that Jiang Mian and others elected Xing Xian Wang Jun, her heart still gave birth to some anger.
If you choose a Zhu Houzhao nephew from the royal family to adopt the name of Zhu Houzhao, it has not broken the filial piety.
However, these people actually elected a sickly King Xing Xian, and after all, King Xing Xian was also the half-brother of Emperor Xiao Zong, thus putting Zhu Houzhao in the ground!
Chapter three hundred and twenty-four I’m not dead yet!
If it’s really Xing Xian Wang Jun who will become emperor in the future, then the empress dowager will be embarrassed!
The queen mother looks pale, but Jiang Mian and others can’t consider what the queen mother thinks at the moment.
Jiang Mian hand way "also please the queen mother country if heavy positions know words I positions will be very happy to agree with I wait …"
"Saying that Jiang Aiqing is really worthy of my heart and mind, even my mind can guess that I am very happy!"
At this time, a loud sound came from the door of Fengtian Temple. It can be said that all the civil and military officials in the hall were as horrified as being struck by lightning when they heard the sound, and looked at the door.
And Jiang Mian first all the officials at the moment is a stiff body, like being given some acupuncture points. It’s unbelievable that the face changes quickly.
Jiang Mian and others turned to look at the past with personal difficulties.
Zhu Houzhao, dressed in a yellow dragon robe, strode forward with a ruddy face and a dignified look, and a figure beside him also caught the eyes of many officials
A python with a jade belt around her waist, elegant face and a faint smile, not Chu Yi but also a person.
I don’t know how many people gasped in their hearts when they saw the two men entering the hall in tandem, and cold sweat broke out on their backs.

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