This situation makes Xu Le feel a little strange.

Like a compliment? Or is it expectation?
What is a cat expecting? Why buy it small fish when you go back?
Chapter 31 Xu Le psychic ancient sound many trees.
"It’s just a cat"
Xu Lezheng was about to summon his fingers but suddenly stopped.
After hesitating for a few seconds, he turned to the black cat and leaned over and touched its head.
"You this guy others say you are a bad luck cat.
But every time I meet you, I seem to be lucky.
Tell you what, how about I buy you a bag of dried fish if you spend the night today? "
The black cat’s intimacy rubbed against Xu Le. This movement also made Xu Le feel a little sad. Cats are really cool!
He went back to the rune. It’s not simple to slap the cat just now.
As he himself said, he seems to be lucky every time he meets a black cat.
He also wants to have a little better luck this time.
Just now, the cat can understand the absorption of fate!
Ascending gas can be successfully promoted to complete the ceremony.
Become a real warlock
Yeah, with a serious face
"I have done good deeds many times today, so it’s not too much for me to avoid a bullet, is it?
Even if saving one’s life according to one’s head is better than building a seven-level pagoda, I have saved more than three, and I have converted a two-level pagoda. Forget it, it should be enough.
There are black cats, black cats, black cats. If you really mean luck, let me succeed! "
Xu Le has been chanting for a long time, chanting everything that can be prayed.
Then to the ground blood call array Xu Le pressed his bloody palm.
A faint color swept through Xu Le’s body, and Xu Le’s twisting ability automatically hit everything around him to fold and transform before his eyes.
Energy converge towards that sky. Xu Le’s daze state seem to see a huge shadow in the sky.
When he was still trying to figure out what a shadow was
A slightly elegant sound appeared in his ear.
"Young psychic, what did you call me by this technique?"

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