The moon faded away, and when she turned a corner of a long corridor, a red shadow suddenly flashed out of the darkness.

"who?" Coloured glaze a surprised face panic stepped back when the box fell to the ground.
The soft sword in the Tibetan sleeve hasn’t been drawn out yet, but I saw the face of the man in red suddenly enlarged in front of me and those dark eyes that seemed to be bleak with a thousand-year-old iceberg. In vain, she felt frozen all over, so she couldn’t move.
It was only for a moment, and she felt that this man was beyond her control.
When those eyes were out of her sight, she felt her head heavy and then fell straight down. 19 Chapter 19 Unexpected ()
The presence of Fengcheng makes you feel extremely cold, and that’s about it. He is dressed in plain black, strong silk and ribbon, and his hair is full of pride.
Far away, I saw a girl in pink dress, Liuli, walking in the city and looking up at her indifferently. "Why did the girl go so long?"
The kitchen is not far from the woodshed, but she went there for a long time
"Let the public worry about coloured glaze is just a road and people chat for a few words" coloured glaze chuckled a few hands to a flying cavalry battalion soldiers around.
Fengcheng nodded to blame, which means that everything must be careful now.
Suddenly a burst of noise in Fengcheng looked up and saw a wisp of smoke not far away, and his heart was winding. Seeing the soldiers running from the front, he hurriedly shouted
"It’s no good running away."
"The direction of Gongna is not far from the land of the masters?" Coloured glaze surprised and eclipsed the line of sight and swept to the front.
Fengcheng was ordered to guard Bailifu, so it was Mount Tai that collapsed in front of him without changing its face, but now there is a slight movement.
Most of the troops were taken by Yun Yong to encircle the King of Zhou, and some of them were here, and some of them were guarded by the court. If something happened to the court, it would be natural to divide the troops there …
Thinking of this city, I just turned my head and calmly told the soldiers behind me to "take a few people to see it."
The soldier was ordered to drink a few immediately to put out the fire.
Liuli immediately said, "I’m afraid there’s a fire in the dark at this time. Let’s give it to Liuli, or go and see if the masters are ill?"
Fengcheng frowned and stared at the coloured glaze. His heart trembled slightly for a long time. He smiled. "The girl makes sense. I’ll go and have a look here and leave it to you."
"Rest assured" coloured glaze nodded back and smiled.
Then Fengcheng took several soldiers to the fire.
Coloured glaze looked at in the city to leave a little but a little sly.
Not far from Fengcheng, his eyes are as cold as stars and his lips are as thin as silk. He spits out a word "Go back to the woodshed". It seems that the man treats him like an idiot. How can he be so easily deceived?
Don’t forget to call the Lord when you are glazed? Ah, a word disturbs a plan!
Then that soldier who followed him inexplicably return.
"Is that what’s going on outside?" Bai Liyi held a roll of candle in one hand and heard a noise outside, so she looked up and looked at someone who was as confused as him.
I’m obviously a little tired from Yun Qing, but I’m always sleepy recently, but I don’t wait until Yun Yong returns, so I can sleep peacefully. In contrast, Bai Liyi actually said that he wouldn’t leave until she slept.
"Go out and have a look!" From yun Qing yawned and got up.
Pushing the door out, I saw that the gatekeeper was also looking serious and asked, "What’s the panic?"
"There’s a fire ahead of me," the guard replied with his fuels.
"Fire?" Bailiyi frowned. "Will there be a fire in the middle of the night?"
Let’s just say it’s not dry in the middle of the night. If it’s not people, how can it catch fire?
Scatter a trace of anger away from Yun Qing’s cool thin’s lip angle "I’m afraid the Xuan Youjiao diverted the tiger from the mountain and went to the woodshed to have a look"
Her eyes seemed to be stained with a few bloodstains and frightened.
Who will deliver the door at this time? She can think of today’s enemies even have a mysterious religion. After all, it was unexpected with Zhou Wang and his gang (3)

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