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Wei’s eyes flashed with panic, and she tried to suppress her bitterness. Zhu Yinqi was half threatening and half forcing her expression to open her mouth and hold litchi in his hand.
Litchi in his hand, Zhu Yinqi, unexpectedly possessed himself, bowed his head and opened his mouth to hold the white lychee meat on the lips of Lou Wei.
Wei Yu was shocked by Zhu Yinqi’s sudden arrival, and she was too scared to move when she looked at her handsome face less than an inch away from her.
Zhu Yinzhen’s stunned eyes gently bit half of litchi meat and deliberately paused for a few seconds before recovering and returning to his seat.
After swallowing the sweet, waxy and juicy litchi, Zhu Yinqi stuck out his tongue and licked his lips in an evil way. Gherardini rushed to stare blankly and threw out two words, "How sweet!"
Wei-da-da fossilized on the spot, and even forgot to swallow the litchi on his lips. Zhu Yinqi was so amorous that Wei-da-da had never seen it before.
Zhu Yinqi, she has always kept a certain distance. Zhu Yinqi never approached her actively. Even he was reluctant to let Wei Yi serve her, but now he has done such a blushing thing in front of the minister …
Zhu Yinqi’s bold move was 100% stealing the camera and successfully intercepted the place. Some people were keen on divination. Ministers Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu turned their eyes and stared at Zhu Yinqi and his wife.
The moment is so considerate! Toffee is so blessed! Tai Dian Tai Fei is so loving and sweet! This kind of discourse is everywhere.
The minister who is interested in excitement takes the lead in booing, wishing Taidian Taifei an early and expensive life! There are even ministers who are fond of flattery, and they go to Wei Chihan and his wife to compliment them on their good fortune.
Wei Chihan raised his glass to greet the ministers.
Zhu Pingting is sitting while staring down and not talking. Zhu Yinqi’s move is somewhat true and somewhat false. Zhu Pingting naturally knows it, but no matter whether Zhu Yinqi’s move is a long face for Wei Wei!
Wei-da-da blushed when everyone booed. She looked at Zhu Yinqi shyly and swallowed half a litchi in her mouth. Although she knew Zhu Yinqi was acting, he was so intimate that Wei-da-da couldn’t help but have a palpitation.
Zhu Yinzhen looked at this scene coldly and couldn’t help secretly sneering at it. It was really a good show! I didn’t expect Zhu Yinqi to make such a move to get rid of Shen Menglu!
Should he be glad that he likes the charm of women? Or should he be angry that his brother has gone too far with his woman?
Shen Menglu doesn’t understand Zhu Yin’s mode of getting along with Qi Wei. Listening to the compliments of ministers, it’s really affectionate to be Zhu Yin’s Qi Wei.
She calmly cast a glance at Zhu Yinqi. His bold move made Shen Menglu somewhat surprised, but she couldn’t see that Zhu Yinqi was such a dull scratch!
However, whether Zhu Yinqi is intentional or well-intentioned, his move has successfully helped Shen Menglu understand that the attention of the ministers around the field is focused on Shen Menglu, which makes Shen Menglu suddenly feel relaxed.
When Dezong and Empress Ji arrived at the Baihua Banquet Hall, the ministers were still keen to tease Zhu Yinqi and his wife.
When Dezong saw the atmosphere so warm, he couldn’t help but be curious to learn that when Zhu Yinqi moved, Dezong glanced at his eldest son lightly, and then glanced at Shen Menglu lightly. It must be Shen Menglu that Dezong Bai Zhu Yinqi would make such an outrageous move.
Queen Ji pretended not to see Shen Menglu and pretended not to hear the crowd booing properly. Several officials and wives exchanged pleasantries and took their seats.
Dezong made a few polite remarks, but he didn’t tangle with this topic and motioned the ministers to return to their seats to prepare for the banquet.
As soon as the emperor ordered the original bustling crowd to scatter at random, they led the ladies-in-waiting to take their seats.
Zhu Yinzhen’s position is the same as the first Jingxuan of the Emperor and Empress.
However, Shen Menglu, because of her special status, was temporarily excluded from the Dezong banquet list. She reserved a place for the ladies-in-waiting and was at a loss as to how to arrange this Shen Huiren.
Everyone sat down, but Shen Menglu was still hanging, and all eyes gathered in Shen Menglu again, waiting to see her make a fool of herself.
An Hu Hou Fu Xie Gu a family of four since Shen Menglu entered the door with a woman outside her home.
Seeing that Shen Menglu was in an awkward position, Xie Yixian promptly obtained the consent of Dezong and led Shen Menglu to his side to sit down.
Zhu Yinzhen didn’t feel at ease to sit beside Jingxuan when he saw this. Shen Menglu has Xie Gu’s care and naturally won’t suffer.
Xie Gulai’s attendance at the palace banquet is the first time that Shen Menglu crossed the border with Xie Yixian and Xie Yuan, except Xie Yuan.
Shen Menglu saw the ceremony one by one and secretly looked at his grandfather, grandmother and aunt.
Xie Yixian is nearly seventy years old, but he is still full of energy. He doesn’t feel senile at all. After he brought Shen Menglu to his side, he gave it to his wife, and he was busy entertaining the emperor’s ministers.
Shen Menglu’s grandmother Gao is over fifty-five, but she looks like she is in her early forties because of proper maintenance.
Mrs. Xie stretched out her hand and pulled Shen Menglu’s hand, patted her hand lovingly and cut a few words, so she stopped talking and sat gracefully to answer the queen’s occasional questions, but Mrs. Xie privately held Shen Menglu’s hand but never let it go
Xie Yuanchong Shen Menglu exchanged pleasantries or two, and no longer cared about her intently cooperating with Xie Yixian’s entertainment.
Mrs. Xie Yuan’s great aunt, Chen Meng-lu, also greeted Shen Meng-lu with a smile and sat quietly beside Xie Yuan, listening attentively to everyone.
Shen Menglu sighed silently in my heart. Although today’s palace banquet is a comfort banquet and a celebration banquet, it is really not easy to eat rice in this palace by looking at all the people sitting in danger.
A palace banquet seems to be harmonious, but in fact, the tense atmosphere enters the end. From the beginning to the end, Shen Menglu looks down on her eyes and sits quietly beside Mrs. Xie’s Gao. All her curiosity or malicious spying have been skillfully handled by Mrs. Xie.
The biggest gain of a meal for Shen Menglu is to see clearly the attitude of Xie’s family to her. Mrs. Xie’s every reply is proper and watertight. Obviously, she has done her homework in advance to let those who are up to no good plot against her.
Shen Menglu’s heart is moved and sighed, which is Xie Gu’s maintenance of her outside heart, and it is lucky that they can attach importance to Shen Menglu from now on regardless of Xie Gu’s dislike of the original Shen Menglu.
Sigh is that ginger is really great! If some questions are answered by Shen Menglu himself, there will be no one to drill.
But this Mrs. Xie is so eloquent that even the queen’s spying has been quietly returned to the past. Obviously, it is by no means an idle generation.
Without two brushes, how can you sit still and be the mistress of this noble family?
Empress Ji tried two sentences and stopped aiming at Shen Menglu. Xie Jia’s attitude towards Shen Menglu has been very obvious. Empress Ji has an extra calculation in her heart. Zhu Yinzhen said that she would win over Xie Jia, so Queen Ji always rest assured.
Shen Menglu’s second uncle, Xie Lin, and his second son, Xie Chengze, have reached marriageable age. Empress Ji also tried to test the old lady Xie’s desire to marry a girl of the right age into the Xie family, but she was politely refused by the old lady Xie’s statement that a man has not yet established a career.
In order not to let Queen Ji take hold of Xie Jia, Xie Chengze is now a captain, but he has not yet married.
Mrs. Xie gave Xie Chengze a death order. No family is allowed before he becomes a major general! And Xie Chengze Xie Lin couple unexpectedly also dare not have opinions on this.
Now Xie Gu’s attitude towards Shen Menglu shows that it’s okay to accept Shen Menglu, but it’s really uncomfortable to let a merchant woman enter Muwangfu so easily and marry her noble son as the queen of Zhengfei Ji.
Serve my side princess, and she will turn a blind eye to the past, but the princess, Zhu Yinzhen, must be a princess! In the end, the identity of these two people is too different!

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