Soon SiTuHao came to the eternal residence.

As the saying goes, things have changed, but when Situ Hao came to live in eternal life, it changed into things.
It’s still an eternal residence here, but all the buildings are newly built, which is more majestic and magnificent than when my grandfather lived in the eternal residence. At this time, the eternal residence really has a kind of momentum, more like the place where the patriarch lives.
Flying in the eternal place, Situ Hao soon found the leaf bedroom.
Maybe Ye Di started out as a rebel, and he was very defensive about people. Hundreds of dead people were actually divided into five rooms around his bedroom, and twenty dead people lived in each room, which surrounded Ye Di’s bedroom.
In this case, Situhao will hit the necessary blow for Ye Di, otherwise it will disturb hundreds of dead people. It is impossible to assassinate or flee for life. Chapter 4 Don’t let a man die.
Situhao had a good understanding of the situation of living in ancient times before the action, and he flew into the bedroom with interest.
Leaves to have fallen asleep at this time SiTuHao flying beams thought action plan.
In fact, even if Stuart didn’t teach him any assassination techniques, he practiced soul-taking and beast-repairing techniques, which was the best assassination method. At this time, Stuart turned tiny flying insects into the beams and wondered what method he should use to kill Ye Di.
Outside, hundreds of dead people are guarding it. They are absolutely loyal to the patriarch. Even if they are not in the body, they will certainly rush to rescue Ye Di in the fastest situation.
In this case, the best assassination method is to carry out it without making a noise.
Situhao decided to take the mastermind technique after a moment to ingest the leaf soul first and then kill him.
Think about the action steps. Situ Hao flies directly to the ground and into the leaf bed, and returns to the body to cast the soul-taking technique.
As the mastermind technique was put to use, Situhao discovered that Ye’s soul was actually very powerful. He put the mastermind technique to use for nearly two minutes, which captured Ye’s soul. It took more than a minute to continue to use it to drag his soul away from his body.
Situhao at this time, the mastermind technique has been practiced to the sixth level. If it doesn’t reach this level, I’m afraid his roots can’t shake the soul of Ye.
Situhao, up to now, he has finally realized that those brothers who blame the spirit fort dare not offend the powerful clan, nor dare they casually take the soul of Wu to force the soul of Wu. Actually, they use force, especially this ninth-order force, and their soul force is even stronger.
It’s urgent to kill Ye Di, not to mention that it’s just a fascinating difficulty at this time. Even if it’s a daoshanhuohai, he will never hesitate.
But at this time, Situhao also had a terrible thought in his heart. A ghost of a ninth-order Wu is so difficult to shake. Isn’t it even more difficult to absorb the ghost of The Hunger?
All along, Situhao has been white, The Hunger has been white, and The Hunger’s soul has been white. What may happen after The Hunger really wants to harm himself? However, he is ready to deal with The Hunger’s killer weapon. At this time, Situhao’s heart has a feeling of incompetence.
These thoughts just flashed in Situhao’s heart. At this time, he is killing Ye Dimu and other things. He has no time to think about it.
Situhao’s mind-taking technique slowly dragged his soul into his body for ten minutes, and his soul was a few meters away from his body.
Bay your heart crazy SiTuHao will mastermind cast to the most powerful point leaves the soul to his body moving speed and a few silk.
The extreme display of the mastermind technique makes Situhao’s mind feel heavier and heavier.
Once he continuously ingested some souls of the sixth and seventh order martial arts, but he didn’t feel as heavy as he does today.
Just then, the door of the room was kicked and a figure flashed into the bedroom, and immediately there was a refreshing aroma.
Ye Di is not enough feet away from Situhao’s body. Xu’s soul directly returned to his body. Situhao cursed the fastest speed in his heart and turned into a flying insect. After hiding on the edge of the bed, he saw that the intruder was Ye Xueyue.
Ye Xueyue’s face is full of anger.
Dozens of dead people have been surrounded outside the bedroom door. When they saw that it was Ye Xue, they were in danger and relaxed.
Moon, what’s wrong with you? Ye Tianyin sounds very tired. Obviously, just now, the use of the mastermind has done a lot of damage to his spirit.
No wonder you sent me away these days. I knew you weren’t kind. Why did you punish the old patriarch? He has no strength now, and he can’t pose a threat to you. Why did you ask someone to beat him to pieces? Ye Xueyue’s face was frosty and angry. He asked.
Situhao heard that his heart couldn’t help but ache. Our headquarters had been kind to him, and scenes kept coming to mind.
I don’t know about such things.
Hum, do you still want to pretend in front of me? Who dares to punish the old patriarch without your order?
Have you had enough? If you make trouble with me again, I will directly kill the old beast in our headquarters and suddenly say combatively.
This mouth Ye Xueyue immediately stood on the spot. Don’t you forget that the old patriarch saved his life for you? It took Ye Xueyue a long time for you to vomit such words.
The voice fell to the ground, Ye Xueyue’s eyes were clear and beautiful, and the tears were crystal clear, and the tears rolled down the jade cheeks, which was so pitiful that it could melt the iron man.
Situhao looked at the kindness girl and her heart was full of gratitude.
Anyway, it’s her grandfather’s tears.
No wonder grandpa dragged her to send a message to himself not to return to the immortal Sect.
Hum, I don’t want to be altruistic when I do big things, but I don’t want to lead Situ Hao back with Situ Hui and threaten him. I have already killed them to save food.
Ye Diyin sounds very weak, but the murderous look in his words is extremely prosperous.

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