"yes! Little master! "

The handsome man named Wang Guangliang greeted his younger brothers and sisters with fists in his hands, all rubbing their hands and preparing for the next battle.
Five core disciples of the Qing Xuanmen: Situ Yutang, Ximen Ren, Nangong Wusheng, Yan Hong Ri, and Wang Guangliang.
The first four were all abolished by Chen Shaobai, the only one left, and also became Chen Shaobai’s confidant. His rise seems unstoppable.
"Brother and sister, are you ready?"
Guang-liang wang’s eyes glistened with light and heat of Se color, which had gone deep into the bone marrow at the beginning, but was replaced by paranoia and fanaticism.
It took Chen Shaobai 189 days to kill the generals all the way, and there was no defeat. The idea of Yum! has become invincible.
Who doesn’t want to win, but likes to fail?
"Of course!"
Behind Chen Shaobai, eighteen voices converge into a straight line, which runs through the sky for nine days and goes straight to Hao Ri Guanghua.
Perhaps because the breath of these people is too tough and sharp, and the number is not too much, many demons who quench their breath are like sharks who smell the smell.
"Entertainment show" with the devil rolling in, compared with the original Chen Shaobai encountered in the purgatory world, even more horrible, but also breathtaking.
He forced him to be strong, and the breeze caressed the hills.
Chen Shaobai fell down with one hand, standing proudly in the wind, and regarded all demons as nothing.
He believes in these lineages he has cultivated.
"Tell those demons who we are?"
Guang-liang wang’s eyes flashing with fanatical self-confidence, it seems that as long as there is Chen Shaobai around, there is no invincible existence.
"We are members of the Sword Edge Group, immortal immortals and undefeated war gods!"
A line of 18 people run mana at the same time, step by step, and turn into a wild goose month to attack the demon army ten times more than themselves.
Go forward without hesitation.
Sword-like demon king? Slay!
Psychic demon? Slay!
Da Zhen Jing demon king? Slay!
Refined array, fairy fog, evil fire, stock solution …
Kill, kill, kill, kill Since I joined the Sword Edge League, no one can be killed in the world!
The people who killed the red eye didn’t find out that some demons who were beyond the quenching gas had just disappeared into the void. If they wanted to take the opportunity to sneak attack, they would be pinched by a white jade hand and mercilessly stuffed into the purple gourd.
"escape! These guys are not people at all! They are the real demons, Yamaraja! "
I don’t know which devil has a quick reaction, but he finally broke away from the frenzied and anxious atmosphere, regained a sense of clarity, and hurriedly shouted.
When the demons wake up, they will flee away.
A pure purple Se flame curtain emerged and surrounded the demons. It scorched the air and gave off a scratching noise. The temperature was not high, but none of the demons dared to bite their teeth and rush in to die.
"I hit you, and you still want to go back alive?"
A man in a moonlit gown tore the void and revealed his figure.
It was Chen Shaobai.
Hey, Gaga, I’m finally back at Qing Xuanmen …
PS: Thank you for your reward! O(∩_∩)O~ (to be continued. )

Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Reward on merit
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Reward on merit
"Kill them!"
Guang-liang wang harness y and n Yang two hundred million fly sword, green red two se emerged around him, through ten zhangs distance, across many devil’s defense barrier, the split-second, will be a quenching gas shakotan coast of the devil to strangle the sword.
As one of the five cores of the Qing Xuanmen, he has the strength to laugh at the vast majority of dead creatures at the level of quenching gas, but this does not mean that other new members of the Sword Edge Group are the same.
Although the vast majority of characters have the strength of refining the array, it is even more difficult to break through the encirclement when they face their own enemies several times alone.
Ping Ri, let alone charge ten times his own demon king, even if the number of enemies is only twice his own, I’m afraid many monks will give birth to the idea of fleeing. If they are afraid before the war, where can they win?
After all, war and fighting are different. Even if you are well-connected, superb in arcane, and a perfect person with a perfect life, you will enjoy Shou Yuan for five hundred years, but once swept by the flood of war, you may even be buried in the hands of a monk with a sword. No one can be sure that he will be the one who can survive.
But when it comes to the core disciples of the Qing Xuanmen, this customary rule doesn’t seem to work.
In the face of the Devil’s Legion, which is ten times as many as one of their own, these favored people who are high above the clan gate are all poised, although their nerves are always nervous, and they have a very tacit understanding with their comrades around them.
At first, the demons who were frightened by the cruel ShaQi came to their senses and realized that their enemies were just human monks who were not afraid of death, and most of them were ferocious. Want to strangle Wang Guangliang and others to death.
"Tower shield array! Keep! "
Wang Guangliang gave the order. Instantly emerged around more than 30 fly sword handle.
These flying swords are brilliant. There are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, which cooperate harmoniously with each other and run back and forth with a unique rhythm, forming a firm but gentle curtain.

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