"JiShu you …"

He hesitated. Ji Shu glanced at him with his beautiful big eyes.
She’d like to see Mo Kuangfeng choose.
"You won’t want to marry me, will you?"
Mo Kuang-feng lowered his head and lowered his eyes to ask slowly.
JiShu JiaoChen smiled "how"
"Donating money is better than giving it to Shan Li Wenqiang, but now we are very passive," she said.
Mo Kuangfeng wanted to stop, "But marriage is my promise to you that things will not change."
Ji Shu poof a smile.
She has entered the first century, and people look at marriage much more than Mo Kuangfeng.
Marriage is not an extra piece of paper. It’s not bad for a real generation to fall in love.
But Mo Kuangfeng said that, of course, she was moved.
But she is Ji Shu!
This generation has a deep desire for making money, Ji Shu!
Watching such a large sum of money slip through your fingers and into the hands of a scum who may personally kill a seriously ill adoptive father …
She is unwilling!
Although her company Jianyi Building is now an enterprise with an annual turnover of 40 million and a profit of almost 5 million, it is the Li family property …
"By the way, I haven’t asked how much your mother left you half of the property just now?"
"Counting antiques, calligraphy and paintings, and Hong Kong houses is about $100 million."
Ji Shu’s eyes are shining!
I cann’t believe there are so many, and it will cost 500 million to 600 million yuan when converted into RMB.
No wonder Li Shanwen spared no expense and took risks.
This unmasked mother-in-law Ms. Li Huaiyi is really cruel!
"Kuang Feng, I have an idea. Did you say before that Li Shanwen was a bad gambler? I owe a lot of gambling debts in Malaysia? "
Mo Kuang-feng saw that unique expression on Ji Shu’s face and knew what was new about her.
"Li Guanghan will come to Hong Kong tomorrow. I told him to investigate Li Shanwen’s affairs and ask him after the funeral."
Mokuangfeng hugged Jishu from behind and rubbed her neck.
"Don’t go back on your word and marry me …"
"If we don’t go back on our word, our goal is never to let the bad guys get the inheritance!"
Li Huainong’s funeral was held in the VIP room of the funeral parlour.
On that day, Ji Shu was surprised that the Li family had so many relatives and friends in Hong Kong.
About a hundred people came to offer their condolences.
Most people don’t like Li Shanwen coming straight to say hello to Mo Kuangfeng to express their condolences.
Ji Shu wore a long black dress without makeup in a low-key way, but she couldn’t cover up the delicate and charming girl in her twenties.
While chatting with Mo Kuangfeng, the mourners kept their eyes on Ji Shu.
"This is my fiancee …"
Mokuangfeng introduced them one by one.
People are not surprised that an old woman touched her cheek and said in surprise, "Isn’t it a Qin girl?" !”
Mo Kuangfeng smiled and shook his head. "Qin Fei and I are friends."
Ji Shu thought Qin Fei would definitely come today.
Qin Fei and Li Huainong have known Master Li since they came, and Bai Qinfei will definitely come in such a hurry.
as expected
Qin Fei came up in a long black silk dress.
She also helped an elegant woman to wear a chiffon black long-sleeved skirt.
Jishu immediately guessed that this should be Aunt Ju.
I didn’t expect to meet her here
Mo Kuangfeng also generously introduced Ji Shu to Aunt Ju.
Aunt Ju glanced coldly at Jishu as if to see through her.

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