The whole Southern Song Dynasty imperial court burst as soon as it happened.

The army went to war in less than two months.
It’s over? Lost?
The Privy Council didn’t receive any unfavorable reports of the war, and they didn’t know that they had lost the battle. Finally, they learned that Qi Fang had conquered Nancheng County and was advancing towards Nanfeng County. There were thieves stationed in Nanfeng County, and it was expected that Nanfeng County would be conquered in seven days.
This is a smooth performance of the March.
How can you be defeated?
And was attacked by rebels along the March route?
Is Qi still alive?
Is the army still there?
Of course, it doesn’t seem to matter.
Because the rebels are all calling, even if Qi is still alive, the logistics route is broken. How can we fight this battle without logistics?
Even that least understand of the art of war knows that the war is ov.
This battle can’t be fought. The Southern Song Dynasty lost. It was a terrible loss. It was very ridiculous.
After a brief strange silence, the Southern Song Dynasty imperial court ushered in a total outbreak. A large number of officials rushed directly to the Privy Council to find Shi Hao to say that more than a dozen officials of the Privy Council were beaten by emotional officials and could not get up on the ground.
Others knocked on the door of the palace to meet the emperor and asked him to impeach Shi Haoshou, the Privy Council, for violating the country.
Shi Hao was blocked and couldn’t go anywhere in the Privy Council. The whole person froze and didn’t know what to do.
He never imagined that his carefully designed tactics failed so quickly and caused disastrous consequences, which led to Lin’ an city falling into crisis
Zhao Shen is also having a hard time, but no official dares to break into the palace, but the emperor can be too emperor Zhao Gou can
Zhao Gou soon learned that the news that the rebels on Jiangnan West Road had counterattacked Jinhua County was frightened out of his wits.
That’s Qi Fang’s marching route. The rebels’ coming back all the way means that Qi Fang is running out of luck, which means that his 20,000 imperial guards have been sent.
That’s his psychological bottom line!
Zhao Gou was greatly stimulated and felt great panic and anger.
Wu Bao stopped watching the food and eating, and immediately went out of the Wanshou Palace to find trouble with Zhao Shen.
See pale Zhao Shen Zhao Gou pointed at him is a lambaste scold him lift head to Zhao Gou is going to force Zhao Shen USES personal expedition to conquests Jiangnan west road rebels dozen don’t win, he won’t come back.
Zhao Gou chose another person to succeed him as emperor to clean up this rotten stall.
“! To the extreme! To the extreme! I’m looking at Lin’ an city. I can’t stay. I’ll go! I’m leaving! I need to find a safer place. You can’t protect me! How could I blindly choose you as the emperor! "
Zhao Gou flustered and frustratedly left Zhao Shen Palace and went back to Wanshou Palace to discuss with his cronies what place is more suitable for him and what place is more secure.
Yu is so depressed that he can’t even lift his head. Zhao Shen, he’s over.
He chose the wrong person. He did something wrong. This root can’t protect him and let him spend his old age safely. Anyway, Lin ‘an City can’t stay.
You must hurry and moisten it quickly!
After a while, Zhao Shen was probably scolded and hit the bottom. He was furious and smashed things in the palace. He also killed two waiters who didn’t like it.
"Bring me all Shi Hao! Bring it here! ! ! !”
Zhao Shen was so angry that the frightened waiters rushed out at once that he didn’t want to stay with Zhao Shen for a second for fear of becoming a martyr.
Zhao Shen’s anger can be vented by waving the heavenly sword and chopping the console table, chopping his favorite table. He has no appearance and shouts angrily at the whole palace.
When the unexamined Shi Hao was snatched from the officials by the court guards under great pressure, he brought it to Zhao Shen and shivered before him.
Zhao Shen looked at his former most respected and trusted teacher’s eyes, but there was no warmth.
"Shi Hao, I am so convinced that you handed over the Privy Council to you to lead you to be responsible for organizing the war results? This is how you repay me? Do you know how annoyed the civil servants of Manchu Dynasty are now? Do you know how far my situation has reached? "
Shi Hao trembled slightly and looked up at Zhao Shen, who was inexplicably calm but holding the heavenly sword.
"Pursuit veteran … I still don’t know what’s going on … I need to know what happened. It’s not right. There must be something wrong. I need to come …"
"When do you want? I don’t want it! Emperor Tai is now clamoring to move out of Lin ‘an and forcing me to use personal expedition! Are you trying to kill me! I’m willing if you force me to die! ! !”
Zhao Shen anger suddenly broke out in a step and rushed forward to raise the heavenly sword and stab Shi Hao to death.
Shi Hao was so scared that he could lean back and look at Zhao Shen with a face of horror and distortion.
"Positions to forgive! Spare my life! ! !”
Perhaps it is the last trace of warmth and memory. Zhao Shen is about to stab Shi Hao, but this heavenly sword didn’t stab him after all.
He didn’t really kill Shi Hao after all
He shed tears and threw away the heavenly sword and roared, "Get out! Get out and get it over with! Give you another month to get rid of the rebel department, even if you kill all the people on Jiangnan West Road, get rid of the rebels for me! None left! None left! ! !”
Zhao Shen stamped his feet hard, one by one, and his feet were numb and his eyes were black.
Shi Hao ran out of the palace like rolling and crawling, but he was still in shock
However, just out of the palace, he was greeted by a group of angry officials who surrounded Shi Hao with questions and curses, and Shi Hao became a street mouse.
I finally returned to the Privy Council. Shi Hao staggered and asked the Privy Council to go out and find out what was going on at the front. What happened to Qi Fang and the army?
How did you suddenly lose?
Shi Hao doesn’t know, and neither do the Privy Council staff.
However, only in the past day and a half, a more frightening news reached Lin’ an through less formal channels.
The broadcaster is a group of village officials who fled from the March route of the peasant army and fled to Lin’ an City, which they thought was the safest.
They rushed into Lin ‘an in panic and shouted "The thief army is coming" and "The thief army is coming to Lin ‘an", which scared the residents of Lin ‘an city.
That’s great
Chapter 914 Tai Huang’s "East inaugural"
The arrival of these people and the broadcast of panic news are different from the nuclear bomb alarm for the residents of Lin’ an city
Bite by bite, "the thief army is coming to Lin’ an", and the thief has a high decibel and is very broadcast.
What’s more, rumors are always very outrageous. They say that the thief army is "coming" to Lin ‘an, not that the thief army has already come to Lin ‘an, but when it comes and goes, it becomes that the thief army has "already" arrived in the city.
Boy, this gives the residents of Lin’ an a scary memory of the former army besieged the city, and the feeling that they are always worried that horrible boulders and firearms will fall from the sky and take their lives is back.
Then what are you waiting for?
They don’t care so much, care about him, take his family and soft run with him
Lin ‘an City is a mess.
I don’t know how many people learned that the peasant army was about to attack Lin’ an and immediately packed up the soft married with children and escaped from Lin’ an City to the east.
There are ordinary people, well-informed businessmen and petty officials in tourist trap. Anyway, many people were scared and ran out of Lin’ an City for their lives.
They don’t care what it is to drive the "thief army" into Lin’ an City and leave Lin’ an City immediately before killing all sides.
However, the news of Lin’ an court was relatively lagging behind, because there was no formal channel to tell them what was going on. When the news of the people arrived at the court, Lin’ an city was in chaos.
In the imperial court, the high officials and dignitaries were frightened to disgrace. Emperor Zhao Shen was frightened to disgrace, and Emperor Zhao Gou was almost incontinent.
Regardless of others, Zhao Gou is definitely a small escape expert and the first escape champion of Tianzi.

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