Look at it again, except for those who are visitors from Jingtao Castle.

At this time, Perilla did not respond timidly, "That’s because you should be rude to me!" "
"Fucking thing! I’m Cui Huan from Jingtaobao, and you should feel honored that Cui’s family is too high to look down on you! "
Claiming that Cui Huannan pointed at Perilla angrily, "You are so unappreciative and openly beating us when Cui’s family is a vegetarian!"
"What are you arguing about!"
The white house a Bai Yinglan face heavy as water goes to the crowd.
Tianyang several people followed, and the teenager and Kunlan exchanged glances with each other, and then crossed Bai Yinglan alone while pushing the people from Jingtao Castle back to Perilla.
Seeing that it was Bai Yinglan Cui Huan who was restrained, he still looked angry. "Miss Bai, you’re just in time. Look at your friend’s fist-to-fist confrontation with me. Please ask the White House to give justice!"
He pointed at his face and bruised it.
Bai Yinglan gently hummed from his nose, "Perilla is Nightcrawler’s second lieutenant protected by fortress laws and regulations. How could Master Cui be beaten? Isn’t it clear to himself?"
"Regardless of the fact that Perilla is a fortress officer, even though she is an ordinary person, this is our White House residence. Perilla is my friend, Master Cui, and the White House bullies my friend. I haven’t asked you to give a statement yet. How dare you ask me to give justice?"
"Why does Master Cui feel that he still has reason?"
"I I …"
"What’s the matter?"
The noise here is getting louder and louder. Both Bai Shengjie and Liu Ming in Dalian have alarmed them. Come on foot.
Cui Huanzheng wants the wicked to tell on Bai Yinglan first, pointing to him and telling him what happened just now.
Lu Ming’s face immediately swelled with anger. "Cui Huan and you, we have lost all our faces in Jingtao Castle!"
"Master Lu, let me explain," Cui Huan said anxiously.
Lu Ming pointed in the direction of the gate. "I have to explain. Now I order your horses to get out of here and make a fool of themselves!"
A few people, look at me, I see you finally leave
Lu Ming said apologetically to the father and daughter of the White House, "I’m very sorry that Mr. Bai, Miss Bai and Mr. Lu made friends carelessly and let such people pollute your house."
Then he took out a small brocade box from his arms, and there was a piece of astral crystal the size of a bottle cap in it.
Lu Ming said to Perilla with both hands, "I’m sorry to scare you, Miss. Here’s a little token of my appreciation."
Perilla hurriedly said, "I appreciate your kindness, Master Lu, but the star crystal is too expensive for me to accept."
Liu Ming threw himself into the perilla hand. "No, no, please accept it, or how can Liu feel at ease?"
Bai Shengjie laughed. "You can accept it, little girl."
Perilla this just receive brocade box.
Liu Ming smiled and said, "It’s getting late to leave."
Bai Shengjie sent him out.
Bai Yinglan led the people to the restaurant for dinner. At noon, several people continued to practice in the arms drill hall. It was not long before Perilla and Sakura Snow left their noon and had to go to the headquarters. It was said that the captain had something to announce.
Born into a big family through practice and having a good education since childhood, the bird has been able to dance a dance music skillfully.
Even Qianhong danced properly, although she had not studied systematically.
Although Kun Lan is still not skilled, it is enough to mix the stars festival.
One day, the boy who was clumsy finally found out that he was not good at something. He was too slow to listen to music.
Bai Yinglan was teaching Tianyang to practice the basic dance steps, when the bird communicator suddenly sounded, and she received a communication request.
After passing the instrument, Sakura Yukine girl broke into tears. "Something happened to the bird …"
Chapter 654 You die
Urban ring road
This road is built around the fortress city, and the driving road can see the distant bay.
However, because it is this time of noon, almost no cars can be seen on the highway.
But at this moment, there are two magnetic energy vehicles speeding through the road.
In the blue light magnetic energy car, Tianyang calmly drove and watched the bird sitting in the co-pilot seat from time to time.
The girl looked nervous.
A few minutes ago, she received a communication from Sakura Snow. Two girls had an accident on the ring road.
After receiving the news, Yang several people naturally didn’t continue to practice dancing the day after tomorrow. They left the White House in a hurry with two magnetic energy cars coming.
"Nothing, don’t be nervous."
Tianyang comforted the girl next to him, but he knew in his heart that it was not simple.
Although it is not so clear in Sakura Snow Communication Machine, she and Perilla are not ordinary girls.
They are Nightcrawler, but also sublimators. How can an accident happen well?
There has always been little traffic on the ring road, even if it passes here late in the rush hour.
Unfortunately, Sakura Snow was greatly frightened, and the language was unclear.
So Tianyang they have to rush to the scene.
Soon I saw a rollover magnetic energy vehicle.
The girl with cherry hair is sitting on the side of the road with her knees folded.
Blu-ray stopped nearby, and the bird hit the door and went straight to Sakura Snow without waiting for the bus to stop.
Tianyang and Qianhong came from the car and another car followed. From the inside, Bai Yinglan and Kun Lan came.

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