He mingled with another group of monks and drew weapons with everyone to attack the sky.

See the monster in the sky in front of everyone.
It has no body, only a dense head, and when its eyes are open or closed, white light penetrates into the earth and the monks make a loud roar.
The monks threw themselves at the monster regardless of life and death.
After a hard fight, the monster was finally dismembered
There was a bloody rain.
Even though the attack power of such a powerful monster is very strong, it is still not enough to see before several monks.
Gu Qingshan secretly tongue-tied.
The monster can light spirit to this extent has gone beyond Gu Qingshan cognition.
Dozens of heads full of eyes appeared again in the sky.
Someone shouted, "The ancient magic eye legion has come to everyone!"
The monks rushed to the monsters again according to their own queues.
The battle turned white-hot from the beginning.
Gu Qingshan people observed the battlefield situation half briefly and stopped moving.
He is too weak to get close to those monsters in the sky.
He thought to himself, "It turned out that it was called barren ancient magic eye. It seems that this time flow is a period of barren ancient and ancient times."
Gu Qingshan also didn’t intend to idle away a few white light mind move sword tactic.
Double swords together!
Two flying swords shot up like streamers, and you chased me towards a monster.
It is true that his attack power is weaker than that of his brother.
But he has an avatar.
Break away
"After being hit by your thunder spirit, the other person’s consciousness will separate the body straight for 3 seconds, and the skill will end."
"It is said that this is out of control and stiff upgrade. The avatar will not be spared by creatures."
Will not be spared by creatures!
This is from the god of war avatar
Gu Qingshan’s only uncertainty is whether this ancient magic eye is a living thing or not.
He silently transported the sword tactic.
Chao Yin beheaded an ancient magic eye first.
Wild ancient magic eye that huge eye body suddenly shaking.
It stopped.
The monks are very good at grasping the fighter plane and seizing the opportunity to make a move.
Three seconds is fleeting.
The monster gave a dull roar.
It stopped for three seconds and all its attacks were ready.
White light comes out of thousands of eyes.

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