People bear? !

I know this is a kind of aggressive bear, which runs very fast and has great strength.
Stupidly, that bear had run only two feet away from us, and I saw his face clearly.
See him in a brown fur, strong body, bulging shoulders, huge head, gaping jaws, growling and showing two big canine teeth.
"Let’s … let’s climb a tree?" When I saw more ancient trees around me, I suggested a way
He gave me another sidelong glance, mockingly saying, "A man can bear a tree."
"…" I was embarrassed and quick. I suddenly thought of his horse and was excited. "Where’s your horse? We can ride away! "
He didn’t look at me. He said lightly, "When I came back, I had already let it go back by myself."
The horse is gone, too? ….. Maybe it’s really going to be this bear dinner?
The thought of being torn to pieces by a bear’s sharp teeth made me tingle all over.
"I’ll lead it somewhere else. You should go to the camp as soon as possible to find a guard." He pushed me from the side of the soap boots and pulled out a dagger and ran straight to the bear.
I was shocked to react and ran back for a short time according to his meaning. Suddenly, I heard the man bear yell a cry of sadness. I couldn’t help but go back and see the man with a dagger in his waist. Deep red blood flowed down the dagger to stick its brown fur.
It seems crazy to rush to Yin Zhen and swing around with its forearm, but it will break an ancient tree branch.
It seems that the smell of blood stimulated it and made it crazy. Yin Zhen was almost hit several times. I was so scared that I continued to run to the camp to help, but I saw that the bear was crazy and rushed to Yin Zhen. It was said that the bear was blind, but at the moment, the hearing and smell of the bear were extremely sensitive. The range of activities was really better than every time I could feel what Yin Zhen saw. He could be chased at any time and kept running, which made him look exhausted. I was so anxious that I stamped my feet and ran behind the behemoth and lifted a stone and threw it at its broad back.
Chapter 30 The fortunes [3]
As soon as I hit the bear, I raised my arm and waved it at my place. I was so busy that I started to run, but I heard Yin Zhen growl, "Why haven’t you left yet!"
I replied while avoiding the sharp claws of the bear’s tip, "I consciously said that everything should be born or died with you!"
"You are quick to go back!" He roared.
"no! In case you are given this bear … wouldn’t I see you for the last time? ! I’d rather bear these dangers with you! "
I bypassed an ancient tree and ran to his side.
Although the bear is heavy, if it locks on the target, it will become flexible again. At this time, it has bypassed the ancient tree and rushed over again.
Yin Zhen grabbed my hand and said, "Well, let’s live and die today!"
Then he took my hand and ran.
The old road has been occupied by a bear, and we can run deeper into the forest, and the bear seems to be tireless, and we are chasing after him.
We ran like crazy. The original forest stretched endlessly, but now it ran to the end. At the end of the forest, it was a cliff!
I, Yin Zhen, stand side by side on the edge of the cliff. It’s a road to retreat. Seeing that man, the bear came running again. My foot slipped and I was suspicious of death, but he grabbed my hand and hung for half.
"It’s said that it never rains but it pours." I swallowed and joked easily. "If I had known that I shouldn’t be so greedy on weekdays, I would be so heavy now."
He ignored me and grabbed me hard, but the slope of the cliff was a little oblique and he couldn’t stop sliding
But he still held on to me and didn’t mean anything.
If I were left alone, I might still have a chance to survive.

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