Before the artillery, Kumataro squinted with a somewhat playful look and landed on a boat a hundred feet away in front.

Several attendants and guards of this small boat are rowing desperately.
After Lu Kang made everyone flee for their lives, these waiters dispersed separately, not as simple as fleeing for their lives, but also shouldered the mission of bringing the news back
Representing the royal face, the merchant ship was attacked, looted and killed by the enemy. This kind of thing can be more or less. Lu Kang said that it is absolutely impossible to stop knowing this today. Lu Kang has already made everyone, but anyone who can or escapes to the big country must report this matter to the sky.
See Kumataro a wave of his hand, Tatsu Yamashiro heard boom for a moment, and then he saw a solid bomb flying out.
A splash on the sea almost wiped the boat in front, and the splash splashed all over the body, which made a few minutes of coolness in the hearts of all.
In fact, the accuracy of the shell was so high that it almost smashed their ship. If it hit, it would kill people, but the boat they were riding was definitely smashed on the spot. Once they lost the battle, they fled for their lives. Even if these enemies didn’t deal with them, no one could survive.
After dozens of breaths, there was another roar behind him, followed by a splash in the distance of just one foot at the stern.
Kumataro, the enemy ship behind him, shouted at the gunner for a moment and saw a solid bullet accurately smash the boat. Immediately, he saw that a boat was smashed and more than a dozen people were injured by flying sawdust and fell into the sea.
A few hours later, several large ship tribes entered the hands of the Japanese pirates, and more than half of a dozen small boats were chased and then sunk.
At the moment, Lu Kang has a gloomy face, and an enemy ship behind them is biting them intensely. Looking around for miles, you can’t see his sight except a piece of Wang Yang root.
Lu Kang’s heart is gradually released. Although it is still bitten by the enemy, at least one ship has not narrowed the distance between the two sides too much, which means that they have the hope of running for their lives.
Chen Wu is dignified and looks back from time to time to look at the enemy ship chasing them.
Noting Chen Wu’s look, Lu Kang wondered, "Chen Wu, is there anything wrong with you looking at that pirate ship frequently?"
Chen Wu, looking rather pale, warbled toward Lu Kang. "Adults and villains can’t pursue our enemy ship so slowly to doubt villains …"
Heart thumped. Lu Kang felt a tight heart and his face was ugly. He said to Chen Wudao, "You … What do you doubt?"
Chen Wu wry smile way "little people suspect that these enemies are playing with us …"
As if to confirm Chen Wu’s worry, the speed of the enemy ship behind them was slowly accelerating and the distance between the two sides was getting closer.
Heart gradually rising sense of despair, Lu Kang and others can see the sight of the ship behind them.
A dozen ferocious Japanese pirates are looking at them with a playful face, especially the first person. The bow turned out to be made up of dozens of bloody heads into a small Beijing view.
The Japanese bun is naturally different from the Han people. Lu Kang and others can recognize these heads as their companions at a glance.
"The enemy damn …"
A guard couldn’t help clenched fist red eyes gnashing way
You know, these guards are all from Twelve Guards, either from Feather Lin Wei or from Royal Guards, all of whom are innocent and loyal to heaven.
Soon the enemy ship chased Lu Kang, their little boat, and the two sides were only a few feet far-sighted. Kumataro got up with Tatsu Yamashiro in one hand and spoke fluent Mandarin to Lu Kang and others. "Listen carefully, people, if you give in easily, you can give you a happy death!"
Lu Kang’s eyes shrank and stared at Kumataro’s previous step. "I’m afraid that the identity of the pavilion is not as simple as a mere enemy, and you dare to plunder even my royal caravan. Aren’t you afraid that my great heavenly soldiers will step over you and other small foreign countries?"
Kumataro smell speech is like hearing something funny. After laughing, he can’t help but disdain, "I’m not honored to go abroad on Fusang Day, but I’m afraid of Fusang."
A guard can’t help but growl, "It’s so arrogant that a small country like yours dares to be so arrogant compared with my big China …"
Kumataro’s eyes flashed a fade, and he heard the ware ring, and he saw a blood flower splashing from the guard’s chest, and he saw the burly Han body flash and fell flat.
"Liu Guard!"
Lu Kang exclaimed.
More than a dozen people saw Liu Guard being killed by Kumataro, staring at each other with red eyes full of hatred.
"Your big mountain? Haven’t been hunted down one by one like a sangguquan? I’ve been blessed by the gods since ancient times. If you dare to come or not, the divine wind will kill you. Hahaha … "
Will see Kumataro a wave of his hand immediately see a dozen ferocious enemy grinning one by one jumped off the boat toward Lu Kang and others chopping.
However, everyone including Lu Kang fell in a pool of blood. Lu Kang leaned against the cabin and braved the blood. He watched an enemy cut the heads of his dying companions who died or were seriously injured with a sharp knife one by one and threw the ship into the Beijing view.
Tick-tock will see the enemy with a bloody dagger coming towards him with a ferocious face.
At the moment, Lu Kang looked at the enemy running towards him, but there was no stir in his heart and no fear. He looked at each other calmly. The only regret in his heart was that he was careless and made the caravan suffer this great disaster. At the same time, he prayed in his heart that someone could escape and bring the news back to Great Heaven.
When the cold blade stuck to the neck, Lu Kang shouted hard, "Take revenge on the handmaiden, the main manager …"
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine stick to kill!
"Ha ha revenge? Although it is strong, the sea is our site! "
As Lu Kang was picked up by the enemy, Kumataro heard Lu Kang’s cry before he died, but he didn’t rest assured, but a face of disdain sneer.
At the moment, an enemy line Kumataro approached Kumataro and said, "Everyone in the adult ship was killed."
Kumataro nodded slightly and glanced over the bloody boat. "Take this boat and we will sail back!"
Previously, the sea area surrounded by Lu Kang and others. At the moment, several ships in this sea area originally belonged to big ships, but now they fell into the hands of the enemy.
When Kumataro returned from chasing Lu Kang and others and boarded a big ship, he saw a group of Japanese pirates looking at him with excitement.

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