Into the partial temple Shen Menglu called the rain and dew, wiped her face lightly, and changed into a suit. Yan Qingluo unloaded her face in disguise, put on her long hair and changed into a peach powder plain brocade shirt with a pearl white lake crepe skirt. When she came out from behind the screen, all three people were shocked.
Shen Menglu knew early in the morning that Yan Qingluo was beautiful, but looking at this delicate and charming Yan Qingluo in front of her, I still couldn’t help but shake it. This shock was stronger than when she first saw her appearance in the bronze mirror.
Yan Qingluo, who was dressed up, was slightly embarrassed because the three of them made no secret of their amazing gaze. The white jade melon face was hooked with an unnatural smile. A pair of pear vortices were looming on the cheeks. Although the makeup was not applied, it was blushed because of shyness, which made the cheeks look like a newly placed Qionghua with white flowers, red clusters and long black eyebrows. It was not like painting, but it was like painting a pair of streams. The attractive eyes were full of fascinating charm in black and white.
Yan Qingluo’s charming and timid appearance really deserves that sentence, just like the gentle bow like a lotus flower, which is so charming and shy.
How old is this little girl? Actually, it has grown into such a disaster for the country and the people. Shen Menglu secretly praised it! I suddenly realized how familiar this line was, and then she remembered that she was so amazed when she first saw Shen Menglu’s face.
This little girl wanted to go to the palace for a stroll. Shen Menglu remembered the attitude of the emperor and the old man towards her, and then looked at Yan Qingluo’s stunning face. Shen Menglu decided that this little girl had better not step into the palace casually! You have to find a rotten peach blossom and get into trouble!
"You … you … you … are really … a … a … girl …" Rain and dew gaped at the glittering beauty, Yan said with a light winding tongue-tied.
"Or you? Miss is not a thief and let you down? " Yan Qingluo was very uneasy when the three of them stared at their hearts with six eyes for a moment. When there was a population, she felt less nervous. The original sense of shyness suddenly swung, but Yan Qingluo immediately returned to arrogance.
Shen Menglu helped this little girl to be a lady!
"Yes … I’m sorry …" The rain and dew made a light winding towards Yan, and the blessing ceremony did not apologize. I was very sorry for misunderstanding her.
"You’d tell me about miss where like a thief? Have you written the word * on your face, Miss? " Yan Qingluo mouth at losing at the thought of those rumors outside to their Yan door slander Yan Qingluo place can take it out on them and simply bow their heads and apologize for the rain and greet the past.
"Don’t say miss is a woman, even if miss is a man, she doesn’t like you! You don’t look at yourself, and your ugly face can be buried in the crowd! Besides, just miss this handsome * charming appearance casually to the crowd, there is a woman who takes the initiative to post it! Do you still need a young lady to flirt with others? " Yan Qingluo instantly resumed his proud posture, and a pair of phoenix eyes looked down at the rain and dew slightly.
It’s not unreasonable that Yan Qingluo is proud. They are genetically superior and rich in handsome men and beautiful women. It’s always a handsome man and a beautiful woman. Any brother who goes to the street can attract women’s attention, and some laymen who have never seen them will believe those stories and gossip.
What are you looking for? What a dark disease! They all lead an honest and clean life, Yan Jiasun! Yan Qingluo is always bitter about those words that denigrate Yan’s reputation!
"I’m sorry, I misunderstood you." The rain and dew made an apology. Although she knew that her appearance could not be compared with Yan Qingluo, Yan Qingluo was so arrogant that she looked down on her, which embarrassed the rain and dew.
"That’s enough, little girl! More say more wide of the mark "Shen Menglu gently reprimand angrily to 1.
Yan light winding hum a ignored the rain and turned to Shen Menglu "what little girl? I have a name! Besides, you are only a few years older than me! Bite a little girl! "
Shen Menglu didn’t blame Yan for her gentle words. She took a leisurely sip of tea and asked, "What’s your name?" You have a name, but you haven’t heard her introduce yourself.
"Miss line don’t change your name sit don’t change your name! Miss Yan Mensan Yan Qingluo is me! " Yan light winding Yang head to answer.
Yan Qingluo? ! Similar names made Shen Menglu drink tea and paused. Memories of past lives jumped into her mind unexpectedly. Shen Menglu had a sharp pain in his heart and passed by. That trip to his hometown to see everything was impossible. It was a hypothesis and he didn’t feel hurt. It was also false, but …
Shen Menglu took back his thoughts and let go of the cup and quietly looked at Yan Qingluo. "Is there anyone in your Yanmen who has a proud word or a logical word in his name?"
I really want to talk about Shen Menglu’s past life, except for Yan Aoluo, who made her feel sorry for others. Without Yan frivolous, others can still live well, but what about Yan Aoluo? Can he?
Yan Qingluo tilted his head for a moment and then shook his head. "Hey, why do you ask this?" Yan Qingluo approached Shen Menglu mysteriously, curious that she asked about this person’s name, which sounded like a man’s name whether it was with the word proud or with the word logic.
Shen Menglu looked at her with a face of divination and calmly spit out four words: "Ask casually". Shen Menglu is really asking casually. It suddenly reminds me of Yan Aoluo and her previous life name Yan Qingluo. Just ask casually if there is a similar Yan Aoluo.
But there won’t be so many coincidences in the world. Even if you really meet people with the same name, they won’t be the same person in the 21st century.
Just asking? ! Yan Qingluo didn’t believe her. She sat opposite Shen Menglu with fragrant cheeks and thought for a moment. Then she smiled proudly if she suddenly realized. "I know you asked if this person is your lover, right? "
After bathing and changing clothes, Zhu Yinzhen was ready to step in and meet Shen Menglu, just when she heard the fuss about Yan Qingluo. Zhu Yinzhen’s face suddenly disappeared and he couldn’t see the wind in his dark eyes. ! This Shen Menglu has a heart? !
Zhu Yinzhen stopped at the door with a calm face and listened to Yan Qingluo talking with Shen Menglu.
"It’s not that you think too much." Shen Menglu lightly denied that Yan Aoluo was her cousin. She always was, even if she knew her true identity and knew that Yan Aoluo had transcended her brother and sister feelings, she would still treat him as a cousin in her heart, even if she was still alive and modern, so that her feelings would not change and she could be a cousin!
"You no longer chicanery! I saw your expression just now! " Yan Qingluo proudly looked at Shen Menglu. Just now, her face flashed and she was lonely. Yan Qingluo saw clearly. If it wasn’t a lover, how could she have that expression?
Yan light winding a pair of brothers good appearance close to Shen Menglu "you tell me what he looks like? I’ll help you find out after I get back to Yanmen. Maybe there is such a person? " If this Shen Menglu can marry into their Yan door … Ho ho … What makes her feel so excited when she thinks of it?
"Say you think too much" Shen Menglu is still a faint tone, let alone Yan Qingluo can find a person with the same name. Even if she can find a person who looks exactly like Yan Aoluo, she is sure that that person will not be her cousin Yan Aoluo.
Yan Qingluo ignored her denial and was still excited. "Your lover’s name is Yan Aoluo, right?" Yan aoluo! Yan aoluo! Is it Yan Aoluo? Isn’t it? Isn’t it? "
Shen Menglu was stunned by Yan Qingluo for several times. The little girl’s imagination is not very rich. She was about to explain that the door had a cough.
Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t listen to it. He walked into the temple with a calm face.
Rain and dew saw him hurry to salute "handmaiden has seen the report!" "
Shen Menglu turned to look at Zhu Yinzhen and moved his eyes. Is this man afraid that others will not know that he is the Lord of Muwangfu? I didn’t see them girls talking, so I came in without saying hello.
Yan Qingluo hummed a pair of Zhu Yinzhen who suddenly came in to interrupt their conversation and felt very dissatisfied.
Zhu Yin shot well a Shen Menglu next to the chair "you all go! Wang has something to say to Miss Shen alone. "
"yes! Wang Ye! " Field in addition to the rain should be back two steps, they both like didn’t hear Zhu Yinzhen words still in situ.
Yan Ruyi remembers what Shen Menglu said, and always wakes herself up. She is now Shen Menglu’s maid, Yan Ruyi, and she is no longer the willow. She has to obey Shen Menglu’s orders.
And Yan Qingluo didn’t put Zhu Yinzhen in the eye at all. She simply dragged a chair and sat down on the other side of Shen Menglu.
Yan Qingluo and Yan Ruyi’s refusal to face each other made Zhu Yinzhen’s face a little awkward. He repeated in a calm voice, "Wang said to retreat!"

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