It was at this time that the little demon leopard Molin’s black Strafe had reached his head.

Liu Xu quickly waved his Yanling knife to the block.
The black Strafe Yanling Knife met again and made a loud noise.
Moment Liu Xu body fell from high to the ground.
It was not long before Liu Xu fell to the ground and made a loud noise.
Liu Xu’s body fell to the ground instantly, and the small demon leopard Mo Lin’s sword shadow once again attacked him in the past.
Liu Xu complained in his heart that he had never felt so passive today that he could try his best to display his posture and missed the sword shadow attack of Xiao Yaobao Molin.
It was when he escaped the sword shadow attack that the black Strafe attack of the little demon leopard came again.
Liu Xu knew that it was not the way to fight like this, so he directly swallowed a nine-grain Tyrannosaurus Dan.
Although the nine-striped Tyrannosaurus Dan may not be able to defeat the little demon leopard Mo Lin, he feels that he should have a chance to escape after taking the nine-striped Tyrannosaurus Dan.
A loud noise was earth-shattering
I have to say that the effect of Nine-grain Tyrannosaurus Dan is still very great. After a Nine-grain Tyrannosaurus Dan, Lu Xu, a small demon leopard, took over the wind for the first time.
The little demon leopard retreated sharply, but soon regained its shape.
Liu Xu didn’t have the mind to pursue the little demon leopard Molin. He knew that after the efficacy of his nine-grain Tyrannosaurus Dan disappeared, he had no power to compete with the little demon leopard Molin, so he flew away in the opposite direction for the first time.
The little demon leopard Molin won’t let Liu Xu run away, so he will speed up to the extreme and blink of an eye and have already driven Liu Xu out.
It is not accurate to say that it is actually driven out, because the small demon leopard means similar to jumping and flying the sword to help him appear in a certain range of designated positions
There was another loud noise.
Liu Xu has once again confronted the little demon leopard Molin.
This time, Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, was also attacked by force, and the distance to go out was much closer than before.
Is Liu Xu this time some unprepared backward distance is much farther than before.
After an escape failure, Liu Xu didn’t give up. He took advantage of the fact that Mo Lin, a small demon leopard, didn’t rush towards him and chose to rush out in the opposite direction to Mo Lin’s position.
Liu Xu was also shocked by the magical speed of the little demon leopard Molin, but he didn’t believe that Molin’s speed could be maintained so fast all the time.
Mo Lin also felt bored. He wanted to have a good fight with Liu Xu, but the other party was bent on running away.
The little demon leopard disappeared from its original place again, and when he appeared again, it blocked Liu Xu’s way again.
Liu Xu brandished a knife and chopped it out at the little demon leopard Molin.
Mo Lin is not to be outdone. He waved his black Strafe directly to this Liu Xu and smashed it.
This time, the collision was natural and not small, and both sides were flying backwards.
But this time Liu Xu flew backwards and felt a cold wind coming from behind.
This can frighten Liu Xu. He can force his body to be thrown sideways.
When Lu Xu’s body is close to stall, it is very difficult to move his body. Of course, he moved such a little position and paid a lot of money. When he regained control of his body, he directly spit out one mouthful blood.
Of course, for Lu Xu, this one mouthful blood is still worth it because he successfully evaded the sword shadow attack of the little demon leopard Molin.
But this time, although Liu Xu escaped a sword shadow attack from the little demon leopard Molin, he felt that there was a cold wind coming towards him.
When Lu Xu was really crazy, but he couldn’t be beaten there, he forced himself to escape the cold wind behind him again.
But he hasn’t come to escape yet. The little demon leopard Molin has waved the dark Strafe and killed him.
Liu Xu is in a dilemma. He can choose to resist the attack of the little demon leopard Molin Strafe first.
However, Lu Xu chose to face the attack of the little demon leopard Molin first, but the end result was that none of his attacks could compare with the past.
Liu Xu hands Yanling knife small demon leopard Molin hands dark Strafe meet instantaneous behind him that the cold wind also fell on him.
Then Liu Xu felt a strong chill sweeping over him, and his whole person seemed to be shivering in the ice cave.
This makes Liu Xu feel frightened. He is a friar who has risen to the top of the world. He has not invaded the cold for a long time, but now he feels the cold. What a terrible thing it is.
Liu Xu’s fear is not unnecessary because he was hit by a small demon leopard Molin’s sword shadow, and the wound has already ignited a dark blue annihilation inflammation.
Annihilation phlogistic is a kind of terrible cold fire that can quickly melt Lu Xuzhen.

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