The front of the tile cloak was hard to touch and made a "bang" sound. Two people collided with each other’s strength, and all the tiles turned into dust. The cloak was also riddled with debris, such as rain, and pedestrians and officials fled in the street.

Head someone mercilessly scold "I won’t listen to you! You bullied me enough that day! "
A shadow of yin hangs over the sky, thinking evil doesn’t want to know that feathering has already flown to other parties. Today, it’s no better than the day when I knew the identity of feathering, and I didn’t have a fighting mind. I immediately turned back and avoided the past. A bang exploded, and I kicked the horn of the beast on the roof where Thinking evil was, and smashed it into pieces. The whole roof tiles and wood were scattered.
"You’re in trouble."
Feather looked at SiXie and couldn’t figure out the meaning of his words, but he recognized his scorn.
"Look at the face."
Feather down his finger direction to see the street scalp a tingling cold sweat instantaneous drip.
There were hundreds of people in the street. Five brooms, trash cans, dustpans and gongs and hammers appeared in people’s hands, and the weapons in the hands of your officers were also struggling to hold high. Their expressions were general anger, and they all glared and scolded and destroyed the roof feather.
"Good" eclosion reaction finally accelerated the sudden shaking body speeding towards another street.
"Ah, I didn’t do it." Sixie waved his hand again and again, and dng was obviously angry, and people shifted their targets to him.
"You and that kid are just a group. Look what you’ve done."
"It’s not good to grow up like this!"
"That little boy, come and resist strictness!"
And the appalling scene in the street next door continues.
"Come on, come on, come on, just give me a kiss."
"You can’t die of amitabha, you uber, don’t eat tofu from children. Run, run, run." Feather’s heart is more prosperous, and you flirt with the little boy Cen and run.
CenQi way "hey? What’s the matter? Are you molesting a little nv child and being hunted down? "
Feather replied gloomily, "I accidentally tore down the houses in a fight just now."
Cen was furious. "You don’t call me if there are good things in this sweet potato!"
All the way out of the white water south of the city, I don’t know what happened, but shouting and killing behind me kept pounding over me. Every time I look back, I can always see several tools that seem to have no lethality, showing great deterrence at the moment.
Feathering and scurrying, only Cen ran all the way and laughed. That smile cut the sky like a flock of flying pigeons. Of course, I know what she is happy about. A sheep riding like a pony is leisurely and beautiful. Can nv not be happy when she looks at such a large group of high-spirited and strong pursuers behind her? Feathering can lament one’s fate.
I don’t know how far I have run away from the boundary of Baishui City. I helped the roadside trees to breathe. I looked back and looked at those ji people who had already disappeared. I was relieved to rely on the trunk and sat down on the ground to look at the sheep around me. I don’t know where to summon. I can’t stop looking back at that expression. I’m looking forward to feathering and I’m too lazy to scold her again.
"So finished? I haven’t had enough fun yet. "Cen jumped angrily at the sheep with a faint hatred of F modality.
Feather close your eyes and ignore her but listen to cen let out a "how do you have blood? When was the injury? "
Yu Hua looked down with his eyes open, and sure enough, there was some blood in the blue place. Then his face looked up and saw Cen’s suspicious eyes and heard her suspicious words, "Are you bloody?"
"Hey?" The emergence of feathers was embarrassing, and the location of the blood was really embarrassing. Then the wind blew overhead and something fell from the sky and crashed into his arms.
Feathering and Cen were shocked and crashed into feathering arms at the same time. They were a man covered in blood. They were startled and feathered. The place where people were righted was a Zhang Cang white face, with straight eyes and a half-white beard. The thick blood on the corners of his mouth now speculated that his age was over fifty.
"Feed who are you? Hey, hey, don’t die! " Feather gently shook the old man’s shoulder.
The old man l gave a wry smile. "I can’t believe I ran away but your hand died."
Feather immediately dumbfounded "ah? Can’t you say that? When did I harm you? "
"Your knee was against my heart just now."
""Feather a stare blankly hand a loose this just remembered that just now is bent knees and sat down, but he let go of the old man’s straight inging and fell to the ground, so that he quickly helped the old man up again.
"Look at you. I met fate. Can you help me?" The old man coughs hard and hard, but when he speaks, he still has a strong tolerance, which makes Cen suspicious.
Feathering is most afraid of trouble, but it’s hard to refuse a dying old man’s request to sip his mouth and nod his head.
"I know I have gone too far. Please take this letter to my parents." The old man reached out and sent a letter from his arms. "His name is Ye Zhiqiu."
The old man said a lot of words in one breath. jing God is depressed to the extreme, shaking Y and falling into the feather, knowing that his vitality has never been added. "But is there anything else to say?" Don’t say I will bury you. "
"I think if you hadn’t hit my heart, I think I could have saved another one." The old man smiled strangely and died suddenly.
""Feather very grievance shrugged his shoulders looked up and asked cen "this is not my head? Hey, Cen, do you think I’m the devil now? "
Cen, however, raised his eyebrows and approached the old man’s arms. He asked for a thing and came out in front of him. "Look at this demon king. You killed everyone. Look at Ye Zhongshi in the cloud!"
"cloud middle surname" < d chapter 21 cloud middle surname
Text] Chapter 21 Cloud Ye Shi-
"The middle of the cloud? That’ famous blood’ is called the middle leaf of the cloud? "
Feather was really taken aback and took a small token from Cen.
A white S is carved on the front of a square black iron token. Xuan Yue’s back is monotonous and the word "leaf" is feathered. I can’t imagine that this military Hao N, who moves Kyushu and inherits the "famous blood" from generation to generation, is so simple that even his family emblem is so simple.
In the middle of the cloud, Ye’s family is not the "famous blood" that ordinary people can imagine. Ye’s military in Kyushu enjoys the highest reputation today, but outsiders don’t know that Ye’s family’s daily life is very simple. Although it will be famous many times, it has no potential. This is the rule set by Ye’s ancestors, but it is also the most effective way to ensure the family’s safety. Counting the military figures in various dynasties, it is generally taboo. It is difficult to wipe out charcoal once. It must be said that Ye’s ancestors have extraordinary wisdom.
Feather got excited and wandered around the old man’s body. Cen looked at him in wonder and didn’t understand what he was happy about.
"The middle of the cloud’s! Ye Zhongshi in the cloud! I’ve loved listening to their strange stories since I was a child. Hehe, that’s good. "

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