"Don’t struggle if you are dying! It’s all for nothing, is it? Hurry up! Let me openly taste the flesh and blood of human beings who cultivate immortals. "Tiger-patterned youth’s eyes are as cold as a sword. His mouth is easy to say, but his actions are cautious. Go back and observe Ma Sanzhi dozens of meters away!

When it was confirmed that he was dead in the body, he saw that the red dragon king’s tattoo was getting darker and darker, and the black light was getting more and more dazzling. The young man with tiger stripes said, "You are really bold. Even the three tiger kings dare to provoke us. It’s really a little bit of ignorance. I’ve seen that all our enemies are swallowed by us, and you are no exception! As soon as this death ray enters the body, it is difficult for the five war generals to cultivate immortals. What’s worse, your weak strength is a martial man? Joke! "
Tiger-patterned young eyes Kong Sen stared at Ma Sanzhi like a knife, pretending to be like Ma Sanzhi. "It’s a pity that you are an extraordinary human genius. Your recent combat performance is really shocking. I am almost scared to death by you. Hahaha! There is no pain when you die! If you die, it’s over! I’ll be you and I’ll see you off! "
It dare not close to the flesh, dare to attack from a distance, spit out a small mouth like a human, and tentatively attack Ma Sanzhi to see how strong his counterattack ability is!
Suddenly, Ma Sanzhi’s spirit took off and attacked directly, and his body gave off dazzling red light. The mysterious inscription was intertwined with the powerful and overbearing dragon king’s tattoo, and he wandered around in a colorful and imposing manner, forcing his mouth to spit out all the black gas of his death!
"What? What did you do? No way! You, you, you, you "tiger-patterned youth language has panicked! Ma Sanzhi has just been tortured to death by the black gas. Now it’s time for revenge! Ma Sanzhi is like a crazy demon in France and heaven. The crazy demon is more crazy than crazy. "Three tigers in one?" Even ten tigers in one is not enough for me to kill! A few little reptiles will cook my Chinese food! " It’s like a storm, kicking and kicking Ma Sanzhi crazy, and flying the tiger-patterned youth more than 1 meter away.
When the tiger-striped youth got up, his hair stood on end and he was terrified and turned into a fast virtual shadow, a tiger-striped flash! He turned and ran to escape into the original forest and hid for ten years and never appeared in public again! He has been beaten to death, losing his high morale and fighting passion. "Do you still want to go?"? No way! I’ll see where you can run. Run! Wasn’t that arrogant just now? Why do you want to be shameless when you run away now? " Ma Sanzhi was full of light, and the inscription of the dragon king was too empty, and he was mixed with his shocking spirit to attack and burst out with a huge thunder.
The tiger-striped youth is cold-hearted. He is really shameless. He wants his life, but he is badly injured. He can’t run as fast as this light.
Light rushes to it one after another, and its hair explodes. Only World War I can do it.
"Boom!" Mang Ruhai chopped off a tiger-striped youth scream one after another. This is a veritable thunderous blow to the head! This is the first time that two people have attacked Ma Sanzhi with his shocking spirit since the war! What’s the effect?
At this moment, the tiger-tattooed youth’s eyes are splitting, and the head is blown up again. The three tiger kings have been in a coma for a long time, but there is still a breath! There are three huge small meat mountains on the bumpy battlefield ground, namely the overlord, the giant tiger, the heavenly jade tiger and the ghost Lei Hu!
It took four hours for the Three Sacred Tiger King to wake up slowly, but he still had a terrible headache and his face was twisted! The overlord and the giant tiger are the last to wake up! Overlord tiger can’t care about the pain. When he wakes up, he just says, "Will he die?"
I don’t know whether to talk to myself or ask Ma Sanzhi! They don’t know what to do. They don’t think Ma Sanzhi will let them go! Because Ma Sanzhi still left his hand, he didn’t have the strength to go. Later, the three sacred tigers all made a unique trick. The attack of the three tigers and kings was all to kill Ma Sanzhi. They really wanted to kill Ma Sanzhi just now. Will Ma Sanzhi let them go?
I have to sign a contract and change my name these days. The new name will include "Sun Wu"! ! The name of the writer remains the same, and so does first hero. It’s called Ma Sanzhi!
Chapter 51 Benefits of Being a Mountain King (to be renamed)
The three sacred tigers have been fighting and killing for so long, and the enemy and I are in a state of fire and water. What can we possibly get from each other? They have never met an opponent who will forgive the enemy in the wild world!
In their coma for more than 4 hours, Ma Sanzhi once thought about what to do with these three bastards, and now he finally has the answer! At the moment, a cold sound sounds like music in the ears of the three tiger kings. "Choose death or I will drive for two years." Ma Sanzhi’s dark golden pupil sweeps at these three tiger kings. Ma Sanzhi either moves or kills bloody people. He is a complex person and he has a forgiving side.
Lei Hu, Jade Tiger, Overlord and Giant Tiger all breathe a sigh of relief. Two years is really short for their long life, and Warcraft respects the strong! Ma Sanzhi defeated the three of them with one martial man and two Warcraft. This strength is not weak and really shocking.
It’s not a disgrace to their dignity.
"Master!" Ma Sanzhi, the three sacred tiger kings, bowed their noble heads in front of them.
Ma Sanzhi snorted, "You three little reptiles have to fight with me and give up early! I have been tossing me for a long time! "
King Juhu of Naha whispered, "Master, do you want to display a soul contract?" The soul contract is the most effective way to control the wild monsters. Since the three overlord tigers lose, they will naturally admit defeat and they are willing to accept the bondage of the soul contract.
"No, I believe that you are not easily betrayed! No, you’re not people, you’re king tigers! Hey! " Ma Sanzhi indifferently way
It feels very good to be believed, and no one likes to be suspected of being a big traitor.
At this time, the three sacred tigers have a little admiration for Ma Sanzhi from the bottom of their hearts. When they look at the three obedient tigers in front of them, Ma Sanzhi is crying in his heart. Ma Sanzhi is very curious about what the three tigers can be integrated into a tiger-patterned youth, so he asks them what it is. The overlord tiger says, "We three brothers are born triplets, and the integration of three tigers is a gift. The magical power will be there since childhood!"
Yu has been swallowed by the Tiger King for more than one ordinary mortal to settle accounts like this? Is this still an account? Strictly control the three tiger kings and stop them from harming others! Ma Sanzhi especially sternly warned them that if they dare to swallow a mortal again, they will pay for their lives!
Ma Sanzhi has tens of thousands of younger brothers! There are already hundreds of Warcraft I and Warcraft II, and the rest are ordinary animals without spiritual wisdom, which belongs to the level of spiritual wisdom. Warcraft management does not worry about Ma Sanzhi! This monster is called Warcraft after it is collected, which can distinguish between the enemy and me and also sounds better! Are so many animals and Warcraft burdensome to him?
The first advantage is that Zhuge Liang, the master of Ma Sanzhi, has different game tastes for three meals a day! For example, at noon today, Ma Sanzhi has mushrooms, vegetables, paws and rabbit meat and wild pork to eat casually! A big table full of pure natural game is carefully prepared by Warcraft and dedicated to him! Absolutely delicious and delicious! This is very good for him to practice. First, he saves a lot of time to practice when cooking. Second, he eats well and has good nutrition. This physical quality is naturally getting better and better!
The second big advantage is that these are Warcraft, but his super bodyguard, the mysterious force who wants to kill him, still wants to treat his hand, so we need to weigh whether we can beat these tens of thousands of beast troops! It’s been half a year since anyone dared to assassinate him! In recent months, strange students and teachers have been responsible for training their human army standards to train! Outside Ma Sanzhi’s house, a field of more than 1 square kilometer has been leveled, and the beast army has been practicing day and night.
Ma Sanzhi was puzzled and asked the master, "Is it necessary to make such a big noise? Isn’t it just a few fly assassins? Kill as many as you want, but don’t train tens of thousands of troops to defend themselves! How troublesome! "
Master is like watching an idiot look at Ma Sanzhi. "Do you always send several assassins to that terrible force? The next time, I sent four swordsmen to deal with you, all of them are martial arts gods. Are you sure they will send four more instead of four? Can you handle it if they really send four martial arts gods? "
Ma Sanzhi was dumbfounded to deal with the four swordsmen. He was badly beaten. Both his physical strength and mental strength were overdrawn. After the war, he was in a coma for several days before he woke up. Today, he still has a lingering fear! One warrior and four gods? No, four are as powerful as the four swordsmen, and one can easily kill Ma Sanzhi! Maybe one assassin teamed up with the 13 peerless kill array to beat the daylights out of Ma Sanzhi in less than one minute! Ma Sanzhi is still young and has no adult experience, which is far less than his master. No wonder he doesn’t know enough about mysterious forces.
Being the king of the forest and the statue of beasts has the third great benefit. Ma Sanzhi has taught and learned a lot of Chinese herbal medicines! His family has piled up many kinds of herbs on the way, which were carefully collected and taken care of by Warcraft! More than 20,000 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines have been discharged orderly in that special Chinese herbal medicine warehouse! At ordinary times, there are many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines carefully watched by the May 1st Fox!
For example, the first kind of treatment includes common trauma medicine, special antidote and common disease medicine.
The second kind of killer drugs are poison, powerful anesthetic, hallucinogenic drug, hypnotic drug, explosive drug, deafening drug, special effect drug release and so on!
The third category is the speed and quality of upgrading. This is Ma Sanzhi’s most attention. Check it often! There are strong bones and muscles, strong meridians, uplifting spirit and high skin defense ability
Many natural materials and treasures of Warcraft nourish Ma Sanzhi and Zhuge Liangxiu, and have quickly reached the level of perfection of a martial god from the initial stage! Master is also very abnormal. He has been cured by a tiger or two for more than ten years! Tigers can also cure human injuries? There is no wonder! These two tigers can not only cure human wounds, but also transform into human beings and speak human language. He is over 5 years old! People are old and refined. This tiger king can also be refined when he is over 5 years old. This tiger king is Ma Sanzhi. He has just been compiled. Tianwen Tiger King is the three tiger kings. Their most powerful killing trick is that the three tiger kings combine into a tiger youth!
There is a fourth advantage of being the king of the forest and the statue of beasts. The more younger brothers there are, the more information you can get. Now Ma Sanzhi is playing with a magical leaf! The leaves are full of dragons, the glow is flashing, and the tiny thunder is wandering, and the yin and yang are reversed, and Zhuge Liang is well informed and amazed! This magical leaf was discovered by the fox when she was looking for food by herself, so she brought it back to the boss Ma Sanzhi! Looking for such a small leaf in King Ma Sanzhi’s Canyon is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to his large number of younger brothers, don’t underestimate this small leaf. This is valuable information. You may find many rare treasures by following this leaf clue!
A Warcraft fox leads the way to the place where magic leaves are found! Master Ma Sanzhi Zhuge Liang has three people in the middle! 5 more than one Warcraft and two Warcraft accompany each other! After master’s injury, it can be said that he has broken through the rapid rise of the second martial arts genius and has become a perfect strong man of the third martial arts! It is Zhuge Liang, the strongest person in this team, who is well-informed and well-connected. He has turned all the upgraded Warcraft into human beings! That’s not enough. In just a few months, they were taught to be fluent in human language! This made the master admire him. He felt that he had no problem in upgrading, but there was no such thing as Zhuge Liang after another hundred years of cultivation!
What are you going to do when such a powerful team is rushing through the canyon of the king? Also said that I went to treasure hunt!
A fox led us to a wide area, where many lychee sacred trees are more than ten meters high, and their yin and yang are bright, fresh and natural.
Every leaf has three-color runes: orange, blue and green!
"Yin and Yang holy tree? !” Ma Sanzhi became more and more surprised and felt that this was a mysterious place. There were 9 litchi fairy trees here, and each leaf had three-color runes: orange, blue and green! There are leaves, no flowers and no fruits.
Zhuge Liang marveled that "the historical record turned out to be true! It is said that the greatest value of this lychee sacred tree is not its fruit, but that they exude the charm of the avenue, which can greatly speed up the cultivation of immortals! Especially when impacting key nodes, it is the most helpful to break through! There are many immortals who have not been able to break through the difficulties for more than ten years. These lychee sacred trees can break through quickly after a few months of training. This lychee sacred tree is a rare treasure! A rare treasure in a thousand years! "
"This is to want to sacrifice the sacred tree of Yin and Yang! Nine lychee sacred trees form a taiji diagram, and two yin and yang fish embrace each other! Four Yin and four Yang, one Yin and Yang are swimming! When heaven and earth were born, Yin and Yang were born! All the nine mother trees of the sacred tree must have been sacred trees when heaven and earth were born! " Ma Sanzhi became more and more frightened.
They are rooted in fairy veins and planted in a mess from a distance, which is no different from its towering trees in the forest! A closer look reveals that the reality is very exquisite and magical, and every sacred tree has an inscription that is too empty, interwoven with various textures of heaven and earth avenues, and the images of the sun, the moon and the stars swim with extraordinary brilliance.
I have to sign a contract and change my name these days. The new name will include "Sun Wu"! ! The name of the writer remains the same, and so does first hero. It’s called Ma Sanzhi!
Chapter 52 There is no way to fear death (the former name is Wulong Zun)
"This world really has such a thing as a sacred tree of Yin and Yang. Three people immediately recognized this as a sacred tree of Yin and Yang! Those who followed more than five Warcraft players, who had no cultural heritage, were all stupid after listening to Zhuge Liang’s explanation, and suddenly realized that this was a baby!
It’s cool here. This fairy tree is like a carefully carved treasure jade root! Each of the nine sacred trees of Yin and Yang exudes outstanding charm. The sacred trees are like powerful and overbearing dragons. They are like real dragons swimming in the vast expanse. They are like phoenix being reborn in the burning fireworks. They are like a world of mountains and rivers growing and expanding slowly. There are trees roaring and savage smells. Some are like the sea of Wang Yang. There are several stormy waves emerging. Some are like the coming of the end of the world. It is so shocking that people’s eyes are frightened and timid!
"Yin and Yang holy trees are in the top position in cultivating treasures!" Ma Sanzhi said in the ancient books, did you say that after digging, you should carry it home and plant it? There are a small meat mountain and a giant tiger king pulling a hundred trees, so there is no problem. What’s more, there are only nine trees, which is a piece of cake!
Things happen, people are doomed, and these trees are lucky, but this move will be miserable! Actually, there are many different insects hiding here, making a horrible squeak to Ma Sanzhi and coming at them fiercely! There are at least tens of thousands! It’s dark. It’s a magic bug. What kind of bug is so terrible that it scares them to flee? Soul-breaking monster! Listen to the names and you will know how terrible they are! Every worm is as big and long as someone’s finger, and everyone is as hard and resistant to beating as Jin Gangzuan. It can also attack people’s minds and eat flesh and blood. Where does the worm cave hide? It’s hidden. In the eyes of Yin and Yang, the two places were covered with litter just now. No one thought that there was a hidden horror! Even Zhuge Liang, who is skillful in calculating, strategizing and winning thousands of miles, didn’t expect such a bunch of monsters to hide this!
Ma Sanzhi’s shadow tomahawk was smashed with a stick, but it didn’t break! The impact of the two gave a crisp metal impact, and you can imagine how hard it was.
These worms are covered with tiny and neat black scales! The original state of the worm has not changed, but there is no spirituality, but it also has this power to reflect their horror. If we can cultivate the ghost ancestor worm with spiritual wisdom, we can walk sideways. Unfortunately, he can also think about it. No one has ever succeeded in it. In ancient times, a great god successfully fed several ghost ancestors! It’s a half-ancestor. No one can cultivate it anymore. I’ve never heard of anyone cultivating ancestor worms!
At this time, more than 5 teams of Ma Sanzhi were in a panic and fled, and sometimes they thought about cultivating ancestors! There are more than tens of thousands of soul-breaking monsters, and there are thousands and hundreds of monsters with the strength of a martial god. The strength gap is twice as big. What can this be? It’s good to keep alive! Well, these monsters don’t have the intelligence to hunt them down for a few hundred meters, so let them go, or Ma Sanzhi will die and be wiped out!
The most powerful master can crush the soul-breaking monster alive, and scare the horse’s three wits to roll their eyes. He can only kill one by bombarding three strokes.
"Master, you are a pervert!" It’s no wonder that Ma Sanzhi mumbled, the master is already a complete level of the three martial arts gods, but Ma Sanzhi is only a complete level of the three martial arts gods.
There was a heart-rending scream in the returning team. A white dragon was more than 200 meters long and died! When it was incarnated in human form, it was a slender and handsome man who could be transformed into his original shape after being attacked by his soul. It was powerful. In the swamp of World of Warcraft, he was haunted and didn’t dominate the world. He just followed Ma Sanzhi for a long time, but he didn’t expect it, but he died of a monster the size of a finger! Just now, it was it that pulled out the litchi tree in Yin and Yang. It was the first dead comrade in Ma Sanzhi’s team. The attack of the demon worm was delayed and it would not make people die on the spot. The white dragon was besieged for an hour before it died sadly, which is the best proof.
"Quack!" After running for more than ten kilometers and a half hours, an old woman in the team turned into a giant toad more than 3 meters high! It’s the middle order of Warcraft. It roared, the mountains and rivers shook, and the earth shook and rolled all over the ground, crushing one tree after another. In the end, it blew itself up and died. Obviously, the magic insect attack brought her unbearable pain, and she had to die to get out of trouble.
After returning home, there are still 7 Warcraft coma. It took a few days and nights to wake up. Ma Sanzhi might have been unconscious if he hadn’t been protected by a powerful master! These monsters are terrible. What should we do? Don’t you want that magic litchi tree? Ma Sanzhi wants it, but to face the tens of thousands of terrible soul-breaking monsters, let him have a headache. He has tens of thousands of beast troops to pull out to fight against the monsters, but he dare not move easily, for fear that many casualties will outweigh the benefits!

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