This man is so inscrutable that prissy couldn’t help smiling and shaking his head.

If you want to turn around and leave, not far from the wind, you have already come to your side.
Seeing him bow down and salute, he said, "I’m afraid this temple thing is not simple. I don’t care about the origin of this person, but I still have to thoroughly investigate his origin to prevent fraud!"
Prissy shook his head during the period. "No, I don’t think he is a heinous person. Besides, my father personally elected him. I think my father actually believed him and said that this man has his own credibility and …" He walked slowly up the steps. "Even if this man really has a trick, we don’t have to worry about it. Even if someone is impatient."
Is it rare to sigh in my heart since ancient times to compete for power and brotherhood?
From the wind, the body was shocked. "The temple makes sense. It seems that I worry too much."
Although his three daughters are married to the emperor, his loyalty is nothing more than the most promising future monarch, Priscilla.
Although Bailiyi is gradually gaining favor, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be for a while, and the Bailixi people will be a king in the future.
And not far away, a pair of disdainful eyes exude this strong murderous look and go with the figure of Yun Qing.
"What is this person?" Bailimu looked ugly and stared at the front.
Cao Yuanyin hesitated. "According to him, he is the landlord of the first sect in the Jianghu."
Prissy’s handsome eyebrow peak gently picked the tone with ridicule. "It has always been said that if the building is built for a hundred years, it will appear in front of everyone so easily, and even if it is so young, even you stubborn old people will believe it."
As soon as Prissy’s voice fell to Cao Yuan, he was amazed at the road. "Is it true that the emperor sent someone to investigate the assassination of the four temples?"
Bailimu’s eyes were scattered, and he glanced casually at the shouting person.
Cao Yuan immediately realized that he had said something wrong and looked around and found that four people just relaxed and sighed.
"Lord Cao, what are you afraid of?" Prissy is not moved by Cao Yuan’s words. "I don’t want you to talk about it, even if I don’t talk about it, I can’t find any clues. Chapter 6 Laughs and shocks the court (6)
"What if those insiders curry favor with the Four Temples and reveal it?" Cao yuan startled way
Nine times out of ten, some people have wavered in this scene today.
"If things really poke out, it’s better to take those people as scapegoats." Bailimu mercilessly dropped a white jade wall and added a corner of his mouth. The evil spirit smiled. "Send a letter to the adult quickly and let him find a way to get rid of the fake landlord. Never let him please go back to that Mo Chi."
Although it is hearsay that there is an imperial doctor in Xianwu Mountain, I am not afraid of 10 thousand, but I am afraid of one thousand
Cao Yuanling ordered a "I’ll do it at once" and then hurried away.
Looking at the figure that has disappeared in the cold wind, bailimu evokes an evil smile at the corner of his mouth.
It was his idea to assassinate Bai Liyi, but it was arranged by that adult. Even if my father finds out one day, all the blame will be on the Chinese people.
And he’d rather kill a thousand mistakes than let go of someone who might hinder him and that adult.
Just after Yunqing walked the jade steps, my father-in-law’s heel came.
"The Emperor Xuangong’s audience"
As expected, Yun Qing thanked her father-in-law and let him take himself to Huaxiang Hall.
All along the way, everyone watched from Yun Qing. After all, it is rare for civilians to enter the harem, especially how handsome and mysterious they are.
Plain silver sleeves look like autumn pools, but not like mortals.
Walking slowly into the temple door, two strong eyes shot at her face with a little thick exploration.
Li Yunqing was poised to kowtow "Daughter-in-law meets father"
Thyme JiZhen lips evoked a smile thin light qi "how did you do that? Those old fogies can’t obey my decision so quickly, but … you are obedient at the sight of them? "
From YunQing knew thyme JiZhen will ask her a shallow smile "daughter-in-law just wrote some privacy of those ministers, some people have a guilty conscience will naturally obediently obey"
Thanks to the ghost gate wandering now, I didn’t expect his intelligence network to be so wide that it was searched in one night
Plus her bullying those people is also concerned.
She knew that this trick should not be a hundred Li Jizhen. After all, it is a day of suspicion, and it must be very heavy. Even if he controls himself today, he will be able to seek the DPRK.
Yun Qing, who left, euphemistically said, "Those ministers are so obedient because they are afraid of your father’s majesty. Without your father, your daughter-in-law can’t get those tricks into their eyes."
A word pushed all the credit to Baili Qizhen.
Thyme JiZhen leng a short laugh "ha, ha, ha, father really didn’t see you wrong, the cloud is really extraordinary"
"It’s my father, Britain, and SHEN WOO’s sky that has flourished for a hundred years." From Yun Qing, it’s obvious that he is used to the false compliments of the ancients.
Li Jizhen was satisfied and laughed, deeply gratified.
I went to Fuyun Palace to accompany the queen for a long time. I left Yunqing and returned to the imperial palace. Spring breeze and coloured glaze prepared my luggage as she said.
And tomorrow, she will go to Daguo Temple to live and fast under the pretext of praying for Bailiyi.
As soon as I stepped into the gate of Orchid Garden, I saw a man falling from the sky with a half copper mask. I couldn’t see his face clearly, but his brow was heroic and he had an unusual noble temperament. His lips seemed to be smiling with a faint smile. The bottom of a dark blue brocade robe was embroidered with clouds and clouds. Chapter 61 If you break your word, you will be destroyed (1)
Clothing tactic to carry forward the man firmly when he fell in front of Yun Qing.
From yun-ching poised and resolute man looked at each other for a while.
I looked at each other and soon found out from Yun Qing that it was a stupid move.

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