The news of Zhu Ji’s death in Ning Caichen swept the capital of Yedu from the palace for a moment. At this moment, several prominent families in the capital of Yedu expressed their goodwill in the general’s office. No matter what their thoughts were, whether they wanted to see Ning Caichen ascend to the throne or not, everything was a foregone conclusion, and Zhu Hongxi’s death was also reported by them, which made these people alert to Ning Caichen’s iron tactics. Although many people knew that Zhu Ji’s testamentary edict was very tricky, no one dared to jump out and question it.

Yedu city is full of jubilation, and the people are rushing to tell who will be king. They don’t really mean what they mean. Can that person let them live a good life? That’s all. I doubt that Ning Caichen is the one who can make them live a good life in their hearts. The fact is not only ordinary people, but also some poor people are overjoyed, because they remember that the imperial examination was held in Dongyan County, Ning Caichen, which made them see the hope.
The white silk of the palace is fluttering. After the death of a monarch, the funeral can’t be hasty, and it’s not a national subjugation. Although Zhu Ji was the last monarch of Liang to some extent, Ning Caichen made a conspiracy, but in name, he gave way to a natural play, and Zhu Ji’s funeral was bound to be a monarch’s funeral. However, Ning Caichen didn’t intend to arrange these things, but returned to the general office to call Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong, Ji Xuan, Xiao Teng and others together. For him, Zhu Ji’s funeral was a trivial matter, which really made him mean to come to the throne
"Let’s set the first day of the year!"
Minister Ning Caichen in the room decided to date Chen Gong, Zhu Ji and others when they finally decided to come to the throne. The first day is now in December, and there are almost twenty days left when calculating. It seems to be a long time, but it can be considered urgent for the throne, because it is not a trivial matter. There are a lot of things that Ning Caichen doesn’t know. He is simply the commander rather than the executor.
"In addition, the country name has also changed?" Ning Caichen added, "Liang has become a thing of the past, so let him be buried in the years."
Zhuge Liang, Chen Gong and Xiao Teng nodded without any objection, and then several people left the old country to drown the new country and needed a lot of preparation.
"Husband …" "Husband!"
After discussing everything, Ning Caichen came to the hospital. Bai Susu, Nie Xiaoqian, Lin Xuelian, Charming Ji and Chen Yuanyuan all had only Yongle to go to the palace. After Zhu Ji died, Princess Liang’s wake was inevitable.
"Everybody’s up." Ning Caichen walked over with a smile.
"Big brother …"
Ning Caichen just sat down to Snow White and ran over to get tired of Ning Caichen’s arms.
"Is my husband going to be king?" Chen Yuanyuan asked, there is a trace of curiosity, a trace of sigh, a trace of surprise and a trace of pride. That woman doesn’t want her man to have a future, and even worse, she is the head of the country.
"Yes, we’ll live in the palace after a while." Ning Caichen smiled and pinched a handful of little girls with a pink face in his right hand, adding, "I’ll seal you up for the imperial concubine mother instrument day …"
"We’ll go wherever my husband goes?" Bai Susu looked at Ning Caichen’s beautiful face with a happy face. Although she was also very happy about the imperial concubine, after all, everyone liked fame and fortune, but what made her feel most was with Ning Caichen.
"I don’t know what my husband is going to give Xiaoqian?" Can rare naughty to Ning Caichen zha blink way
"Why don’t you think about it?" Ning Caichen also has a proper way to play, and his tone has changed to call himself Me. "I want to be a high-ranking imperial concubine, a small Qian, a Hui princess, a charming Ji, a Shu princess, a Snow Lotus, a static princess … Come to all the beauties and give thanks quickly."
"Male and female servants thank humbly positions … giggle …"
Several women also entered the show, and the princess in Xuegong saluted Ning Caichen when she saw the king, but in the end they all laughed.
"Big brother, what about my light snow?" At this time, Ning Caichen looked at Ning Caichen with big eyes in her arms. "Why don’t my brother also seal light snow as a princess …"
"poof!" Ning Caichen was directly choked to the next few women, and she was dumbfounded. Susu blushed and looked at her mouth with shame and annoyance. Snow White "Ahem, say it again after the princess, and then say that big brother will call you Princess Ziwei …"
"Ah, princess, is that princess as big as a princess?"
Snow White’s eyes blinked and looked at Ning Caichen, who was directly right. Next to Nie Xiaoqian, several women were watching the muffled smile, while Su Suso blushed and wished to sew up Snow White’s mouth.
In the following days, in addition to dealing with some important matters, Ning Caichen spent most of his decision-making time practicing and accompanying Bai Susu, a few female Yongle, who were in a bad mood and sad. Zhu Ji’s death had a great impact on him, and officials of all sizes were busy preparing for Zhu Ji’s funeral. On the one hand, he was busy setting up an altar when Ning Caichen ascended the throne …
A few days later, a minister in charge of handling Zhu Ji’s funeral came to Ning Caichen. Although Ning Caichen has not officially ascended the throne, people have changed his address to direct address.
"Day Zhu Ji positions buried in accordance with the rules to accompany the monarch buried to princess … Zhu Ji positions loved Shu Fei and De Fei most before his death, and now Shu Fei and De Fei have been entered into the palace of secluded orchid …"
The novel by Ning Caichen, the minister, didn’t mean much. Ning Caichen understood that according to the custom, imperial burial requires a lot of things to be buried with, including the living, some maids-in-waiting eunuchs and maids-in-waiting eunuchs. Naturally, there is no problem, but there is more attention to the princess. According to this minister, Shu Fei and De Fei, who have been put in limbo, are going to be buried with Zhu Ji.
"no!" Ning Caichen said, "Let’s bury it directly. Get more buried with the living, but some paper men can replace it …"
Although Ning Caichen thinks he is not a good person, he still has some resistance to this kind of funeral. In his view, this is a deformed funeral and it is not worth advocating.
The minister answered, and then he bowed down. There is no wordy custom, and the person in charge of this thing is just a word.
On the second day, Zhu Ji was buried in the tomb of Zhongning, the capital of the back hill, and the burial of Zhu Ji, a civil and military official, did not cause much uproar. The next day, it subsided. After all, people died like lights and Zhu Ji failed in life. On the contrary, Ning Caichen’s accession to the throne added a bit of excitement to Ye Du, which became more and more intense as the time approached. At the same time, the situation in Liang State also spread all over China.

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