Xie Qiuyao speaks with the breath of the sea. "This is the ocean where the blue sky is wider than the sky … from here, you can reach Youzhou for hundreds of thousands of miles all the way north!"

Wider than the sky, the blue sky ocean is the biggest obstacle to the communication between the monks in the two States. Unless they are distracted monks, they have to deal with it carefully. There are some powerful sea tribes lurking in this ocean, and even distracted monks are afraid
What’s even more frightening is that this long distance of hundreds of thousands of miles is literally far away. You know, it’s already an amazing speed for monks to fly in the wind for more than 10 thousand miles day and night, not to mention the fact that there is no place to replenish or rest in the sea, and the hidden sea people often make the monks slow down.
There used to be a monk Yuan Ying who broke into the blue sky alone, but the initial satisfaction turned into torture. Every time he kept repeating in the battle, he couldn’t advance a thousand miles a day. One day, even after several wars, he found that he had actually regressed more than a hundred miles.
It is this ocean that is wider than the sky that makes Liu Qingyun suddenly think of something. "Let’s kill in the blue sky and play first!"
"no!" Xie Qiuyao warned Liu Qingyun, "We’ll have to fly two or three thousand miles at most and come back. We can’t break into the blue sky alone with our strength!"
LiuQingYun is smiled "I just want to supplement the ShuiFu water, then we’ll join a team halfway to YouZhou! By the way, fresh water has been replenished before the pity star measures the water house. Can this seawater be used? "
"No problem!" The pity star gave Liu Qingyun a positive answer, "I gave it to Miss Liu. I divided them into two independent waters, which drained each other and cleared up. Then the water measuring house will become a real water measuring house!"
Flying out of Liuqingyun heaven and earth two or three hundred miles away, there was no sight of a leaf boat. A passing monk immediately said, "Try this …"
He fell from thousands of feet to a place about fifty or sixty feet away from the sea. The probe looked at it again and again, and then he asked Yunhua to keep an eye on himself. Finally, he drank "Measure the water in Shuifu!"
Then Liu Qingyun saw a scene that made him remember for life. Look at the tide. The morning light and the moon are flowing on his chest, and the golden bells are coming. One by one, the huge tide falls behind Liu Qingyun. Instead of wetting his half-inch clothes, he has changed the amount of water, and the water is getting wider and wider.
Before Liu Qingyun, he painstakingly managed to steal water from Shuifu everywhere, but it was only beginning to take shape. But now, the tide is coming, which makes Shuifu widen as soon as it comes.
Liu Qingyun felt that he had absorbed as much water as dozens of lakes, but soon he felt that he underestimated the water.
But even this exaggerated drawing is just a drop in the ocean for this sky-blue ocean. Liu Qingyun found that this foot of seawater root was never low.
This is exhausting the ocean.
Just as Liu Qingyun sighed so much, a monk flew in from the sea over there, but he drank at Liu Qingyun, "It’s so small that no one can live!"
When Liu Qingyun saw someone messing up, he immediately put away the golden bell of the morning light and the moon, and then handed it over and said, "Don’t take it amiss, brother!"
This monk’s face in purple is very dignified, very bearing and very powerful. "It’s interesting to suck away so many shrimp, soldiers and crabs when I’m a freshman, but it doesn’t bother me!" Are you practicing waterway law? "
"Exactly!" Liu Qingyun said with a smile, "I haven’t seen so much water at ordinary times!"
"So you came to our land to steal water?" The purple monk smiled, "Interesting, interesting, but since it didn’t cause any loss, it means to admit punishment!"
Since Liu Qingyun didn’t say much when he was caught, he prepared a white jade coffin that they refined. "What’s the meaning? I’ll admit punishment!"
"You can’t treat your brother badly!" Purple monk casually said "bing? I’ll give you a plane ticket unanimously recognized by all the major Xiuxian sects in Bingzhou, and I can also give you twice the fine. There’s no way to rely on mountains to eat water! "
He was happy, and Liu Qingyun was also very happy. He threw a spiritual weapon in the past. "Brother, then!"
The monk in purple robe got this horcrux, which is neither good nor bad, and smiled, "Good, good! Brother, what names do you want? There are many names that Brother Lu often comes to me for flying tickets. It’s best to get them back from Xianjia stationery! "
Liu Qingyun knew that people gathered in the yamen to drink sanhua often took stationery to write off in the name. At the beginning, he did not know the truth when he was doing small things in Yexian County. It was true that the yamen consumed so much stationery a year, but I didn’t expect it to be a fairy stationery plane ticket.
According to reason, this is a private matter and he can’t get the reimbursement in the door, and he doesn’t have enough weight to get the reimbursement from Biyunzong, but then he thought, "Give me Xianjia stationery!"
"Happy brothers are happy!" The monk in purple robe shouted, "If you can’t settle your account after drinking sanhua, it’s right to find a plane ticket to find me. Is there any magic weapon left?"
Liu Qingyun has a lot of golden bells in the morning and the moon. "What else?"
Monk Purple immediately became happy. "You’re a good weapon, and it’s very sturdy. As soon as I see it, I know that you are extremely resistant to seawater corrosion and want to buy more pieces! By the way, your name is Liu Qingyun. I’ll give you the plane ticket. The whole Bingzhou fix-up world can admit that you can’t change your hands to someone else to check your account and you can change your money! "
Bai Yujin’s performance when refining these horoscopes is very mediocre, and there are almost no advantages except strong self-explosion ability.
However, the sailors found that this spirit weapon was simply tailored for them for the simple reason that it became very resistant to seawater corrosion because of its mediocre performance.
However, although the Hai clan has all kinds of natural materials and treasures, the seawater is highly corrosive. A good weapon often cannot withstand corrosion in January or February, and its power will drop by more than half. In another month or two, even the power of ordinary instruments will not be as good as that of the Hai clan. What matters most is not the power of the weapon, but whether it can resist corrosion.
Liu Qingyun didn’t expect that his master’s quasi-failure in refining could make this sea clan popular. "Ok, there are still a few brothers who have any good things. Let’s change them!"
"yes! Wait for me, I’ll go home and move things to make sure I’m satisfied … "The purple monk thought again." There’s a reef in more than a hundred miles, and then I’ll be my Long Changhua, and I promise to come up with something that will satisfy you! "
Liu Qingyun smiled and flew forward according to this Long Changhua guidance. Otherwise, Liu Qingyun saw a reef with more than two acres if he flew forward for more than one hundred miles.
Liu Qingyun fell to Yunhua, but the real person complained in the sword of Gengjin Baiyi Star Feather, "Master, let’s go. When the waves are here, this Long Changhua knocked away a spirit weapon in vain!"
Liu Qingyun smiled, "Wait a minute if nothing happens. It seems that Long Changhua has a baby repair!"
"well! However, it should not be a real dragon. If it is a real dragon, it will definitely stay in the depths of the ocean! " Yunhua real person replied, "It should be Pseudosaurus!"
Just then, several monks took the lead in flying over the sea. It was Long Changhua and Liu Qingyun who immediately became nervous. "Yunhua be careful …"
The first one is Long Changhua. He said while slowing down, "Brother Liu, don’t get me wrong. It’s all my people who heard that Brother Tai has a very corrosion-resistant weapon and came to buy one!"
These people all laughed. "Ask for a spirit-resistant device. Don’t ask us, but we brought a lot of good things!" "
Although there are volcanoes on the seabed, the monks of the sea often directly expose all kinds of strange things on the seabed, but they are still willing to make them more handy at heart.
However, no matter how good the magic weapon is, its performance will drop sharply for half a year in less than a month or two. Compared with the initial purchase, it will take longer for two magic weapons, which is simply a waste of money to buy garbage.
It is for this reason that when they heard that Liuqingyun might have a very corrosion-resistant weapon to buy here, they poured in.
Liu Qingyun said in advance, "Several Taoist friends in the water, these spiritual weapons were all refined by my master for me. It was very mediocre, but Brother Long was corrosion-resistant, but there was no other advantage!"
"Nothing, nothing!"
"Yes, show it to us!"
"We have brought many treasures from the sea!"
Just now, these people all appreciated the lingqi that Long Changhua fished out. Indeed, it is an ordinary lingqi, but it is extremely resistant to corrosion, and it can last for a hundred years in the sea, which masks all the advantages.
Liu Qingyun thought that they were enthusiastic about it, so he took out two spiritual objects from his morning light and moonlight golden bell. "Let’s have a look first!"
These sea monks all fell down, and quickly took the two horoscopes from Liu Qingyun happily, looked at them twice and asked, "I don’t know who your teacher is?"
"Can the teacher customize the weapon?"
"Yes, these two horoscopes really suit my mind!"
Chapter 314 Looting
This group of sea monks say this in their mouths, but their hearts are not without plans to kill people and steal goods.
You know, this sea is the same color, and few monks have passed by them, which is equivalent to Yuan Ying’s brother Xiu. If Liu Qingyun is buried in the sea, I’m afraid no one knows.
But now everyone still doesn’t know all the details of Liu Qingyun. On the first day, I saw that this man was a little monk who refined gas, but everyone knew that it was just a disguise. This monk could casually take out two pieces of spiritual instruments and fly hundreds of miles overseas on a spirit bird, let alone a monk who refined gas or a monk who built a foundation.
After careful observation, it was discovered that this man was a monk in the heyday of Tsukiji, but these marine monks were suspicious, and Liu Qingyun actually repaired it. This is just another disguise of Liu Qingyun.

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