A series of things except the simple training for Zhao Li made his official flight seem a little weird. Everything seems to be from the perspective of confidentiality and security. Zhao Li can be sure that this special prison here is very unusual!

A second lieutenant appeared from an angle that Zhao Li didn’t know. When Zhao Li saw it, he quickly saluted at attention. "Hello, sir!"
"Sergeant Zhao Li?" The second lieutenant’s face is expressive, but he can hear a trace of expectation. It is estimated that Zhao Li will soon be his comrade-in-arms
"Come with me!" While the second lieutenant was talking, Zhao Li’s single aircraft behind him had been grabbed by a huge manipulator and put on the side. There was a row of identical aircraft over there, and he was the same except for the different numbers.
"Welcome to mountbatten Special Prison!" After a thick password door was punched out, the second lieutenant gave me a smile and reached out to Zhao Li.
This is a huge metal platform built on the sea surface, hundreds of kilometers around it, at least Zhao Li came here for hundreds of kilometers, and no island or land wanted to come to other directions, and the same is true.
Everywhere I saw, there were heavy metal doors and overlapping doors. I haven’t seen anyone yet, but this alone has shocked Zhao Li enough.
Even Simpson is in charge of leading the way, and this unique terrain has been restricted. It can be said that this special prison is definitely a super prison that Zhao Li has never seen before.
"Our prison is the most dangerous recidivist in the military. Every prisoner is extremely vicious. When it is extremely dangerous, you can’t take it lightly. The prisoners here want to escape from a place that causes extreme panic outside. From the first day you enter the prison, you must know who you will face!"
Chapter 27 The warden enjoys ()
The word "the most dangerous criminal in the military" is enough for Zhao Li to be extremely energetic. Before studying prison management, it was just an ordinary prison. It seems that in the face of this extremely tight special prison, there are some problems.
I don’t know what it’s like in such a tight place or outside the prison.
"You are a newcomer, remember that everyone here is extremely dangerous." The second lieutenant is not tired of emphasizing the danger of prisoners in Zhao Li. "There is no need not to contact them actively." He said that he looked at Zhao Li’s slightly thin figure and was worried. "Especially when they want to provoke, don’t be impulsive!"
All these second lieutenants Zhao Li said were good words to him, which meant well, but we can’t help but rest assured.
"Let’s go, the warden wants to see you." I don’t know how many doors I went through with Zhao Li. Before Zhao Li observed the situation in the prison, the second lieutenant had taken him to another direction.
It is of course important for newcomers to report for duty to see their immediate superiors. Zhao Liyi followed the second lieutenant along a staircase without saying a word.
In the same prison, there are not so many doors leading to the warden, and there are two simple iron gates. Then there is an office with a large area, but the warden doesn’t seem to have an office. The second lieutenant took him to an iron ladder not far away.
"Warden, watch yourself!" Losing this sentence makes Zhao Li stay here for some reason, but the second lieutenant himself has left, which is very confusing for Zhao Li.
Be careful? Be careful of what? Watch out for prisoners or wardens? I’m going to see the warden, not some vicious felon, right? But it’s not necessarily an oil lamp to manage these guys. Be careful, warden.
Zhao Li at the edge of the iron ladder closed his eyes and mobilized the basic body-building exercises for three minutes, which was enough for him to work for a week, then calmed his nervousness and carefully arranged himself. He felt that there was nothing wrong with the army in his clothes before he lifted his feet and walked.
The iron ladder is a closed metal door. Zhao Li gently stretched out his hand and held the handle. When the door was pushed lightly, he had a special smell before he saw the situation outside.
First of all, there is a fresh sea breeze, which is blown by fresh water and oceans. The wind is not fishy, and it is very special among the metallic smells.
But the other smell is even more special, that is, Zhao Li had never smelled it before. It seems that dried salted fish was put in a pile of fermented flour, and then a bucket of swill was poured for unknown days, and a dead cat was soaked in it for unknown days. It is rare to smell such a disgusting smell in this era.
Can’t help but Zhao Li wrinkled his nose and hesitated at the door. Is this another "unification ceremony" to welcome newcomers? Not long ago, Zhao Li’s experience on the outer roller coaster was still vivid, and there was no sound behind this door. Are you going out or not?
Bullet Zhao Li decided to throw caution to the wind. Since it’s a unified ceremony, he just wants to hide and doesn’t cheat and play tricks. Maybe he will give his future comrades a cunning brand. It may not be so pleasant to get along with each other. Thought of this, Zhao Limeng pushed the door and strode out.
"Report to the chief, sergeant Zhao Li was ordered to report!" Go out, no matter what the situation is, but since you sent him here in the name of the warden, Zhao Li still saluted and signed up according to the rules.
To Zhao Li’s surprise, there is indeed a person here, specifically, an old man dressed in an army. The army is still very fit and clean, but the rank is a little school girl with white hair and a clean beard. The whole person looks as if there is such a spirit, but Zhao Li can’t organize the right words at the moment if he wants to tell Zhao Li exactly what temperament it is.
There is a metal dining table in front of the old man. Look at the metal platform with fixed feet. There is also a huge sunshade behind it. It happens that the old man and the table form a shadow. The old man is a comfortable recliner. Now the old man is lying half-comfortably, watching the vast sea swaying leisurely in the distance.
The cool sea breeze blows a cool breath. If there is no table, it will give off that disgusting smell, but from here, it is absolutely unexpected that this is a special prison, but it is more like a leisure summer beach.
The only thing that Zhao Li doesn’t understand is that there are several kinds of food on the table that look very beautiful, and even a bottle of chilled wine. How can it give off such an unbearable taste?
Zhao Lida’s report made the old man turn his eyes from the sea to Zhao Lishen. The old man’s eyes were still so cloudy without any change. Zhao Li looked at it carefully from head to toe, stretched out his hand and pointed to a metal chair not far from him, and then gently said, "Sit down!"
"Yes, sir!" This should be the warden. His old man’s words are to order Zhao Li to endure the pungent smell and go to the designated chair for the old man to sit down.
I just feel a little wrong when I sit down. This metal chair is also a fixed metal platform. I don’t know how long it has been sunned, and there is no sunshade. It’s already hot when I sit down, and it smells like my hips are going to be made into teppanyaki.
The old man, however, reached out and picked up a piece of baked golden bread from the table as if he hadn’t noticed it. He dug out a large dark gray thing from a crystal-clear bottle with a knife in his right hand and smeared it on the bread like butter.
With such a touch of Zhao Li, there is immediately a more intense smell. Zhao Li’s nostrils opened for two times and he refrained from talking and carefully watched the old man’s every move.
The old man daubed the slice of bread carefully and evenly, and then put the knife with the slice of bread. He showed off a little and generally asked Zhao Li, "Sergeant, this is a rare and limited Wang Zhihe stinky tofu. Would you like to try it?"
Chapter 27 The warden enjoys ()
It turns out that the stinky tofu is still the limit. No wonder the smell is so pungent that people can’t bear it. Although I know that this thing is said to smell stinky and eat fragrant, this unique "fragrance" has made Zhao Li turn away from it. "No, thank you, sir!" Shake hands nervously for fear that the chief executive will rise up and have to share this "super" delicious food with him.
"Young people really don’t know how to appreciate delicious food!" It seems very disappointing for Zhao Li to refuse the old man, but not for himself, but for Zhao Li to miss such delicious food. "This kind of delicious food is not much now, especially the pure stinky tofu in Wang Zhihe is not available to ordinary people."
As he spoke, he carefully took a piece of bread to his mouth, chewed it up, and his face showed that he really enjoyed the delicious food.
"yeah!" After eating a big mouthful of aftertaste, I usually suck it up. I picked up a glass and put the red liquid to my mouth and took a sip.
It’s the first time that Zhao Li has seen stinky tofu eating red wine, and he still exaggerates the expression of enjoying delicious food. Zhao Li bet it’s extremely rare to have such a one among one million people.
"Oh, I’m sorry, I forget the people around me as soon as it tastes delicious." Obviously, the old man just enjoyed it very much. "This bottle of red wine is just right. Would you like to try it?" It seems that the old man is very interested in sharing delicious food with others.
Zhao Li quickly refused to drink a little red wine, but for one thing, she was alone with the company, and there was stinky tofu for dinner, even if it was peerless, Zhao Li didn’t have that appetite.
"Young people really don’t appreciate it!" The old man is even more sorry that "this is a very red wine collected from a small place near the river in the Bordeaux wine region of Europe. Picking grapes from flowers is strictly controlled for 13 hours. The private manor is carefully selected by hand, and only a few dozen bottles can be produced every year for ten years. It’s not like this every year. I really don’t know what to say about you." He sighed and drank the red wine in the glass and poured it out conveniently.
Listen to the old man’s lecture, Zhao Li was dumbfounded. Who would have thought that there would be such a pole in an isolated prison far from the world? If I had known it was these, maybe Zhao Li would have to endure the stinky tofu and taste it carefully.
Then the old man took a spoon and scooped up a small spoonful of golden round particles and gestured to Zhao Li again, "Do you want to try this?" The light emitted by that spoon is not like metal, but more like the grinding of shellfish shells in some kind of ocean.
Zhao Li has been rejected by all the former departments, and this time there is no exception. I am more expecting stinky tofu and the best red wine. So what are these things?
It’s also delicious. After forgetting myself and closing my eyes for a while, the old people opened their eyes. "The Mediterranean is unique. One year albino mandarin fish eggs are made into gold in fish sauce!"
But these three things, Zhao Li, are as simple as you can imagine. It seems that how much is spent on lunch? It’s not the kind of super-rich people who can never have such an opportunity to enjoy them, and the most important thing is that even if the super-rich people enjoy them, they can be said to be opportunities, not just want them.
What is the identity of the old man who can have such money potential? Although the combination of the three things may not necessarily be those who boast of the best taste, it is obvious that the old man enjoys his own feelings, but he will not follow those fixed rules. If possible, Zhao Lining would rather this old man is a mysterious royal family member than a warden.
"I am the warden sergeant here." The warden’s words swept away Zhao Li’s suspicion, but being seen through his thoughts several times in a row also made Zhao Li secretly alert. Is it that he is so happy that he is so angry?
"Welcome to my prison!" The warden took another sip of red wine and still sat on the couch and didn’t get up.
"Are you in prison?" Still can’t help Zhao Li muttering 1
"Yes, mountbatten Special Prison" The old warden was excited when he heard his murmur, but he was not angry. "The most dangerous criminal in the whole human military has not been sentenced to death. I am the king in this prison in Jidu. No one dares to disobey what I want to do. No one can stop this prison!"
"You’re a newcomer and you’ve just arranged this place after the recruit training." The old warden went on without waiting for Zhao Li’s reaction to his words. "So I’m curious that your family doesn’t have enough power to arrange military life for you. How did you come to my prison?"

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