One second

Everything is back to normal.
The light shines again
Is the forest has been permanently missing a piece of land of dozens of square kilometers.
Only a bottomless giant pit was left there.
No resistance, no escape.
Absolute power gap, all actions and ideas are meaningless.
Chapter 65 Ssangyong War
A world hidden in the cracks of time
There are no biological groups or strange plants here. The only specialty of the department is all kinds of semi-transparent crystals with cyan brilliance.
This is Wu Jin’s lair and when he created it.
It is not difficult for Wu Jin to create a time when he is in control of the time.
It’s an artificial world.
The world born naturally here is very different.
Such as longevity
Different from [Hammer Plane], the idealist can be a creator whether a person or a ghost, and it will hardly self-destruct if there is no external force.
This plane man-made world has its limits, unless the wizard is willing to instill strength continuously, otherwise they will be destroyed automatically one day.
And that time is generally only tens of thousands of years!
The comparison between the perfect law and the natural world
Ever since eldrazi was wounded by Imoku in World War I, [Wujin] has been sleeping here.
It is expected that it will take decades for all injuries to fully recover.
With Wu Jin breathing while sleeping, a little faint flame keeps flying out of his mouth.
That’s the talent of dragon energy-[dragon breath]
A dragon with the level of "Elder Dragon", "Wujin" and "Dragon Breath" can burn the world completely. Even if he doesn’t mean to make this ability now, those small flames that fly out with his breath still have extremely high temperature.
Even if it floats, it can burn the nearby areas continuously and make them become magma-like.
Suddenly asleep [Wu Jin] felt something. Open your eyes and look alert and look in a certain direction.
The creator of this world, he can clearly feel that a familiarity has broken his barrier and entered here!
It wasn’t long before he stared
Not far away, a circle of light ripples revealed a golden figure.
That’s his brother’s strongest dragon [Elder Dragon] and the strongest [Travel Master]-Nicole porras.
"What are you doing here?"
In the face of his questioning, Nicole porras flapped her wings gracefully and slowly landed on a prominent giant spar.
"I nee your help, my dear brother."
"… that’s disgusting. It’s not like you. What do you want?"
Ignoring each other’s bad words [Nicole porras] Looking at [Wujin], those left-over injuries can easily tell that they are not serious. It is only because the attached energy has not been cleaned up that the wounds will heal in a short time.
However, even if the eyes look like this, they will bring some minor influence to Wujin and will not shake his strength!
Faced with this situation, [Nicole porras] has become more interested in this ethnic group [eldrazi] and has sprouted a feeling that they are just so.
After thinking about it, he casually answered [Wujin].
"As I said before, I need your help and the reason is that I am eager to make further progress in my own strength and status. I want to get more!"
He made no secret of his ambition in his words.
Smell speech 【 Wujin 】 heart immediately reveals a feeling of rejection.
It is not that he hates ambition.
A dragon [Wujin] is greedy and wild by nature.
But he has his own bottom line.
For example, you won’t kill a few people to play when you have nothing to do.
But [Nicole porras] is different. He belongs to a simple careerist or villain.
I feel uncomfortable just thinking about what kind of scene I will create if I help each other.
Of course, what’s more important is that he doesn’t believe that the other party will pull himself out as a brother when he reaches the peak of success.
It is more in line with each other’s personality to kill the donkey.
It is said that if his brain is fine, then he will not agree to the request of Nicole porras …
At that time, both sides fell silent.
Although I didn’t get a direct reply from Wu Jin.
But through each other’s growing hostility [Nicole porras], she also understood each other’s meaning.
After all, the result is what he expected.
Or he knew the other party’s choice from the first moment.
"In this case, you can never give me any trouble …"
His words haven’t fallen yet.
Always on the lookout for him [Wu Jin] chose to take the lead in attacking.
Hot [Dragon’s Breath] seems to be the most horrible torrent spewing out of his mouth with dissolving power!
Even if there is no direct contact with all kinds of things along the way, the little power it sends out will automatically destroy.
Face this blow
With the dragon 【 Nicole porras 】 didn’t mean to give way. Holding his head high also made use of 【 Dragon Breath 】 to compete directly!
However, unlike [Wujin], the green dragon inflammation is as bright as gold!
"bang! !”
The moment when two feet burned the world and dragon inflammation met.
Like BIGBANG, huge energy turbulence is wrapped in chaos, and when it is strong, it will distort the world where the two dragons live.
Both the solid cyan spar and the original stable structure were forcibly annihilated equally.
This whole artificial world is like being exposed to high temperature and snow, slowly disappearing!
After a blow
[Nicole porras] is still standing in the same place, while [Wu Jin] has stepped back for some distance.

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