Baicheng is now making this black fire mine according to the seagull drawing. These mines are much better than guns. A bullet may not kill an enemy, but the mine will be dead or disabled unless it is thrown several feet away.

As soon as the dilemma was hit, the gloom on your face became much better.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-nine Ink Ling hates false hate
You Yan Qimu knew that there were not enough troops now, and he focused on the small country in Northeast China. Yuan Haoguo didn’t dare to make moves easily. They were all passively defending and attacking. Now they have occupied the old land of Pingguo instead of Yuanhao.
What is worth their attention in Pingguo is iron ore, which has been mined day and night since they occupied it. It can’t be said that the Ministry took it away, but all the easy-to-mine places are gone like locusts crossing the border.
It can be said that it is a matter of mutual benefit that the men of Pingguo were taken away. You Yan Qimu turned the camp into a city in the city, and some people dared to resist that the city was more comfortable than the wilderness and guarded the city. They were more professional than Yuan Haoguo and had a lot of experience in street fighting. There was nothing to worry about.
You Yan Qimu will help the Western Regions Army and leave all the soldiers for Yuan Hao to be transferred to the small northeast country, or take care of the place there first.
But this kind of troop transfer was keenly discovered by Yuan Haoguo’s coach. Isn’t that the purpose of sending so many miscellaneous troops? Now he can take good care of the soldiers in this city
Marshal is full of some evil thoughts.
Yuan Haoguo’s coach is this Pei Wang Ye, and his deputy handsome is also an acquaintance, but he is a person who no one can think of.
Mo Ling hugged Hailing’s waist and smiled at Prince Pei, pointing to the capital of Pingguo in the sand table. "This is a goal of Marshal’s adult?"
"Mrs. Moling is not ready to take care of them so soon. They like besieged cities. I’d like to see if they are just like us!"
Mo Ling licked his mouth. What he is actually looking forward to now is that Yue Wang has brought flowers back before his main performance. Presumably, their drama has already begun.
Many people think that Mo Ling is a southerner like Ruoshui, but in fact, he has traveled thousands of miles from Yuan Haoguo to Miao Di. He worships the old man, who is different from Ruoshui and Ruyan Qimu. As soon as he knew what kind of power the old man represented, his father’s name was Mo Heng, but he was an unknown general of Yuan Haoguo. This is the reason why he can be a deputy handsome today.
The reason why he was able to be the deputy commander in chief was that his mother was extraordinary. His mother could be said to have appeared a strange girl. It was not until later that he became sensible and asked hard that she knew that her mother was the daughter of the old crane brother, and the old crane brother was the last winner. After she became famous, she was quickly attacked by the group for her fame. Her mother was the only lucky one at that time.
At last, there are two people left among the disciples of the old deceitful crane. One is a false leader and alive. Which is the new deceitful crane?
Moling knows best that both she and Yaoguang are accidental products. Of course, it is also because of your special status, which is not something that Jianghu people can not abide by. Therefore, no Jianghu people have calculated him. This is Moling’s most indignant. His grandfather became a scapegoat and a sacrificial sacrifice, but Ruyan Qimu did not.
It’s not that the organization is completely hidden, and the Jianghu hates it. The leader selection method is so special.
It’s not a winner’s inheritance, but a loser’s inheritance is a cover-up.
The old man with a false crane accepts disciples just to select the leader. How many disciples of the old man with a false crane in the royal family of Shun State are always immortal?
It is very important for Jianghu people to win Master’s lifelong skill, and it is also a kind of compensation to know that Jianghu people will continue to hunt him down. In this way, these people will be lured away from their hatred of arrogance, and secondly, they will use Jianghu people to deal with their biggest enemy for the arrogant leader.
Mo Ling has been very, very hard since he got to know the old crane transport center. Of course, this trip has also developed his killing hobby and his disgusting character of rain or shine.
The old man around the crane can kill at will, that is to say, does murder mean hatred after all? People who lose are still alive and bear a lot of hatred of the same loser.
If the water is much more refined than the former leader, he knew the rules of jumping from the day he lost, but he didn’t hide his hatred for Ruyan Qimu and showed himself as a narrow-minded but nothing happened.
Although Ruyan Qimu is cynical about Ruoshui, he is not particularly worried about underestimating his enemy, and he also helps them to turn the mistake into a rock snake and give it a new umbrella.
Thinking about the past, Mo Ling inserted the flag in his hand into the capital of Pingguo. "Marshal and minister think that the longer it takes, the more likely it will cause us. You miss the opportunity, now or never!"
"Well, send our army to surround here!" Pei Wang looked at the sand table that was changed by Mo Ling. It seems that he aroused the fighting spirit. He Pei Wang can sign more than just women!
Pei Wang’s middleman in the camp is not the small country in the northeast, but the most powerful fighters, horses and infantry in Yuan Haoguo. After the army left the capital, these cavalry immediately detoured and besieged the city.
Even Cang was the first to discover that something was wrong with Yuan Haoguo’s soldiers, who were secretly surrounded by them, and were not prepared to expose their whereabouts before attacking the city.
Even Cang will notice that this military order did not respond. This military order was sent to the former camp. There are still 10,000 elite soldiers in the former camp. The Qimu escort has not been transferred, and his military order is to mobilize these soldiers to enter here, but it has been three days and there is still no response.
Even Cang quickly told Lian Jian about this matter. He speculated, but he was also a little worried. Is it because these were not listened to by your own soldiers?
Even after thinking about it, there is no need to tell you about it, but you can send someone whose identity is difficult to distinguish now. You haven’t told everyone that this person’s identity has changed.
"I’ll ask Qing to ask you not to tell anyone about this yet. I always feel that we seem to be in trouble."
Lianjia sent Qing, but it didn’t take long for Qing to run back and bring back a Lianjia root who didn’t want to hear the news.
"Empress can’t get out. There are traces of military forces moving around. Our soldiers don’t leave from here."
"Then don’t talk nonsense! Go and tell you! "
Chapter 5 Three-pronged Approach
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Yuan Haoguo’s army besieged Ruyan, and Qi Muqing ordered a soldier who could fight in the city. Now there are only more than 3,700 soldiers in the fire line, and even the integer of 4,000 can’t get together, but fortunately, there is no shortage of arms and food, even if they are besieged for three to five months, they will not be in danger. But whether such soldiers can hold on for three to five months is the most important thing.
Lianjia walked around the city and found many wooden workshops with tools and many gates. It is no problem to leave a gate, so it is much more convenient to defend.
Even the imperial guards were called to fight in the east, west, south and east, and the wooden frames were very strong. Many stone materials were found to reinforce the three doors. Even if it is to be fought in the future, it will take a lot of manpower. The walls of Pingguo Capital are very strong. Even after the three rounds of walking around the walls, it is more reassuring to make sure that the walls are not easy to be destroyed.
Even surrounded, there is a way out.
You Yan Qimu looked at the light. "How does your light skill compare with that of Tian Xuan?"
"Impossible. He is more specialized."
"Can you go out? We need to inform those who are still in the barracks to come and help. "
Shake the light and be confident. It is impossible for anyone to say "no problem!" with him even if there is nothing he can do.
"Then don’t worry, the queen has gone to check the city. Let these Yuanhao people make a scene first, just to see how accomplished our soldiers are in guarding the city!"
You Yan Qimu smiled with a bad heart. He didn’t tell Lian Jian about it.
I told Ruyan Qimu the news of my inspection after Lianjia was processed.
"Does the queen have any good suggestions for guarding the city?"
"There is a blacksmith’s shop in this city, and we have an army blacksmith to make some special weapons to prevent the ladder from attacking the city."
"Then there will be a queen of labor, but this time, isn’t the queen guarding the city going to let Princess Yue follow suit?"
"togeher life! How can you play! "
You Yan Qimu was very determined and said, "This is the city that she will defend when she attacks!"
Even the Iraqis are changing the wound medicine for Yue Wang Xiaoyun came in. "The princess just sent someone to ask you to help the queen do the Yugoslav capital."
"Assist the yugoslav capital? What happened? " Yue Wang’s gentle expression is a ferocious look.
"Report don’t move! It’s okay. It’s just that Yuan Hao’s soldiers are unwilling to retake here. We are now in the camp and we must take good protection here. "
Even the Iraqis were afraid of Yue Wang’s worries, so they didn’t tell Yue Wang the news that they were trapped in the city now. "I can’t eat rice in the military camp, can’t I?" My sister asked me to help her. "
"Then you must do your best. Go quickly, Xiao Yun. You can call Dr. Chi to change the medicine for the king."
"No, let’s go and tell my sister first. I’ll help you change your medicine first."

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