Zhao six stunned looking at this scene, this just came in vain. Where is the earthworm reflexive identity? It is this foot that hits the ground and makes the earth shake endlessly.

Then a crazier scene appeared.
Chapter 13 Monster ()
Another huge foot stretched out from the dark clouds and trampled to death. The ground shook and roared next to the pit.
In the mud, the two men were almost off the ground.
A horrible hand leaned out of the clouds and grabbed the whole dead pit together with the hill like a monster beast.
Hand slowly back to the clouds.
Dull chewing sounded like a muffled thunder.
It was dark, cold, and black blood poured down, and one after another, the ground in front of the military camp was drenched to death, giving off a foul smell.
After a while, the chewing stopped in the clouds, and the black blood gradually disappeared like rain.
Two big feet stepped and walked towards the distance. In a few steps, Gu Qingshan and Zhao Liu walked out of sight.
Zhao six absence way "what is that monster …"
Gu Qingshan’s heart sank to the bottom and murmured, "Even it appeared …"
Zhao six repeated the gibberish "what is that monster … what is that monster …"
Gu Qingshan forgot his heart secretly thinking.
Face giants are rare, demons are chaotic and powerful.
Face giants will not easily be surrounded by demons. Terran positions will be attacked from time to time after a long attack.
According to the memory of past lives, it is the first time in the last years of Chengping. How can a monster like a giant appear just now?
The face giant first appeared one year after the player entered the game.
At that time, the terran and the demon broke out in a big war, and it took a whole year to end. Gu Qingshan remembered this very clearly.
In this year’s final battle, millions of players took the giant and there was no way to let the giant break through the border town.
At that time, players entered the game, but in just one year, the level and repair were very general. The appearance of the giant brought a deep sense of strength to all players.
Finally, the Three Sages and One Xuanyuan Buddha personally shot and killed the demon.
But at that time, the border town had been broken and the Terran had to retreat from the map to make way for a large area of rich land buffer.
The Terran lost in the first battle.
But! But!
It’s the last years of Chengping. The war has just begun. Terrans and demons are still testing each other.
At this time, the giant appeared. It is true and the plot is right?
Unless there is something Gu Qingshan doesn’t know what happened.
Gu Qingshan felt that there was a fog in his heart and he couldn’t see the truth.
Zhao six glassy-eyed still kept repeating the same sentence.
"What is that monster …"
Pa Gu Qingshan Zhao Liu slapped his neck and put him in a coma.
Zhao Liu is so stimulated that she is almost out of her mind. It’s better to have a rest.
The first time I saw such a monster as a giant, even many players were deeply shocked, not to mention that this is a real world. Zhao Liu is an ordinary person, and it is possible that he suddenly ran into this monster and went crazy.
Gu Qingshan threw Zhao Liu into the barracks and turned to the door of the barracks.
Since the face giant appears, there may be other arms to cooperate with it.
Less than a quarter of an hour later, the magic army appeared.
The first-born snake with a one-horned dark fire shuttled through the jungle and wound its way to its predecessor, leaving a trail of flame burning on the ground.
On its back sat a humanoid monster in gray heavy armor, with claws on his hands and feet, and his face without his facial features, with a bloody mouth that split back until the back of his head.
Crazy about killing The Hunger.
If we let it penetrate the Terran army, it will cause a small massacre.
With the appearance of the first snake, more snakes followed, and each snake sat drinking The Hunger on its back.
One, two, three … Twenty heads in all.
Gu Qingshan held her breath and silently counted in the barracks.
The magic army quickly passed in front of the barracks and disappeared into the jungle in the direction of chasing the giant.
It is fortunate that the barracks were not discovered during the whole process.
But Gu Qingshan was never happy.
The evil snake of the hidden fire is the assassination of the king in the monster beast, and it is extremely difficult to deal with because of its five elements of fire.
Not to mention how horrible it is to drive it and drink The Hunger.
The general guarding the camp in this military camp is in the hands of The Hunger.
There is an unwritten rule in the army that soldiers can give up immediately without being punished by Feng if they encounter a drink in the process of completion.
Only generals can fight against this devil.
Twenty snakes with dark fire and twenty snakes drinking The Hunger can almost launch a surprise attack.
They followed the footsteps of the giant and quietly left.
This is going to happen.
Gu Qingshan was thinking about suddenly seeing a small bird parked outside the military camp.

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