During these three days, five astronauts will be on the ground to assist in the final testing and debugging of the spacecraft. After all, the spacecraft is still in earth orbit, and if there is an accident, it can be repaired by launching a rocket. If there is another accident when you step into the vast space, there is really no way.

Tang Wang introduced to Zhao Huasheng that "the spacecraft uses conventional engines and off-engine power sources" and "the spacecraft uses conventional engines when it needs to accelerate and decelerate for a short time to adjust its orbit and attitude, and it takes off-engine when it flies to the sun without too much orbit adjustment".
The high-temperature gas produced by the combustion of chemical fuel in conventional engines is the power source for backward injection. It is powerful and can exert great power on the spacecraft in a short time, but it consumes a lot of fuel, which is different from leaving the engine. It first separates the propellant, then picks up the strong field to accelerate and let them eject from the rear to obtain the driving force.
The acceleration from the engine is also obtained by reverse thrust, but its efficiency for working fluid is fifteen times higher than that of the conventional engine, which means that the spacecraft can save a lot of fuel. With the same fuel, it can push the spacecraft farther away from the engine, and the speed will be faster if it is long enough.
But there is a fatal disadvantage from the engine, that is, the thrust is too small, just like the red heart spacecraft is equipped from the engine. In the case of power work, it can only increase the speed of the spacecraft by 0.5 cm per second, but every little makes a mickle, and the spacecraft can accelerate more than 400 meters per second. Compared with the engine, it is still an efficient propulsion method.
Zhao Huasheng knows all these things. After hearing Tang Wang’s words, Zhao Huasheng nodded his head.
"During the space flight, the spacecraft will be accelerated by the gravity of Venus. After more than two months of flight, it will enter an orbit 30 million kilometers away from the surface of the sun, and then collect solar data in detail when it orbits the sun for two to four months to determine what is going on in the anti-fusion layer."
The planet closest to the sun is mercury, but even though the distance between mercury and the sun is nearly 60 million kilometers, the distance between the red heart and the red heart is 30 million kilometers, which is almost half that of mercury.
"Actually, personally, I don’t have much confidence in changing the sun by relying on our human scientific and technological strength," Tang Wang said faintly. "I hope that the data received by the Red Heart spacecraft will be launched soon, but you can solve some clues and inspirations."
Zhao Huasheng nodded silently.
"No one said these words, but I know that all insiders, including the Fuehrer, think so. We did make a breakthrough during this period, but the more we know, the more desperate we are." Tang Wang’s hand trembled slightly. "That’s the anti-fusion layer that wraps the whole sun … how can we humans have the power to break them?"
"I’m sorry I was a little rude," Tang Wang said. "What are you going to do next?"
"I’m going to the equatorial city," Zhao Huasheng said. "I have some vague ideas at the moment. Believe me, I will soon find out what this is all about."
"Very good, very good" Tang Wang nodded. "Aren’t you going to Life City? There is still order and stability in Equator, and now there is some confusion. "
"No, let’s go to Equator City first," said Zhao Huasheng.
"Well, I wish you a pleasant journey." Tang Wang patted Zhao Huasheng on the shoulder.
"I also wish the latosolic red heart a smooth journey. Goodbye."
After leaving the launch base, Zhao Huasheng took a plane to Equator City. During the journey all the way south, Zhao Huasheng saw that the surface of the earth gradually changed from pale and yellow to other colors and green appeared on the surface.
After all, it’s tropical here, even if the solar radiation level drops by 15%, it’s still warm here, but how long it will last is unknown.
In addition to the natural landscape, Zhao Hua also saw many man-made objects, including long queues of heavy trucks, each of which means less than 50 tons of materials. Just glancing at it from high school, Zhao Huasheng saw that there were thousands of trucks there, which was just a road in a small area. In other places, Zhao Huasheng didn’t know how many trucks were transporting goods to Equator City.
Zhao Hua also saw a railway on which a train with a length of more than 1,000 meters roared by almost every three minutes. The train was full of coal, oil, salt, grain, cement, steel and other materials, and there were also a large number of trains passing by in its opposite lane, but those trains were swinging without loading goods.
It is an astronomical figure to transport goods to Equator every day by this railway alone, and according to Meng Zhuo, the number of railways leading to Equator has reached more than 300 at the moment, which is only freight railways, and passenger passages are not counted.
On the sea, there are countless cargo ships. Most of those cargo ships have a flat and wide class A and class B, which are densely packed together. The number of giant ships is distributed on the sea surface. From a high point of view, almost the whole sea surface will be covered, except for roads and railway ships. It is also busy in the sky.
The helicopter is hundreds of meters high, and in its tens of thousands of meters high, there are jets shuttling all the time. Even Zhao Huasheng can hear the roar of the huge engine while riding in the helicopter.
Before he came to Equator City, Zhao Huasheng felt the busy breath coming from his face. The huge execution of human language is revealed here, which is more than huge enough to make people feel awe.
Zhao Huasheng knows that at least tens of millions of people are busy in this front, such as train drivers, bus drivers, sailors, airplane pilots, cargo dispatchers and stevedores at docks and airports. These people together form a lifeline to continuously transport huge amounts of blood from all over the world to Equatorial City so that people in Equatorial City can live.
According to statistics, recently, all kinds of materials transported to Equator City every day have reached 1.57 billion tons, which does not include 40 million square kilometers of land in Equator City, said Meng Zhuo. In order to expand the transportation route, they even dismantled the railway tracks laid in other places and installed them here. They even transformed the river cargo ships and put them into ocean transportation. Almost all trucks in the world were recruited and controlled by the government, and the wealth scattered around the world was created before the earth was frozen.
Zhao Huasheng nodded and still didn’t speak. The helicopter moved on.
The closer we get to Equator City, the more busy the atmosphere becomes. Zhao Huasheng has seen the emergence of almost a few pieces of construction sites, the continuous cultivation of grain greenhouses and the busy and crowded people flow.
"In order to speed up the construction progress, we have adopted a modular construction method. A large number of building materials will be produced when they leave the factory. After they are delivered to the construction site, they need simple processing and then put them up like building blocks. Workers can work around the clock to build a 50-story building. It takes half a month and sometimes a 5000-story building can be guaranteed. Of course, comfort can’t be discussed. It’s good to live in this last world. The government has no energy and resources to consider comfort."
"The monetary system has been converted into contribution points according to a very low proportion before the reform. A worker can get about 30 contribution points a day. These contribution points can maintain the minimum living security of five people and there are rationing restrictions, that is, everyone can buy limited materials every day. Even if a person has a large number of contribution points, he can buy too many materials."
"The entertainment and leisure industries are strictly restricted, luxury is prohibited from producing alcoholic beverages, and production is restricted …"
Meng Zhuo constantly low to Zhao Huasheng explained the equatorial city situation at the moment Zhao Huasheng listened quietly.
The helicopter finally crossed the high-rise buildings and busy construction sites and finally landed in a relatively clean and wide block.
"This is area 337, Area C, Equatorial City. You will live here temporarily. If you have any other requirements, I can always meet you," said Meng Zhuo.
Chapter 32 A bag of potato chips
Zhao Huasheng lived in this place arranged by Mengzhuo. Although the living environment here is much worse than that in the capital city before, for example, there is no convenience supermarket, no shopping mall, no cheap, delicious, convenient restaurant and no entertainment place, Zhao Huasheng is still very satisfied with his present life. Zhao Huasheng is not a picky person.
Especially after knowing the living conditions of people in other parts of Equator City through news programs, Zhao Huasheng felt a little guilty about his living environment at the moment.
People in equatorial city usually live in crowded places, where food is limited and there should be no entertainment. During the day, it is hard work and at night, but it is the best condition for human society, so it is better to live than to freeze to death.
Zhao Huasheng has been keeping close contact with all departments of the Sun Crisis Coordination and Processing Center, and the latest findings will be presented to Zhao Huasheng for the first time, but there is still no breakthrough in Zhao Hua.
There has been a vague idea in Zhao Huasheng’s mind, but this idea still lacks some key evidence, which leads to Zhao Hua’s method to effectively connect them together. To solve the puzzle left by Director Li Qi, it is not necessary to pat the head and come up with an idea, but you must have evidence, otherwise the idea will be meaningless and worthless.
For example, Zhao Huasheng can imagine that "the sun is living things", but what about the evidence? What kind of changes can this idea bring to mankind without evidence?
Zhao Huasheng has been perfecting his ideas and trying to connect the existing evidence in series, but some key parts are still missing, which leads to the end of Zhao Hua’s life.
It’s getting colder and colder, although this is area C, although this is the area closest to the equator-Zhao Huasheng needs to wear a coat when he goes out during the day.
Zhao Huasheng has a faint feeling of uneasiness in his heart. This feeling does not come from news reports about how many people have died somewhere, nor does it come from worrying about the fate of human beings. This kind of uneasiness comes from real life. Even if he walks in this area, it is still very quiet. Zhao Huasheng seems to feel the smell of gunpowder from the air. It seems that a powder keg is filled with gunpowder and the fuse has burned. This powder keg may detonate at any time.
At this moment, it has been four months since the outbreak of the solar crisis and two months since the launch of the Red Heart spacecraft. According to the latest report of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhao Huasheng knows that the Red Heart spacecraft has crossed the orbit of Venus and approached the orbit of Mercury. During this period, Zhao Huasheng has been paying attention to the movement of the Red Heart spacecraft every day. It turns out that the spacecraft made by human beings is quite reliable. During this period, except for some minor faults that can be manually eliminated, there has been no accident.
Today is still an ordinary day. Zhao Huasheng remembered that he hadn’t gone out to see the city since he came to Equator, so he temporarily put his hand in those materials and walked out of here with Meng Zhuo. Li Wei didn’t follow because of his slightly uncomfortable body.
Even if the weather is cold, the street is still bustling with people, but this is not the same as going to the capital city. The people in the capital city are full of laughter and relaxation. There are colorful neon lights on both sides of the street, shops everywhere, people wearing fashion and smiling. Although there are as many pedestrians here, it seems to be covered with a layer of depressed color.
Zhao Huasheng felt heavy and numb from here.
The sky is gray, the streets are gray on both sides, there are no flashing neon, there are no shops, and even the clothes in this long street are brightly colored, and some people don’t have them. People are all dressed in dark colors and heavy clothes, and they don’t smile at all.
Hard work and depressed life have deprived them of their ability to laugh.

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