After saying his word, a neat and rapid gun came to his back, and suddenly a row of flashing flames flashed almost in a line. The tail fins were stable and the armor-piercing bullets were shaved, flying over his head and shooting at the aggressive Japanese armored forces! Before he could react, he saw three 9-type main battle tanks and an armored vehicle body fragments flying around the turret with a fire flying high and completely finished! The ground vibration cannon rumbled a whole regiment of armored troops, and several rows of tanks were rolled like iron walls. The first fire bombs rained down on the armored vehicles in Japan, one after another, and they were shot and caught fire and broke on the spot!

"Want to run? It’s not that easy! " This is the 16th Regiment Armored Forces. The 16th Regiment has devoted its main force to street fighting, but there are still two regiments left outside the city, and now it’s time to send a party.
Seeing dozens of tanks rolling in, Japanese soldiers can’t help but look desperate. Now they don’t have many tanks, not even many shells left. What can they use to fight an elite armored regiment? And look at the posture of the 16 th regiment. How can it not make people despair if they don’t kill them all? Chestnut forest will hiss howl "assault! Tear their defense! " In his piercing howl, the joystick of the last few Type 9 main battle tanks was pushed to the end and brazenly rushed to the 12 mm high-pressure musket. The Chinese tanks also collided fiercely and the 125 mm high-pressure musket fired tungsten steel armor-piercing bullets and copper armor-piercing bullets at a very high initial speed to spread death.
Japanese armored vehicles and off-road jeeps also rushed away. These two kinds of vehicles, machine guns and heavy machine guns, can wipe off a little dust for Chinese tanks, but they can launch anti-tank missiles to Chinese tanks. Before a fatal blow, Japanese soldiers have to bet their lives! 125mm high-pressure muskets and 13mm assault guns take turns to fire the oncoming vehicles and make them burn like matchboxes. Even people with cars can knock off a car with one shot, and two moths rush to kill it like a flame. Within five minutes, the fire line is full of burning vehicle wreckage and broken bodies. The wounded soldiers are screaming in the fire wreckage with blood all over them, and the people behind them turn a blind eye to them and rush forward to kill them, killing bloody pieces!
Liu Zhe frowned and said, "Let the troops leave the city."
The first regiment commander startled "out of the city? What? "
The commander of the 16th Regiment said, "We have already had several regiments break into the fortifications, and we can completely wipe out the enemy in the city in 40 hours at most. Isn’t it a waste to give the enemy a breathing space to retreat now?"
LiuZhe sneer at "breathing machine? Do they still have a chance to breathe? Let the troops withdraw from the city! "
The two captains, Nai, successively reached the order to retreat. The troops were not very dismayed, but they still carried out the order truthfully. They took the wounded and martyrs’ bodies in alternate bunkers and withdrew from the city. They threw a piece of corpse mountain and bloody sea purgatory back to the Japanese people. They were so frightened that they didn’t even bother to guess if the Chinese army had any conspiracy. They gasped and didn’t have the strength to move. But at this time, the 46 mm naval gun on the offshore platform roared like the sky were to fall. A shell fell from the sky and pierced the thick concrete isolation layer and the mud fortifications. A dull explosion-
You can’t see the roaring flames and blaster shrapnel, but everyone feels a terrorist force spreading and penetrating their bodies, penetrating the bunker, bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets and concrete to build a bunker, which is useless in front of it! I don’t know how many Japanese soldiers and civilians opened their mouths slightly, and their lives stopped at this moment. Blood poured out from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth and fell flat.
Then there was a shock, shivering in hiding 500 meters away. The Japanese soldiers and civilians heard their eardrums and dirty cracks, and they were bleeding. Every 500 meters, they hit a shell and shelled the past 500 meters. Soon, the worm in Sendai fell into a dead silence, from ground to ground, except for the dead body. There was no sound, and it was so quiet that people were scared.
When the 46 mm naval gun stopped roaring, Lieutenant General Li Lin’s life was coming to an end, and several breakthroughs were made by the Chinese army’s heavy tanks and armored vehicles. The few soldiers left were all lost, and even others were shot in the blood. Even so, this man was fierce. Even so, he was still screaming in response to the fact that others were getting less and less, but a ray of morning light came through the horizon. He saw that the whole battlefield was soaked with blood to his ankles, and thousands of soldiers were lying on the ground and turned into piles of bodies, and he could still be with dozens of special people around him. The kind of soldiers are still fighting to the death, but in the face of the iron wall, the tanks are pushed over. These special forces with strong individual combat ability are also capable of being blown up by high-pressure muskets or broken by machine guns. A dozen Chinese soldiers are approaching him with bayonets, probably recognizing that he is a senior general. They have no guns to catch alive, but they can still stop a guard in front of him.
Lieutenant General Li Lin smirked and picked up an automatic rifle covered with plasma. He unloaded a slightly bent multi-way bayonet and pulled the general out of his chest. He held the handle in his hands and aimed it at his heart. The bayonet went into his chest and out of his chest. The handle sank into his chest, revealing a bloody tip from his back. Blood gushed out along the blood trough. He shook a Chinese soldier and fell in amazement.
The left arm was broken by a machine gun, and the guards lay down on the general’s body and cried bitterly. They pulled out the general’s gun and pointed it at their temples, and pulled the trigger. One shot went off, and their brains splashed and they cried abruptly.
The war in Sendai came to an end, and the whole Sendai became a city of death. Except for a few civilians who surrendered as soon as possible, more than one million soldiers and civilians in Sendai were almost destroyed. Liu Zhe looked at the old man in front of him for a long time, silent and calm, but this calm was more frightening than the devil’s roar.
The old man looked at his body trembling and didn’t know whether he was angry or afraid of two people playing charades. He seemed to stare at Shaolin Batman without saying a word and looked a little discouraged. He muttered in his heart, "Are you kidding me? I managed to catch this old bastard and slap him in the face. What’s the point of cross-eyed competition like this!"
Harlem gently pulled one of his novels, "This is politics. Leave it alone."
Shaolin Xiaobing said, "I hate politics!"
Liu Zhe finally spoke coldly with a hint of undisguised disgust and contempt, "Emperor?"
The old man said, "It’s a general!" Yang Ba to Shaolin Xiaobing "Reward him. This excellent hunting dog has caught the spiritual leader of Japan for you, which is even greater than the blow to Japan when you destroy ten divisions of Japan!"
Shaolin Batman a listen to somebody else scold him as a dog, he hasn’t cheep ha ling DengYuan eyes caught the emperor collar slap fan in the past "what did you say? Say it again! "
This slap in the face is not light, but the emperor’s eyes are getting more and more arrogant and stubborn. "Am I wrong? Not only him, you, you, you and you, you are all Beijing dogs! Obey their orders, come to our country, kill crazily, and forget the minimum moral standards. What is not a dog? ?”
Halling flew into a rage. "Believe it or not, I will beat your teeth back with one hand!"
Liu Zhe waved his hand and said, "Ha Ling let him go."
Harlem hates to retreat.
Liu Zhe looked at the Emperor with his hands on his back and his head tilted slightly. He said, "If we are hunting dogs, you will be chased by us. Are the homeless dogs more pitiful than us?"
The emperor’s face flashed a trace of green gas and he didn’t speak.
Liu Zhe went on to say, "In terms of moral standards …" Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed the emperor’s collar. In his eyes, he burst into thunder and glared at the emperor and said, "Do you deserve to talk to us about moral standards? Look at the mass graves in Shanxi Province, Hebei Province, look at the bloody evidence in the array Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, look at the heads and dirty marks in the array room of 731 troops, and then touch your conscience and ask yourself if you deserve to talk to us about moral standards! ?”
A tidal wave of intense violence to the limit of murderous look almost overwhelmed the emperor. Liu Zhe stared at Liu Zhe in horror. His eyes were like a black hole. The most humiliating time from the Sino-Japanese War to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War seemed to be concentrated in the black hole of tens of millions of murders. Crying and screaming, a pair of bloody hands stretched out to drag him into ten layers of hell and tear him to pieces! His pride was shattered, and fear seized his mind, saying, "This is all in the past …"
"The past?" Liu Zhe sneered and pushed him back several steps, and his eyes almost burst into flames. "No, it’s not over yet!" He took a deep breath to reveal his memory. "On July 7, 1993, my grandfather came home from work and met a small shareholder, Ying soldier, who abused women in the village. He was angry and hoed and killed four Japanese soldiers."
It is impossible for the emperor to know how he is in the mood to take care of such a small thing as blinking his eyes. However, it is a small thing for him, but it is a catastrophe for China and less for that village.
"My grandfather killed so many Japanese soldiers, and he knew that he had made a big disaster. He packed his things overnight and wanted to escape. Who knew that when he went out, he saw clusters of torches surrounding his home. The people, men, women and children all came and surrounded him, saying that he could not leave because he had killed Japanese soldiers. If he left your army to retaliate and could not find anyone, he would kill all the villagers. They tied my grandfather, my grandmother and my father up and put them in the woodshed … It was a surprise for those villagers. Dozens of Qing Zhuang, shivering in front of the soldiers, watched as just four Japanese villagers smashed, robbed and burned, and even insulted women. They dared not say anything, but they were much taller than your soldiers, and they were as fierce as wolves in front of my grandfather, who almost broke my grandfather’s leg! At that time, my grandfather was desperate, and the family was lying in the woodshed waiting for you to go to the village to be important. "
Everyone in the whole headquarters clenched their fists in the war of resistance. What did it take for a whole year to finally make a price for the Soviet Union to send troops to the Northeast in order to force the Japanese army to surrender and end the war? On the one hand, soldiers are inferior to people; on the other hand, national strength is inferior to people; but it is also an important reason that the people are numb, cowardly and self-interested. Finland has a population of 4 million, and men who can handle guns against the Soviet Union with 4 million troops have gone to the front line. Even women have taken action spontaneously. The front-line troops have helped dig trenches, and the Soviet Union has paid a painful price. Hundreds of thousands of Soviet troops in Finland have turned into stiff corpses in the ice and snow, which has pushed the Soviet Union back to the negotiating table and saved their country at a small cost. However, China has a population of 450 million, and China has no more than 1 million troops against China at most, but the whole battlefield is one-sided! I don’t know how many famous anti-Japanese war stars and warriors died and traitors shot at many generals. They said angrily that this battle could not be fought, and traitors were everywhere! Those who desperately bleed their compatriots to please the invaders scum hate the numbness and cowardice of the people, but they also make people want to cry. Just a few Japanese ronin with the rising sun flag can occupy a town, a few gendarmes can manage a county with a population of nearly 100,000, and a few Japanese soldiers can kill a village of 100 people. Few people resist! If you are willing to resist, the horses will be stopped. They are afraid of those who dare to resist more than those who are afraid of the invaders!Maybe they really think of themselves as people who know how to cut trees and plants, and they think it’s a matter of course. Anyone who wants to resist them will think that this person must be crazy, and they will bring disaster. It’s no wonder that the Japanese army can slaughter more than 30 million Chinese in the Anti-Japanese War!
"It’s almost dawn. My grandfather said to my grandmother,’ Ghosts will not let us go. If they hand us over to ghosts, we can’t die if we want to. Let’s bite our tongues and kill ourselves.’ My grandmother cried and agreed. Fortunately, at this moment, a usually annoying villain came in from the dog hole, cut off a sickle and bound my grandfather. They put some big cakes in my grandmother’s hand and asked my grandfather to take his family to a terrible place where he was not afraid of the East. No one would stop him from playing ghosts!"
The latter thing is simple. Grandpa Liu Zhe fled the village with his family in running all the way at night and went to the guerrilla zone to join the guerrillas. The villager who let their family loose was handed over to the Japanese army as the murderer who killed the Japanese soldiers and was torn alive by the German shepherd.
"When I was a child, my father often told me this story. Every time I listened to it, I found it hard to understand why those villagers not only didn’t help play ghosts, but also gave my grandfather to ghosts!" Liu Zhe stared at the emperor with a burning anger. "When I grew up, I visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall and the site of the headquarters of the 731 unit in the mass grave. I finally understood that they were afraid of you and you, a group of bloodthirsty murderers for fun! They are more afraid of you than of death! I swore in my heart that I would return this fear to you with interest in my lifetime! They killed 30 million of us, rooted their fears in the bone marrow of the remaining 40 million people, and tried to destroy their courage to resist. Then I will return 60 million bodies to you, and 60 million Japanese serum will wash away their fears in their souls! "
The emperor took a step back with horror.
Liu Zhe didn’t press the past word to say, "The Anti-Japanese War is not over yet. Although it has been 40 years since Tokyo was destroyed and you became a prisoner, this war is still not over. Now tell me where that son of a bitch in Gao Qiao has escaped?"
The emperor’s teeth are fighting. "Hugh … no way!"
LiuZhe sneer at "refused to say? It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me, I’ll kill one city after another and kill everyone in each city, and one day I’ll kill that bastard. "
The emperor’s face is arrogant and arrogant. "You are anti-human! You butcher! "
Liu Zhe said, "I didn’t take you as people to talk about anti-humanity?" He waved, "Harlem took him to call a plane to take him to Beijing."
The emperor said, "You … You kill me. I’d rather die than be insulted like this!"
LiuZhe cold smile again "live or die, it’s not what you say, it’s what I say! If the chief hadn’t spoken, I would have let the German shepherd tear you alive and let you taste the pain of our benefactor before he died! But since the chief wants to see you, I naturally have to do it. You are lucky. When you get to Beijing, remember to say sorry to those veterans and ordinary people who have experienced the Anti-Japanese War. Be sincere. You owe us! "
The emperor was shaking, pointing to Liu Zhe’s hands shaking and speechless. Harlem said impatiently, "Let’s go, you, you, you, you haven’t farted for a long time. It’s better to leave some strength to tell our chief!" Grabbing the emperor’s hair with one hand and dragging it out directly is like dragging a dead dog. The emperor’s tears are soaring and struggling desperately, but it doesn’t help. The grief and humiliation in his heart can be imagined.
Outside, the reporters stationed in the army rushed to press the shutter, and the magnesium kept flashing. It didn’t take long for the most embarrassing and pitiful photos of the Emperor to be published in the headlines of more than 300 newspapers and spread to the world, causing an uproar. Liu Zhe even made a million copies of a single plane to be scattered in the city that still resisted, so that the Japanese soldiers and civilians there could enjoy the "heroic" of the Emperor. I don’t know how many Japanese people were so angry that their hair stood up and swore that the Chinese army was bitter. More people had a kind of sympathy for the Emperor … It turned out to be packaged.
The image of the emperor was shattered by Liu Zhe’s most brutal way, and the spiritual beacon of the Japanese people swung to Sendai. After a short break, Liu Zhe sent his troops to land and killed one city after another. He attacked in a flurry and turned into ruins. Prime Minister Gao Qiao fled like a lost dog in his own country, and Liu Zhe chased him wherever he fled, like a maggot attached to his bones. There was no need to describe in detail the war on the four islands of Japan, but it was monotonous and bloody. The war in Okinawa was extremely fierce. This direction was beyond Liu Zhe’s expectation.
Okinawa, with an area of more than 1,200 square kilometers, is the largest island except Tusi Island and Four Northern Islands in Japan. It has an odd shape, and the northern part is like a capital letter, while the southern part is like a capital letter "W". Its geographical position is extremely important, just like an unsinkable aircraft carrier, which is stuck in several major routes in Japan. It can be said that taking Okinawa is equivalent to strangling it whenever it wants. The ancient Okinawa belongs to the sulfur ball people, who have established several countries here and paid tribute to the DPRK. In the Qing Dynasty, the population of sulfur balls increased greatly, and the economy also developed greatly. However, in the era of Emperor Zhi, the Japanese invaded and renamed the sulfur balls Okinawa. Since then, the sulfur ball islands have become a barrier to the Japanese sea, and the sulfur ball culture has disappeared. In the late World War II, Citigroup in Okinawa mobilized hundreds of warships and nearly 200,000 troops, and the Japanese army exhibited bloody battles for several months. Finally, nearly 70,000 people were killed and wounded at a heavy price. Okinawa was captured, and the Japanese eagle had to crawl its throat and claws. Until several decades later, the double-headed eagle
The strategic position of Okinawa is so important that it is naturally impossible for Liu Zhe to let him go. He has ordered the Marine Corps and the 15th Army to seize Okinawa for half a month and take back what belongs to the Republic.
It’s not easy to get Okinawa back. The two-headed eagle has painstakingly worked for decades and turned it into a terrible military fortress. It’s not glorious and has the means to get Okinawa back. After that, the Japanese army has built a large-scale project to completely fortify Okinawa. All the defense lines have been set up, and the caves around Chongyue Mountain have been reinforced with several layers of concrete and cleverly disguised as military satellite roots. You can’t see what fortifications there are. The commanding heights of Okinawa, Anbo Chashan, have no artificial traces, but more than a dozen Mense guns have been dug to change it. It has become a hornet’s nest, which can directly hit the heavy artillery shells on the distant beach and turn the beachhead into a sea of fire. However, Yijiang Island has no way to smash this tortoise shell in a tunnel with a depth of 20 to 30 meters. Two teams of Japanese soldiers hide in the ground and eat fresh water fuel. A large number of heavy artillery and anti-ship missiles can be removed at any time, and their camouflage will be removed. Prime Minister Gao Qiao naturally knows the importance of Okinawa, and the garrison on Okinawa has been strengthened many times before the war. By the time of the war, there were as many as 70,000 people in Okinawa. Hundreds of tanks and thousands of caliber guns and a large number of anti-ship missiles. Lieutenant General Kogasawara, commander of the Okinawa theater, is an admirer of Lieutenant General Li Linzhong. He knows very well that it is impossible to stop the Chinese army from the beach. The only way is to let the Chinese army land and lure them out of the effective range of the naval guns, and then they will fight hand to hand, so that the advantages of the Chinese army can be brought into play and the Chinese army can be effectively killed. He ordered the Okinawa group to be completely transformed and even the kitchen moved to the ground.
This is a hard nut to chew.
Due to the slow movement of the Huajunhai platform and the long journey from Tokyo Bay to Okinawa, General Kogasawara was well prepared and gave the soldiers a two-day holiday, which was the last time for the Okinawa garrison to enjoy the holiday. For most of them, they would be able to spend their holidays in hell once they had a holiday.
The Chinese national army has never come to bomb, but their pioneer railguns have become a nightmare for Okinawa defenders. The horrible scene of huge fireballs falling from the atmosphere made everyone shudder. Seven rounds of shells hit Naha, which has become a ruin. Residents of Naha island were terrified and ignored the defenders’ efforts to escape from Okinawa in all boats they could find. At that time, the sea was sailing like clouds and shipwrecks occurred frequently. I don’t know how many people died in the sea, not to mention civilians. Even the defenders hiding in permanent fortifications suffered heavy losses, waiting for the Chinese army. During the attack, the fortifications collapsed in many places, and nearly 4,000 soldiers were buried alive in the earth. The heavy casualties made the defenders extremely angry, but the shells came from thousands of miles away. Why don’t you take a bite of the rail gun? This situation that the defenders can’t fight back just by being beaten makes their morale feel timid and inevitably affected. They are looking forward to the arrival of the Chinese army and ending it early.
The Chinese army didn’t let them down. Two divisions of the Marine Corps, another brigade, the 14th and 45th descending divisions of the 15th descending army, and the second middle assault division recently transferred from China took a platform and dozens of freighters to form a huge fleet to attack Okinawa. On the night when Sendai was destroyed, the defenders of Okinawa finally saw this fleet and saw a wave after wave of cruise missiles that stuck to the sea.
Lieutenant General Kogasawara looked at the sea through binoculars, stared at the black spots that swept from the sea at the junction of the sea and the sky, muttered "Finally!" and waved everyone into the thick steel gate of the tunnel, isolated from the outside world.
"Finally arrived ……" Major General Liu Yunrui watched the sea uplift with a telescope. The shallow and light blue platform was relieved. Everything was fine, but the speed was too slow. I was afraid that the defenders were all anxious, right? No, you must find a way to improve it when you go back! He said, "All bomber departments should say hello to Shimabo pig before entering the site after taking off ballistic missiles!"
Air billow, a sea platform, roars, flies, wolves, two-seater long-range fighter-bombers, three in a group, one in a row and one in a row. Without seeing it with your own eyes, it is absolutely impossible for you to imagine that the takeoff speed of the ship can be so fast! Thunder bombers and Guns Six took off from Shandong, and heavy bombs appeared in the sky, which greatly slowed them down, but they came anyway.
Thunder came from the mountains in Shandong and Jiangsu in the sky. df3 medium-range ballistic missile finally reached the end of the journey after a long journey. One warhead left the body and threw a whoop. It spun and plunged into the atmosphere at a speed of thousands of meters per second. Such fierce friction made the whole body turn into a purple fireball in a few seconds, and it rolled with devastating power and hit the ground hard! The island echoed from afar. Yijiang Island suffered the first disaster, and the first warhead hit it. The dazzling light and hot rock fragments rushed to the clouds, but it was not expected that the big bang bomb would pierce the ground like a small knife cutting butter and go straight through the core of the fortifications-this is a penetrating warhead! With its extremely high initial velocity, the warhead penetrated through the earth, rock and concrete isolation layer with a thickness of several tens of meters. A dull roar shook people’s feet from the ground. No one knows what kind of explosion happened to this warhead at a depth of 30 to 40 meters, but it can be seen with the naked eye that a complete storm circle hit the center of the point and the sand and gravel with a diameter of 100 meters were completely blown away. Then the second warhead hit a hill with a height of several tens of meters. A big hole with a depth of several tens of meters emerged from the top of the mountain, and a large mass of gravel and concrete fragments were violently shaken out to reveal a well-disguised tunnel entrance.
Okinawa also ushered in a horrible meteor shower. The warhead flew down with horror, and the residual sand and gravel and the flowing fire tore the ground into the sky. Okinawa was dug up in a blink of an eye! Many Japanese soldiers feel that the earth is shaking like crazy. They are just like soybean roots in a sieve. Some people are shocked to fly straight out with their feet off the ground, or they are smashed into a ball of patties by rocks and concrete like rain. It is not so credible to face ballistic missiles rolling down from the atmosphere. Of course, it is very difficult to destroy this kind of permanent fortifications. The impact of ballistic missiles is more psychological. After this round of ballistic missile baptism, the Japanese army was secretly frightened and frustrated. This is not to mention that the Chinese army connected Okinawa’s north and south Ishikawa Isthmus and smashed three shock waves in a row. Although the mushroom cloud Ran Ran rose, it did not cause many casualties, but this narrow isthmus was cut off.
Boom! Boom!
The sea was thunderous and thunderous, and 46 mm heavy artillery shells flew out in pairs to Chongyue Mountain and Anbo Chashan. The actual action told the Japanese defenders that they were as busy as a bee during this period, but the Chinese army was not idle! The Chinese army still has a certain understanding of the Japanese army’s defense situation in Okinawa, so the first wave of attacks came very fiercely, and precision ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, heavy earth-penetrating bombs and even shock waves took turns to destroy the Japanese army’s strategic fortifications at any cost. Naha Port, a key place in Okinawa, was blown into a sea of fire. After a round of fierce bombing, dozens of transport planes covered the sky, and the 15 th army came to the scene.
The 15th troop drop played an important role in the landing battle. One troop drop was responsible for capturing the mutual horn of Okinawa Island and destroying the heavy artillery of Yijiang Island. The other three squadrons respectively plunged into the Japanese defense like nails to cover the landing of the Marines. Their supplies were taken care of by the Second Commando Division. It’s not hard to imagine how heavy these soldiers’ shoulders were when they touched the ground from their toes. But paratroopers were born to be surrounded, weren’t they?
In order to ensure the smooth landing of Yijiang Island, Major General Liu Yunrui commanded Neptune platform to launch several thermobaric bombs continuously to the landing site. The power of launching thermobaric bombs with 46 mm naval guns can be imagined. The majestic high temperature air billow wiped out the vegetation of Yijiang Island, and the ants dropped their soldiers. They manipulated the paragliders to fly to the heat wave and churned the landing site flexibly and nimbly. Except for the star anti-aircraft gun fire, their paragliders made several holes, and they were never stopped more forcefully. The Japanese defense force was destroyed by those thermobaric bombs. The first day was opened to the soldiers. The paratroopers landed very smoothly to eliminate the remnants of the enemy pterosaur turboprop fighters and large armed helicopters hovering above their heads. Once they found the target, they didn’t even say much. They fired a few tracer incendiary bombs and pointed at the target. The low-killer horse pounced on anti-tank missiles and simple navigation rockets to name the remnants of the fortifications. The paratroopers and army aviation soldiers joined hands to strangle Yijiang Island, and the Japanese army was unable to lift its head. Soon several commanding heights fell to the 15th army, and Yijiang Island gained a firm foothold.
Okinawa’s descent was not so smooth. At the beginning of the descent, the heavy Yueshan and Anbo Chashan were very quiet. It seemed that the face of the transport plane was covered with umbrellas. However, after the main fleet came into the scene, it suddenly alerted that a large number of anti-missile missiles had sprung up and rushed to the transport plane group. Several transport planes were shot and exploded, and the body fragments and paratroopers’ broken limbs were flying all over the sky. The teacher’s eyes were red and he shouted, "My soldiers!"
These anti-missile missiles were a prelude, and then many anti-aircraft guns came out, spewing poisonous flames at the sky, and several chains of fire crisscrossed and rolled across the blue sky, and clouds of blood and fog were constantly blown up, and the parachute fragments fell like snowflakes, which were pieces of blood and rain. These two strategic points became hedgehogs covered in thorns, and they floated to it one after another, and the umbrella flowers were broken and withered in the roar of anti-aircraft guns …
In the face of unusually dense fire resistance, paratroopers had to operate parachutes. From the center of the metal storm, a few paratroopers were lucky enough to penetrate the layers of fire nets and successfully landed on Chongyue Mountain, and then they came out of the ground. The Japanese military exhibition was brutally scuffled, and the paratroopers who landed on the mountain were also firmly nailed with mortar fire and small-caliber naval gun fire from the mountain. The operation failed.
Neptune’s sea platform was furious, and 46 mm naval guns kept roaring. The Yueshan Mountain and Anbo Chashan Mountain exploded with mushroom clouds the size of basketball courts, and the rocks were all smashed. Forty shells were fired in a row, and the barrels were all red. These two commanding heights have been beaten into a hornet’s nest and finally fell into silence. Paratroopers rushed to the mountaintop in one breath, and they could reach the top at once. A lot of machine guns emerged from the cracks in the rocks, and many paratroopers were shot and rocks swept across the hillside. The paratroopers have been rolling together for a whole day with these places, and machine gun shelters may appear behind them at any time. The fierce battle has been extremely hard. These two strategic points are more solid than they imagined. How to bombard the firepower with naval guns has not weakened at all. The paratroopers who killed their red eyes transferred a large number of flamethrowers and found that the machine gun shelters were full of charred eluvial soil. The hillside was dug out, and the paratroopers died in purgatory. The blood accumulated on the hillside and the foot of the mountain dyed patches of brown spots and the Japanese army was burned in the fortifications. The charred remains are also littered, and some bodies have high eyes and blue faces, which are extremely scary. This was thrown in from the ventilation hole, and the oxygen Grenade burned up and suffocated. I believe no one wants to try this kind of death.
The paratroopers who stuck to Chongyue Mountain and Anbo Chashan Mountain in the middle of the night saw with horror that groups of Japanese troops emerged from the anti-slope of the mountain by the cold moonlight. The bayonets reflected the moonlight and the bare mountain was suddenly covered with steel jungle! Paratroopers’ emergency call was supported by swaying, and napalm was used to drown the Japanese army in a sea of fire. However, many Japanese troops were splashed with gasoline, and they still rushed over with bayonets. That kind of fierceness and madness made the paratroopers feel a little chill. In a few minutes, the two sides stopped fighting for a few hours, and the automatic rifles and submachine guns were once again displayed, splashing shells into dozens of meters. More than ten meters away, the enemy’s heavy machine guns devoured the bullets at an amazing speed, and then swallowed them. The horrible metal storm poured out high-explosive grenades. You came and I blew out flames everywhere, and pieces of blood, flowers, chamber flames and explosion flames set off unusually enchanting, and then they died at an amazing speed, announcing the end of life. The two sides supported each other from the exhibition over and over again, and an armed helicopter and turboprop fighter plane could anxiously watch the pieces of rising flares.
It was suspected that it was a bloody and extremely fierce battle. In just a few hours, hundreds of people were killed in these two commanding heights. When they ascended to heaven, people were horrified to find that they were surrounded by corpses. They were lying around, and the corpses were in the most fierce corner. Six layers of corpses were stacked. The Japanese army failed to beat the paratroopers and the paratroopers failed to capture these two commanding heights. When the dawn broke through the night, the Japanese army retreated to the tunnel. In the fortifications, the paratroopers built the machine guns into breastplates, staring at a pair of bloodshot eyes and panting sharply.
The head of the Japanese paratroopers regiment "You can send helicopters to transport the wounded soldiers and bodies, and we promise not to attack them, but we hope you can also help us transport the bodies of our fallen soldiers to cremation."
The 15th army commander agreed to the ups and downs of more than a dozen large transport helicopters, and the paratroopers and Japanese bodies were moved by plane. It was lucky that the plane was black sauce purple plasma for most of the day.
The Japanese army did not attack.
Some people complain that this is tantamount to giving a breathing machine to the Japanese army for several hours, but the commander insists on doing so. He can’t watch his soldiers’ bodies being blown to powder by naval guns and aerial bombs. People can’t take them back, but they should not take them back to other countries. They should put them on the beach to wash their blood, wrap them in white cloth, and then cremate them. The urn will put the ashes in and engrave the names of the dead and send them to the plane at the time of death. The remains of the Japanese army are also the same. Try to engrave the names in the urn to facilitate the handover to their families after the war.
After transporting the remains away, the Second Commando Division organized a mid-assault transport helicopter to deliver an airborne infantry company to Anbo Chashan Mountain. When the mountain wanted to give the Japanese army a center, it went well. They succeeded in holding their feet firmly and repelled the Japanese army several times, but the Japanese army stubbornly blocked the paratroopers who were crushed halfway up the mountain and finally rushed to meet the airborne infantry company. The distance was as short as tens of meters and hundreds of meters as it was from the earth to the moon. A few kilometers away, a heavy mortar of the Japanese army took off in a grove. Rows of shells came out and blew the top of the mountain into a boiling crater. Every shell exploded and the fire flashed, and you could see the Japanese army whistling and killing. After a whole night of hard fighting, the ridge was completely annihilated by the body, and the infantry company was completely killed and wounded, and the paratroopers nailed halfway up the mountain suffered equally heavy losses. However, the Japanese army still failed to knock them from the mountain, just like the Battle of Ganling. However, the attacking party in this arduous battle was the 15 th Army, which once joined forces with Ganling.
Ps, besides scolding or scolding, I’m curious. Where did you get so angry? I said the day before yesterday that I had a day off yesterday. Am I tired of writing and tired of writing? Is it so sinful to stop and take a day off after writing? Well, every Sunday after that, I will stop and rest for a day. If I can understand, I will understand. Long live! If I can’t understand, I can’t go out and turn left. If I don’t leave, I won’t report to you. Shit! Anbo Chashan’s troops finally resisted the Japanese army because of too many casualties, and they were forced to retreat for three kilometers. But then the Japanese army poured out from all directions, which made the regiment fall into a heavy siege. The movement of the Japanese army’s four access tunnels always came out from unexpected places, and the regiment broke through several times and was blocked by them. They were able to build fortifications on the spot and rely on the support of army aviation soldiers to stick to the aid.
Although these two regiments failed to capture Ambo Chashan and Chongyue Mountain, they fought bloody battles and succeeded in attracting the attention of the Japanese army. The landing of four marines and a large amount of war materials was not greatly hindered in three days. On the contrary, Lieutenant General Liu Yunrui felt that it was dangerous for the Marines to suspend their advance and build fortifications near the landing site to transfer all the personnel and materials to the ground, which made the Marines dissatisfied. The soldiers were fighting hard for Ambo Chashan and Ambo Chashan. They should go there as soon as possible to help them seize these two important commanding heights. How can they stop? Don’t commanders know that the landing war is expensive, and once the landing troops slow down, they will become stranded whales and be slaughtered by talented people?

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