It turned out to be a colorful light cloud. At this time, the speed of this cloud suddenly doubled! From 500 rpm to 1000 rpm!

Glazed light clouds protect the central nervous system. The blood in the eyes gradually recedes and the heart turns clear.
At this moment, the extreme method and extreme Daoism were used to forcibly close the meridians and acupoints in the whole body with the assistance of nine days, but this method can last for ten seconds!
The coagulation of Lu Li Yuan Ying has been completed. In vitro, it can be seen that a flash villain is somewhat similar in appearance, but it is not over yet, and a small part has not been coagulated successfully.
Multicolored light clouds are trying their best to support the rotation speed, which has soared to 3,600 revolutions per second, and then increased to 7,200 revolutions per second!
At this moment, the color of the clouds has been shattered by colorful light clouds, and the rain drops contain powerful energy that melts into the land in vitro.
Just after that energy was swallowed up by the land, the land-separated baby was once again radiant, and the distance from birth to birth was 90%!
On the other hand, there is a light cloud above the head, which is re-formed and emits colorful streamers. Guanghua shines in all directions to form a wonder, like a rainbow after the rain, and the horizon is actually a colorful cloud!
"Colorful streamers are unbelievable!"
Chu Yun saw this scene is also quite lamenting the calm mind. I didn’t expect that the distance could reach the level of gathering colorful light, which is also rare in the three realms!
"Yuan Ying condenses!"
Lu Li roared a whole person’s Guanghua chaos, which obviously condensed Yuan Ying’s strength. The light and shadow of Baihui point reappeared a two-person person who was generally out of shape and passed away, and then entered the body of Lu Li, losing his strength and blessing. Lu Li’s body was falling rapidly.
"Shout-Lu Li finally broke the imprisonment, and with Yuan Ying’s realm, he can return to Taikoo Gate."
Chu Yun looked at the land and nodded, then the figure passed and reappeared, but it was much more far away from the mysterious valley of Xuantianfeng.
Three days later, after the retreat, the whole person is really full of momentum, and the temperament is slightly deeper than when he was once in the fairy realm.
Looking at Lu Li Chu Yun, he nodded slightly and said indifferently, "In ten months, you really didn’t let me down. Now your breath is pure, and you can compete to reverse the magic of the heart meridian. Even if you visit Taikoomen, there will be no great danger. Now that you are about to leave, I have a few things to tell you. I hope you will remember them."
Chu Yun said calmly looked at him waiting for the landing from the reply.
"Now that you have spoken, I will keep it in mind. Please say it!"
There is a sense of respect in Lu Li’s indifferent tone. Obviously, Lu Li has contributed to today’s achievements, Chu Yun.
Slightly thoughtfully, Chu Yun said, "The first thing is to reverse the Heart Sutra. The former is overbearing and abnormal. I carefully study this method, which is too rebellious and can make the practitioner burst into several times of combat power. The true yuan reversal method is generally different from the true yuan reversal. This heart sutra has unpredictable hidden dangers and should not be used in the Tianbao Sutra unless necessary. There are also very few terrible ones in the current three realms. I am looking for it. If you meet head-on, don’t blindly fight for the front."
Lu Li nodded solemnly for Chu Yun’s remarks.
Looking at Lu Li’s eyes, Chu Yun was quite at ease with him and immediately said, "There are still a few things that I also told you. First, I told you that the seven methods of cultivating immortality in Taikoo Gate are gathered in your method. Although it does not involve many occult techniques in Taikoo Gate, it also includes Tai Chi, Pole, Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Sword Meaning, Knife Tactics and Metaphysics. Remember not to blindly fight in the same door. Among them, Tai Chi Heart Sutra focuses on changes, nine turns to poles, and Yin and Yang method is the most overbearing. The metaphysical method emphasizes lucky chance’
Chapter seventy-three Kai Law
The next day, Kyushu is far from being human. Although it is bigger than Kyushu, it is only on its own.
There are nine divine powers, ten spiritual veins, thirty-six caves and seventy-two blessed places in the wasteland.
Among them, many regional evil sects are everywhere, and monsters are hiding, so it is not easy to take risks.
The northern convenience is a wasteland outside the northern territory, where there are many ice caves and sects of good and evil.
South Kyushu is the south of the country, and Pingxi Village where you are located is the south of the country.
To the south, the southern Xinjiang is wild, saying that there are ancient tribes that are secretive and powerful, and they are not inferior to the fairies.
In the western regions, it is also rich in culture, but it is very different from China. In the east, it is a beautiful thing to watch the sea and see the sea. You can explore it yourself in the future.
Third, according to my reincarnation, after a year of watching the sky at night, the turmoil between good and evil will once again set off a fairy war, when the two factions of good and evil will be involved in it, and you can escape from it. Remember to keep your strength and spend it carefully.
Fourthly, I also have a copy of Zhu Tianbao here, which I have recorded in this ancient book.
This is taken from the ice crystal in the heart of the sea, and you must remember in half an hour that the cold will dissipate and the water will go away.
The other one is an amulet, which can be used to open a sword I have cultivated once to ensure your peace once. This amulet fairy can stop it. Remember not to move easily unless it is life or death.
There are also two strange things, both of which are treasures of the Three Realms. If you stay with me, you will be great.
Last but not least.
In addition to Terran, there are many other cultivated creatures in the world.
The so-called cultivation of immortals and demons is actually a means to fight for life. It is not to prolong the life of Shou Yuan on that day. It is better to say that the person who cultivates the immortals breaks all false disputes and sees through the world before he can become immortal and stand proudly.
It is difficult to generalize the good and evil in the world, and all souls have their own destinies. You can’t shape it simply by good and evil, and you will be white in the future.
A moment motioned away respect way "thank you away in mind! Is it time to meet again this time? "
The tone is full of respect, and the tone of Chu Yun’s help department is also somewhat reluctant
Chu Yun said, "I’ll show up at the fairy convention. Okay, you go."
Lu Li made a bow to show his respect for Chu Yungong’s gift, and then jumped several times and crossed thousands of miles to a mysterious place when Chu Yun led the crag.
It’s a little surprising to fall to the ground and stare at the quartet.

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