East gate star and children they quit.

Lin Yi and Joy Chen are left in the cave.
Lin Yi squatted down to Joy Chen’s bloody path. "I told you in the account that you didn’t say that you had to be tortured. You asked for it. You’d better tell me more details."
Joy Chen bloodletting "said before I have … there is a question …"
Lin Yi said, "Ask!"
Joy Chen bloody way "what … what have we done to offend you?"
Lin Yi said, "It’s crazy to let you die in vain and practice The Hunger. He not only killed his wife, children and his own brother, but also hoped to return. It was Qin Tang, the king of Wu, and I was his grandnephew. He was my second grandfather, The Hunger, who did this to my Qin family. Don’t tell me more about this revenge!"
Joy Chen’s blood squeezed out a wry smile that was uglier than crying.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Blood ancestors fell maniac (1)
Joy Chen’s blood is really unknown. It turned out to be Qin Tang, the king of Wu.
Hope to return out of the river’s lake after he and Yu Beixue still wonder what the uniting The Hunger hope to return to secretly inquire about the final fruit.
It turned out to be Qin Wuwang in those days.
And Lin Yi is his grandson.
No wonder Lin Yi has to deal with them.
Lin Yi added, "And when I was living on a desert island, I met Ling Qianchou’s predecessors. His teachings benefited me for life. I promised him that I would find all The Hunger destroyed in the future, and now even The Hunger has been resurrected. I can’t let go of you."
Joy Chen’s bloody road "If you want to resurrect the blood ancestor, you must cultivate the’ The Hunger’ middleman to find the person with the blood pupil. This is the most … the key to resurrecting the blood ancestor … Our brothers have been looking for the theory of whether Hu Ling hides the soul, or is it evil or looking forward to returning, Qin Dingfang or don’t be a practitioner. No one has a blood pupil shadow in his eyes. Once, we met Zuo Chaoyang, a practitioner of The Hunger. We knew at a glance that after he practiced, we secretly observed it and followed him to Fengxiang. Later, we finally determined that he had a blood pupil shadow, which was not yet reflected in his practice. Later, he was ambushed by an old man in the mountains. As a result, a girl rushed to the old man and chased the girl. Beixue and I stole his’ corpse’. It turned out that he was not completely dead and his resilience was beyond ordinary people. Yu Beixue and I tried to treat him … We knew that his martial arts were very high, so we first put three soul-locking needles in his brain to interfere with his memory, and secondly, we could better control him. As a result, he didn’t forget that his eyes were splitting, and he cried out for his mother and her son … It was his brother who asked him to save him at most … "
When I heard that, Lin Yi trembled.
When my brother was most helpful, he called his brother to save him.
And he was in danger at that time.
Lin Yi can also imagine that Erguai has made many cruel measures to control and train his younger brother.
Joy Chen’s blood died happily, and he didn’t hide it. He continued, "We didn’t dare to put too many soul-locking needles for fear that he would die. We also used many means to put two fine steel chains through him to lock him … but he was still furious and he didn’t forget things. Later, we had to put two soul-locking needles in his brain. He had a splitting headache and screamed constantly. We tied him to a stone bed. Finally, he survived and adapted to five soul-locking needles in his brain. For the first time, we put five soul-locking needles in his brain. They really admire him, and then we can control him. In the past three years, we have stepped up efforts to let him practice The Hunger until the blood pupil in his eyes becomes clearer and clearer, and his bloodthirsty desire becomes stronger and stronger … "
After Joy Chen’s blood was finished, Lin Yi also understood what his brother had experienced in the past three years.
Lin Yi is heartbroken.
Joy Chen blood finished also heaved a sigh of relief.
He stared at Lin Yi that lost eyelids eyes is about to drop.
Joy Chen bloody way "I always knew that the South King kept his word. You promised to give me a good time. I said give me a good time!"
Lin Yi also stared at him.
Lin Yi’s face is full of chilling resentment.
It’s like wearing The Hunger’s resentment face
Lin Yi added, "You know Zuo Chaoyang is my brother, but you don’t know him. I am not an ordinary’ brother’ but my own brother!"
Joy Chen blood smell a shock.
He and Yu Beixue knew that Zuo Chaoyang was a like-minded "good brother" of Lin Yi.
It turned out to be Lin Yi’s younger brother!
Lin Yi said a clap Joy Chen blood head.
Joy Chen’s bloody head was smashed to death by a pat.
Then Lin Yi wiped his blood and brains out of the cave with Joy Chen’s blood.
Children and East Gate Star are still waiting in front of the cave.
Lin Yi said, "I’ll give him a good time if he doesn’t go in."
An hour later, Lin Yi and them left Kunlun.
After coming out of the mountain, Lin Yi said to the deputy valley owner of the Dragon Valley, "We have to continue to track down the enemy, so I won’t go back to the valley and say goodbye to the blue valley owner. Please tell the blue valley owner that he has helped him this time. Lin Yi is very grateful. Please take care of the blue valley owner!"
The deputy owner of the Dragon Valley took the Dragon Valley people to leave.
The dragon valley help Lin Yi also killed and injured many people.
When Lin Yi and his party came, there were thirty people, and now there are twelve left.
In addition to Lin Yi and Dongmen Tiehu, there are Bai Mei, Xiaotong, Dongmenxing, Xunluo, and Dongmenxiang, who are seriously injured, and five Dongmen family experts.
Dongmenxiang was put into the carriage.
Others ride horses.
They went in one direction in the night.
There is still a long way to go back to the Central Plains.
Line out a section of Lin Yi looking back at Kunlun in the moonlight.

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