No matter how far apart you are in the war, you can reunite everyone.

In a sense, this ability can sometimes be decisive.
Plus, this man can tame the abyss monster …
"If I can stay?" The man asked
Gu Qingshan readily said, "Welcome to join us."
Lola scrambled to say, "But you are a devil, and we don’t know you well. We can’t finish believing that you need some safeguards."
"White" male nods
Lola took out a ring and handed it to Ilya.
Ilya gave the ring to the man.
"This is the strongest treasure in my hand-it’s called the loyalty ring from the mysterious cause and effect side," said Lola.
"The causal side is very powerful. What effect does it have?"
The man looked at the ring in his hand and said solemnly,
Lola said, "It has the strongest binding force. You wear it and swear to help Gu Qingshan-"
Gu Qingshan suddenly interrupted Lola and said, "You swear you won’t hurt us, so just let him do whatever you want."
The man’s face was slightly serious, but he laughed again at Gu Qingshan’s words.
"The conditions are so loose?" He asked.
"I don’t like being bound too much myself at ordinary times," Gu Qingshan said.
The man praised, "This is almost the same as me."
He put the ring on his finger.
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-two Crisis has been
The loyalty ring is quite pocket-sized. It looks suitable for little girls to wear.
But when the man picks up the ring and puts it on his finger, the ring gradually grows bigger and fits his size.
The man wears a ring and says, "I’m the boss. I promise not to hurt everyone in this room."
The ring of loyalty sends out a shimmer that revolves around the man for several weeks and disappears into his body.
Lola said, "Even if you don’t call it by this name, the loyalty ring will still produce truth because it binds your soul directly."
Then she stared at the man closely to observe the change of his expression.
"I used to have a lot of nicknames, but it’s not interesting at all. I’ve decided to call myself the boss from now on," the man confirmed.
They all have some nai.
-don’t really call him boss?
Isn’t the usual conversation to shout
"Boss comes to dinner"
"Good afternoon, boss"
"Boss, where are you going?"
How to get along with each other when you talk like this?
Gu Qingshan, however, took the lead in reaching out and smiling, "Boss, welcome to join us."
The man looked at him and held out his hand curiously and asked, "What are you doing?"
Zhang Yinghao took advantage of the trend and asked, "He wants to shake your hand, which is welcome-you don’t even know if you rarely deal with people at ordinary times?"
"Yes," the man nodded generously and admitted, "I have been in a place far away from the crowd until I was seriously injured recently, and I was rescued by him to deal with you."
Everyone listened to some sympathy.
No parents
Stay away from the crowd
Seriously injured
This person is still very powerful, but he has encountered such a fate.
Forget it, boss. Just boss.
It’s just a name anyway.
Such a thought gradually accepted the name.
Gu Qingshan said, "Boss, take a rest first-fly away and give him a can of soul drink."
"Good" Ye Fei deviated from the road
Gu Qingshan looked at magic dragon and said, "Please tell me Xiaoxiluo now."
"She was imprisoned by me, and the coin in the depths of the temple of destiny was also taken care of by the temple owner of the temple of destiny," magic dragon said.
"Very well, let’s start now" Gu Qingshan immediately said.
"I don’t want to go," said magic dragon.

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