"I heard about Mufei’s handling of the anniversary of Hua Fei’s death. It’s rare that Mufei has such a deep sense of righteousness and such a heart. Is it a big deal for you to go by her? It’s not necessary to make your husband and wife centrifugal because of such a small thing. It’s really inappropriate for you to ground Mufei." Dezong knew that Ji Wenhua was special to Zhu Yinzhen, but if the deceased is gone, he shouldn’t let the past affect the present.

"Father, son and minister grounded the dream not because of this." Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes were gloomy and her voice was low. If Shen Menglu stubbornly asked Ji Wenhua to hold a memorial day, Zhu Yinzhen wouldn’t have grounded him. Although he didn’t agree with Shen Menglu’s extravagant practice, she did it because of her pity for Jing Xuan.
Although Jingxuan’s longing for Hua Fei is not so profound, it is a pity in his heart that Ji Wenhua’s death day has been spent by his father coldly every year, which really seems a bit lonely.
However, there is a reason why Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t want to celebrate Ji Wenhua’s death day. There is also a reason why Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t want to remember Ji Wenhua in ordinary times. It is a limit for Zhu Yinzhen to spend a whole day talking to Jing Xuan about Ji Wenhua’s past every year when Ji Wenhua dies. Since he married Shen Menglu, the name Ji Wenhua has appeared in his ears more and more times, which is also a kind of torture for him.
Now, because Ji Wenhua has hurt Shen Menglu’s heart, Zhu Yinzhen’s heart is also full of remorse and chagrin. He wants to explain clearly that one person is Shen Menglu, but some things are hard for him to say after all. He knows that Shen Menglu has decided that he has deep feelings for Ji Wenhua, so he will become hysterical and very sad.
When Shen Menglu was interested in asking him about Ji Wenhua, Zhu Yinzhen still had a little pride in his heart. Shen Menglu’s jealous appearance made him feel particularly taken seriously. It was Shen Menglu’s intention to express himself. Zhu Yinzhen had some deliberate desire to talk, but he didn’t confess to Shen Menglu and explain Ji Wenhua clearly.
But later, when he realized that Shen Menglu’s concern for Ji Wenhua had gone beyond the normal jealous category, Zhu Yinzhen tried to explain it again, only to find that he was a little overwhelmed. The more he explained, the deeper the misunderstanding. Then, as something he deliberately concealed was exposed to Shen Menglu, Zhu Yinzhen found that he was already unable to explain it clearly.
Now the situation is so serious that Shen Menglu is actually divorced … Zhu Yinzhen clenched his fists with a flash of pain in his eyes. "Father, I grounded her because I had to" because he didn’t want to lose Shen Menglu because he was so afraid that she would leave without saying goodbye and never come back.
"What is the reason? You say I listen, maybe I can help you do something. "Zhu Yinzhen’s painful expression startled Dezong. Zhu Yinzhen has never seen such a fragile side of his own son.
"Father dreams that she … wants to leave me …" Zhu Yinzhen could feel the severe contraction pain of her heart when she said the word "leave".
"Nonsense! Where does she think our royal family is? Can she leave at will? " Dezong was so angry that he blew his eyes and consciously sprayed Zhu Yinzhen with a bite. "Just because she said this, I let you be so emotional. How can I say hello?" A woman can’t handle it. I don’t even know where to put your face! "
Zhu Yinzhen took the corners of his mouth with a wry smile. He was not afraid of losing face before Shen Menglu.
Seeing that his son is still in a depressed state, Dezong is somewhat passive. "Old four I Mufei was just angry words at the moment. You don’t have to worry that women are good at duplicity. Just coax a few words when they lose their temper. Now you ground her. This is also a way for her to reflect for a few days."
I wish Shen Menglu had really lost his temper and said angry words. He was not so entangled, but I remembered that Zhu Yinzhen knew in Shen Menglu’s eyes that Shen Menglu was not talking angry words. Her eyes told him that if she left, the meeting would be held later.
"Father, can there be a precedent for Hugh?" Dezong obviously doesn’t know Shen Menglu well enough, and Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t expect Dezong, the emperor who is congested by 3,000 beautiful women, to understand the true meaning of love. What can Shen Menglu do to divorce her husband? This is a problem that has been puzzling Zhu Yinzhen for the past two days.
Shen Menglu is not the kind of address unknown person who talks nonsense. Since she has vowed that she has a way to divorce her husband, Zhu Yinzhen absolutely believes that what she said is true. What is the way? Zhu Yinzhen is very interested.
Hugh? ! Dezong frowned. "Mu Fei wants to divorce her husband?" Rebel! How dare a woman say such a thing as Hugh! Shen Menglu dared to say the word Hugh to his precious son! You should be grounded. You should go to jail!
"Old four, you are too pampered!" The German language blames Zhu Yinzhen for being climbed to the top by Shen Menglu, which is too humiliating for men and royal majesty!
"I’ll send someone to Xuanmufei’s palace in a moment to let your mother teach her well!" Shen Menglu needs a good * *! Shen Menglu’s act of ignoring Zhu Yinzhen made Dezong feel angry.
"Father and son already have a headache. Will you stop making trouble?" Zhu Yinzhen is very resistant and somewhat self-deprecating. He is so ill that he will really talk to Dezong and foolishly give himself some constructive suggestions.
Make trouble? Dezong is a little unhappy. Zhu Yinzhen can’t even handle a woman himself. He is kind enough to understand that he is still rejected. "Old four, you always know whether the overall situation is right or wrong and whether it is suitable for being immersed in love. You should know in your heart that if you handle Mufei yourself, I will discipline you!"
Dezong bit the word discipline very clearly. When he said this word, Zhu Yinzhen keenly captured the flash of murder in Dezong’s eyes.
A femme fatale will bring disaster to the country and the people. Zhu Yinzhen is a tianjiao, shouldering the responsibility of Jiangshan country and Tiancangsheng Dezong, and will never allow a woman to become a stumbling block to Zhu Yinzhen’s progress!
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes are still lingering. The pain in his eyes has been replaced by "Father Dream is my wife!"! I won’t let anyone hurt her! Not even your father! "
"Are you challenging me?" Dezong’s one leng Zhu Yinzhen’s murderous look at the fundus made him stunned. Did his son actually want a woman and turn against him as an emperor?
"Son can’t! My son is asking my father to be a good man! " Zhu Yinzhen said politely, but in his eyes, he refused to give in. "It is a man’s natural duty to protect his wife and children, and he will not let go of his wife and children!"
"You … you …" De Zong was shaking with anger by Zhu Yinzhen "worthless thing! People say they’re divorcing you, and you’re still stubborn! I can give you all the women if I want you to! A heart is not yours, this woman keeps it! "
"Father, son and daughter are not women but beloved women!" Zhu Yinzhen has never been short of women around him, and he has never let them go. "Father, son, minister, Mufei, it’s a matter of family affairs. I will take care of it myself, so I won’t bother my father, and I won’t send those messy women to my son again. I don’t want to be a trash can anymore."
De Zongyuan’s burning anger suddenly went out when he heard Zhu Yinzhen’s words. "What do you mean?"
"What do you mean by son? Father should know fairly well." Zhu Yinzhen looked at Dezong calmly. "Father and son have grown up over the years. Father has made a lot of sacrifices. From now on, he also wants to be selfish and want to live with my wife."
"Yin Zhen, do you know what nonsense you are talking about?" Dezong eyes suddenly closed.
"Father, this is not nonsense, it is true." Zhu Yinzhen’s tone is very calm. "I want to ask my father to give me a piece of land."
"Ridiculous!" Dezong was once again angered by Zhu Yinzhen, "Is it ridiculous to marry a woman?" Zhu Yinzhen actually asked himself for a fief. Is he going to abandon the imperial responsibility?
"Old four, don’t force me! I don’t want to kill Mu Fei! " The idea that a storm had set up in Dezong’s sharp eagle eyes and killed Shen Menglu appeared in Dezong’s mind for the first time, and Dezong regretted not decisively executing Shen Menglu.
When the Shen family offended Zhu Yinzhen, Dezong had a feeling of femme fatale when he first saw Shen Menglu. He felt that the girl could not stay, but out of her love for Shen Menglu, Dezong made an exception and released Shen Menglu and even her family.

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