Ouyang Jun came with a green military vehicle, and there were more than 20 soldiers in the back of the vehicle, each with a rifle in his hand. Han Qi looked behind him and followed Ouyang Jun, and there were even ten military vehicles with soldiers in the back of each car.

Those soldiers quickly lined up to block the whole road, and their rifles were also aimed at Han Qi and the people in black who were already stupid behind him.
"The commander is at your command!" Ouyang Jun gave a military-like salute to Jingmuyun.
"capture alive"
Han qi suddenly lost his heart when he heard it. This just made the commander understand that he was coming for himself! No, he can’t be arrested. How can he be arrested when he has to go back to the position of being in charge? Panicked, he ordered to the people in black "!"
? Who? Who dares?
Those people in black are just bodyguards and thugs who let them deal with weak women like Chi Yao, but who dares if they are against the military?
Han Qi saw that they were all stupefied, and the soldiers seized them and tied them up, but they didn’t dare to resist Han Qi, clutching his arm and biting his teeth. He quickly pulled out his pistol and opened the door from the other side, dragging the back parking lot as hostages.
He knows he can’t be caught!
Han Qi is fast, and there is someone faster than him! Jingmuyun rushed at the same time when he pulled out his gun. As soon as he lifted his long legs, he kicked off his pistol and knew the cause. He pushed the half door back with one hand.
From Han Qi’s drawing a gun to Jing Muyun’s car door, it all happened in the blink of an eye. Ouyang Jun was dumbfounded and had never seen such a fast speed. What is that car that makes the commander care so much? !
Jing Muyun threw Han Qi on the road, far away from the car, followed by the violent mode. Qi Hanqi was hit by that punch, and he leaned against the tree. It was like hitting sandbags. Every time he punched, he could see a blood column coming out of Han Qi’s mouth or nose. Every time he kicked, he could almost hear the sound of broken bones. Jing Muyun was particularly poisonous and attacked his injured arm, swinging him to the ground, stepping on the heel of Han Qi’s arm and frustrating his heart back and forth, which made his wound bigger and bigger.
"Don’t stop fighting …" Han Qi’s nose and mouth have oozed blood, and the blood is stained black because of his dirty face.
Jing Muyun turned a deaf ear to the last heavy kick. He took off his bloody gloves and threw them on the ground at will to "take them away".
Jun Ouyang, immediately ordered to see silly soldiers next to "the leng wear stem? Didn’t you hear the commander say take it away? "
Han Qi’s face was swollen, and the whole person was in a trance. He lay on the ground and was dragged away by two soldiers. Ouyang Jun took one look and passed by Han Qi. God is really terrible! Third-class disability has wood! Half-length, no wood! This is the first time to see Jing Muyun making such a big fire. It’s terrible. It turns out that the commander didn’t contribute when he was practicing them!
Jingmuyun went to the back seat of the car and took Chi Yao out from the inside. His expression changed from violent to soft. He patted Chi Yao’s face and saw that she had no signs of waking up. His eyebrows wrinkled and he sent Chi Yao to the back seat of his car and then the car left.
"The commander is terrible!" After a long silence, a soldier said
"Stop me. I see hell."
"Don’t provoke little sister-in-law after this story tells us!" Ouyang Jun made a summary. The ancients said that it was the commander.
"There’s nothing wrong with the patient. It’s just that she smokes too much ether. Just let her sleep."
"Will there be sequelae?" Jingmuyun feels Chiyao’s face and then she has some messy hair.
"It’s not a big problem to be dizzy for a while at most."
In the same ward, Zhu Xiaoxuan is also lying next to the hospital bed complaining about Yufeng. "I rely on the female Han to sink me to death!"
ZhuXiaoXuan stretched out his hand without bandages and pulled it hard at Yufeng’s waist
"Ow-"Yufeng let out a cry.
"Be quiet," said Jing Muyun at Yufeng.
"Just be quiet!" ZhuXiaoXuan followed the batch of Yufeng sentence.
Yufeng rubbed his waist and looked at Jing Muyun pitifully. He was a victim, okay? Although Zhu Xiaoxuan looks even more pitiful, what does her lively look like like?
ZhuXiaoXuan injury is not heavy, but there are many local fractures and corners of the mouth are blue by Yufeng back to the hospital "you said that you are not quite capable at ordinary times? Why are you so embarrassed today? "
"Oh, why don’t you try to pick fifteen men?" Those are not gangsters. This time, they have all learned some manual men, no matter from strength or physical strength, how can she suffer!
Yufeng a listen to the in the mind suddenly unbalanced "I fork a pick thirteen which turtle even women play! Although you are nothing like a woman! "
Although the words are not pleasant to hear, I still feel that I wish Xiaoxuan didn’t pick him up again. "The Korean chess in the Han family in B city!"
"Korean chess?" Yufeng frowned. "I’m a little impressed by the Korean family who was going to be married before Sister-in-law, right?"
Section 121
"Well" Zhu Xiaoxuan thought for a moment "ephor and Chixi don’t forget"
Jing Muyun’s eyes have never been away from Chi Yao. "I know that the army has been sent to find her."
Yufeng clapped his hands "so kill her!"
Jingmuyun handed a vision to Yufeng to shut up automatically. "I’m personal …"
Zhu Xiaoxuan gave him a white look, "What a coward!"
Perhaps it’s too noisy around Chi Yao’s eyelids trembled slightly for a few times. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw a vast expanse of white brain and suddenly some axes. "Where …"
"Yaoyao" Jingmuyun gently told her to turn her eyes to herself "You are in the hospital"
Chi Yao is dizzy now, and her memory is intermittent, but she still remembers Han Qi "Han Qi … he wants to …"
"Lovely, I know. Rest assured that he has been arrested." Jingmuyun gently kissed her forehead to soothe her anxiety.
"There will be milk tea it was shot! Go and save it! " Chiyao is a little anxious. Milk tea is still at home now. It is still bleeding after so long.
Jingmuyun frowned. "The family has sent someone to check the milk tea and should also be sent to the pet hospital."
"I don’t want milk tea to die …" Chi Yao frowned and said that there was a lot of blood when milk tea was shot. It must be very heavy.
Jing Muyun saw that her reddish eyes were full of love. "No, I won’t let milk tea die. Don’t cry."

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