The old man said, "Oh? If a person is bent on dying, can the secret passage keep him from dying? "

Yi Yudao: "If you are bent on death, it will be hard to live, but Helitans still has ideals. Just as he said, he hopes that the Vatican will hit peace and happiness. If he chooses to die, it will all be destroyed. I think he should not be suicidal again!" And I have a trump card in my hand! "
What’s the trump card in Yi Yu’s hand? The old man didn’t ask the old man if he didn’t want to make any taboo gossip. Soon after, he saw a loud noise in the direction of the total altar of the West Pole Sect. It seems that the Helitans has already started work with the West Pole Sect, but it must be the same as the second time. Everyone means it.
Ronald eyes a bright way "morpheus, listen! Over there! Let’s act! "
But morpheus didn’t move thoughtfully for a moment. "Wait and see what happened!" I wonder what’s changed over there. How did it take so long? "
Ronaldao "I said morpheus! Are you too suspicious? You know, it’s not Hurley Tans’ decision over there, and it’s not surprising that demon fairy Yi Yu changed his mind after he heard that he was scheming. If we miss something here, I’m afraid Hurley Tans will have to say something to the Pope. Young people are unreliable. "
Morpheus nodded. "Well! There is some truth in saying so! Ok! We won’t wait for action! " ……
Yi Yu and Cang Xu’s old man were chatting when they saw two golden lights rising and rushing into the clause. I couldn’t help smiling.
Yi Yu laughed. "Done!"
Pale empty old man said, "I don’t know when friends are ready to start work? And what about the body double who asked Shaoyang Shenjun to prepare earlier? "
Yi Yu light way "now this kind of situation is somewhat unexpected to me. I want to show them a play to convince the Vatican that the western polar religion desecrated the virgin and betrayed their faith, but now it seems unnecessary. If these two people die, Titan Lina will be imprisoned in our’ pure land of bliss’ again, and now Helitans is left alone! If you can say that he wants to deceive the Vatican, it will not be difficult. "
The old man laughed. "I’m afraid the God Shaoyang will be relieved if you hear this news!" Said unexpectedly will fly sword.
But Yi Yu stretched out his hand and held the pale empty old man said, "pale empty Taoist friends will be in such a hurry again? That Shaoyang Shenjun is a famous god, and this worry must be nothing to him! And I don’t know how kind you are, but you are so kind and virtuous. I’m a little jealous! "
Cang Xu’s old man’s face changed slightly. Yi Yu should not be joking and primly said, "The so-called dripping grace should be rewarded with a spring! I think when I resisted the three natural disasters, I’m afraid it would have gone up in smoke if I hadn’t been helped by Shaoyang Shenjun! Isn’t it enough to be so generous? "
Yi Yu smiles to say, "I really envy you! I have heard of my friend’s stab in the back, but I have never really seen it! "
The old man knows that Yi Yu and Shaoyang Shenjun don’t want to discuss this problem at this time, and there is no response.
However, Yi Yu doesn’t seem to want to know about this and sighed again and again. "If it really comes to that step, I don’t know what the Taoist friends will choose?"
The pale old man’s face froze. What did Bai Yiyu mean when he said’ that step’? "You are forcing the old lady!"
Yi Yu smiled "pale virtual friends! It’s not that I forced you by Yi Yu. I think what happened between Shaoyang and God Jun? You should also know that his brother was greedy and made trouble in Yuanjiang and died in my sword. This can be thick, not only because I am afraid that Shaoyang Shenjun will not think so! He must have regarded me as his enemy. Since someone wants to kill me, why should I let the original lead me to kill? "
Seeing that the old man Cang Xu had no words, Yi Yu added, "I don’t think I’ll say this more. Taoist friends will think it over. I’m afraid that Taoist friends will be confused for a while. If they make a big mistake, I’m afraid I’ll see you again when the emperor makes a comeback in the future!"
"this!" When the old man came, he knew that it was a difficult matter. Although he has been wandering around in the side door, he is a righteous man. Can he still stand by if the young God is in trouble in the future? But Yi Yu’s position is so special, and if he really fights, I’m afraid even adding him may not be able to protect himself.
Yi Yu added, "In fact, I’m not a stand-off emperor of Shaoyang. If he can guarantee that I won’t take revenge in the future, I naturally don’t want to have any more trouble, but I want to trouble my friends in Cangxu to find a way to convince me that the emperor of Shaoyang really doesn’t want to take revenge! Taoist friends can think about it slowly. I think we should not turn our faces before the retreat of Western Christianity! "
Just then, I saw that the distant clause suddenly flashed and rumbled like thunder, and Yi Yu and Cang Xu’s old man all got up and put the troubles aside.
Yi Yudao "Wan’er! After a while, the two of them will leave you, and the clause will kill all the people alive! Don’t leave anyone alive. "
"The handmaiden knows!" After a crisp response, a faint shadow suddenly floated around Yi Yu and flew to the clause.
Seeing that there are two golden lights rushing out again, Yi Yu laughs. "It seems that we should also start work! I don’t know which Taoist friend Cang Xu wants? "
The old man said, "I’d better deal with that lifeless one!" If you don’t hurt the girl deeply or shallowly, I’m afraid you’re still bothering me. "Say, fly up and go straight to Ronald. Yi Yu smiled and flew to Morpheus, who was holding a person.
At this time, the morpheus is proud of his heart and almost has no strength to dive into it to save the saint. Although they came out and touched two guys who are not weak, they rushed out directly and won’t continue to fight. They will go west to get out of the sphere of influence of the West Pole Church. This rescue plan for the saint is even successful.
Yi Yu and Cang Xu’s old man waited outside as early as possible, so how can they walk away one by one? Yi Yu saw behind them and the eyes of the pursuer of Xiji teaching turned high and shouted, "Hey! Brother xiji! We are friends of Elder Haig! I heard that there is a special help here.
The west pole teaches to track down two people to listen to is also one leng don’t know when Haig elders actually have two friends in the east, but at this time the virgin was robbed and they also can’t take care of these, so we have to give the virgin back first.
While Morpheus and Ronald recognized Yi Yu at a glance. Although they had never seen a real person, Hurley Tans had a portrait of Yi Yu. When they saw Yi Yu appear here, they immediately felt that things were not good, and they didn’t see Hurley Tans and Titan Lina’s shadow. Moreover, they knew that Yi Yugen could not be friends of the West Pole Sect, but at this time, they didn’t have time to explain to those West Pole sects and they could bite the bullet and rush.
Yi Yu saw Morpheus holding a person and rushing to sneer. "The thief wants to die!" Waving his hand, he hit two thunderbolts of Taiyi. At this time, the saint is in the arms of Morpheus, but Yi Yu dare not be too sharp. If you hurt the saint, it will not be worth the loss.
But it’s not easy to deal with Morpheus, who hurriedly put the saint in his armpit and even out the empty hand. Seeing the golden light shining, he showed a gorgeous Jin Jian with a handle full of treasure rooms!
"Glory to God the Father!" Morpheus drinks a horizontal sword to resist.
"Boom!" "boom"
Swing out two swords in a row to block Yi Yu Shen Lei! Speaking of it, Morpheus is really worthy of the name, but his strength is not weaker than that of Helitans! However, although he blocked the thunder, the westerners who followed him had already arrived, and the two white-robed monks ignored one side and Ronal came back to Morpheus.
"Boom!" Another loud noise! Those two people are quite tacit, but they dare not hurt the saint, but they also believe that Morpheus dare not let the saint suffer any harm, so when they make moves, they are even more ruthless than Yi Yu, so there is no room for it! If the saint is robbed in their hands, I’m afraid both of them will die and apologize. What is there to worry about?
"Damn bastard!" Morpheus has just received two thunderbolts from Yi Yu, and now he has been attacked by a sudden attack. He has been overwhelmed and his body has been knocked out of the distance by 70 feet. He just stopped and glared at Yi Yu, but he also knows that it is a good idea to get away from this wrong place when he is not talking about fighting alone. Morpheus had heard that Yi Yuxiu is extremely strong and that the two masters of Xipolar teaching are not weak. He is a winner.
Morpheus stole a glance at the situation next to him. At this time, Ronal was also entangled by the old man, because it was not the main battlefield there, and the old man did not come up with the real story. Even so, it brought great pressure to Ronal. After all, the old man is not an ordinary person. Even if the Pope of the West comes, I am afraid I have to be extremely energetic to deal with it!
Morpheus thought, "What the hell is going on! How should I come here with Helitans and them? Is it because we planned to walk? Who leaked the secret? It’s Helitans? ! But what good does it do him? Does he already perceive Ronald and I want to kill him afterwards … "
However, Morpheus has no time to dwell on the reasons. As soon as his eyes turn, he already has an idea. Jin Jian hits three swords and lights at Yi Yu and the two West Pole brothers respectively, and he takes advantage of himself like Ronal.
"then!" Morpheus actually threw the saint in his arms directly to Ronal. In fact, the two of them were not reliable friends. They only came to each other because of their common interests, and they couldn’t talk about trusting each other. Ronal didn’t expect Morpheus to throw the saint to him at this critical moment!
Morpheus shouted, "Take the virgin and go! I’ll handle it here! Be sure to send the saint to the pope! "
Ronald slightly one leng at this time, many possibilities flashed through his mind, but he finally didn’t want to understand what was going on. However, when Morpheus shouted, he still gave up the pale old man and rushed to the periphery, but he didn’t notice the cruel smile on Morpheus’s mouth. For details, please see "Murpheus Conspiracy" again.
Back to the four hundred and forty Morpheus conspiracy
Back to that Morpheus gave the saint to Luo when he was in trouble, saying that he should resist the strong enemy himself and let him go first! Does he really have this moral integrity?
Although Morpheus shouted beautifully, he didn’t really stop Yi Yu and others as he said. When Ronal saw him escape, Morpheus leaned forward and fled in the other direction.
The two west pole teaches nature is nothing to say where the virgin is, but Yi Yu has some doubts in his heart. "What’s going on with this morpheus?" Now it’s only been a fight once, but how can you give up the virgin and escape without fighting? There must be something hidden in this. You must not let him leave easily! "

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