Come and ask for-

One second before the hand, the Necromancer suddenly stopped.
"Wait a minute, the order of the demon king is communicating with him." The demon king of the dead soul said
"what!" SHEN WOO lost his way.
He is unwilling to draw his weapon and wants to do it himself.
But I saw a sharp nail stained with foul black blood appear in front of SHEN WOO.
This is a finger of the Necromancer, or rather, a finger nail.
Sharp nails are like spears, gently tapping SHEN WOO’s head.
The voice of the dead devil comes with you
"You also don’t move order orders not to disobey or …"
SHEN WOO dare not move.
He looked at the distant mountain.
The mountains are already full of possessed people.
Instead of slowing down, they are one point faster.
The vanguard troops of 200 million addicts are approaching the foot of the snow and ice peak.
The encirclement is about to be completed.
No matter who is in this situation, it is difficult to fly.
SHEN WOO this just angrily put weapons.
He was glued to Gu Qingshan and couldn’t understand the order. What else needs to be communicated with this person?
Opposite him, Gu Qingshan was staring at the emptiness in front of him.
The origin interface exudes a gorgeous red awn and a picture appears.
Since Gu Qingshan entered this world, scenes of past battles have appeared in the interface.
The first world war siege Gu Qingshan wiped out the whole city with a sword.
In the second world war, facing the snow devil in the ice and snow abyss, he fired a shot and turned everything into ashes.
In the third battle, he jumped through the 600-story building.
In the fourth battle, when the ice sheet met the enemy, he continued to change shape and change his image. In just three breaths, he killed the other team of more than ten people.
A prominent text marked the team face as "the blood-killing combat team ranked second"
In the fifth war, there was no picture showing that it was his words in the temple that made hundreds of addicts unload their origins.
Five pictures end and the sound starts.
"According to the combat ability, Gu Qingshan ranks ninth among all the addicts in the world."
"Ranked according to the ability to judge when facing the cold and the ability to cope with the battle strategy, Gu Qingshan ranks first among all the addicts in the world."
"Rebel Gu Qingshan, you are a born soldier. You have the top combat level and excellent war coping strategies, so order will give you the last chance."
"Please give up your resistance immediately. The origin of the submissive demon king is so that you can live."
Gu Qingshan heart jump.
something wrong/ smell a rat
This is definitely a problem.
He knows the origin too well, whether it is the origin of past lives or this life. He has always been indifferent to all beings like ants and will never let a person go lightly because of anything.
When did it become so accommodating?
"I really don’t want to fight this dead devil because I can’t beat him."
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment and continued, "Then please tell me when I consider surrender. What kind of net did you give me a chance to live?"
Origin said, "You will get a chance to live because you have to find a way to capture a place for me."
Gu Qingshan listened carefully and lost in thought.
It seems that Origin is in trouble.
Suddenly those ancient monsters appeared in Gu Qingshan’s mind.
Is the origin of this world has more than 200 million possessed people, in addition to the gods to leave ancient life, what else can compete with it?
But looking at the origin seems to be a little forced, more like at all costs.
Even if it takes a place, it wants to benefit even opponents like itself.
It is simply trying its best.
What can make the origin so crazy?
Gu Qingshan’s mind moved
"God of War" he quietly called out.

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