Ann saw that you were still on alert as you prepared to "sing out", but your attention still couldn’t help but fall to the silver-haired woman.

Yi Yue Lu Xi’s guide looked at the three people with confidence in seeing through everything.
"Since you can enter the paradox, you must have found a secret place and already have a spiritual third awakening. Am I right?"
Yeah, right, right, right.
It turns out that it takes three senses of spiritual strength to enter the mysterious world from the secret place.
Did you really get new information
Ann see you listen to maintained a expressionless.
The silver-haired girl didn’t want to see you. The answer was to draw a small circle and a very, very big circle.
"The small circle represents your world or other similar worlds, while the big circle represents the paradox, slowly swallowing up from contact until your whole world is swallowed up."
"In this process, your world will be born, and the awakened one will be born mysteriously. It is also because the world is in crisis that many heroes will be born during this period … This is also the reason why you can break through to the third awakening in less than half a year."
"It’s difficult and dangerous to awaken, and it’s clear to you that you don’t have a guide to describe it."
"You can get through the danger again and again because of your own talents and the world’s choice and care."
"There is no denying that the guide has seen more worlds than you can imagine, and each world is struggling and sinking in the tide of paradox. Of course, several of you are better among the many new awakens that the guide has seen. If the world sinks, it may not be possible for anyone to set foot on paradox."
Silver-haired women sigh seems to be used to the passage of time.
There is a lot to say about this punishment, but he can’t. He is asking, "What can we do to resist the world?"
"Resist being swallowed up by the paradox?"
The silver-haired woman chuckled, "It’s impossible to be swallowed up once you come into contact with the deceitful interface. It’s a short problem, a year, two years and three years, and a few years and ten years."
"This is the law to resist disaster."
"Ah, you want to ask the world will be destroyed. What’s the point? Of course, it is inevitable that the world will sink, but people may not be able to live. "
"When the whole world is swallowed up, the whole world will merge into the paradox and become a part of the paradox."
It’s conceivable that the end will be quiet
It’s the end of the world.
In fact, the world is sinking, and she knows that she is destroying it, and she knows that that’s what they are trying to do! She doesn’t believe that destruction is inevitable!
However, this guide seems to have something to say.
She asked directly, "once the world is swallowed up, let alone ordinary people, even if the awakened one is stronger, the awakened one can’t live in such an environment for a long time."
"You are right."
The silver-haired woman nodded, "The mysterious environment is a legal life. Even if my tower is made of special materials, the place is too small to be a shelter."
"But since you came in from the secret place, it is clear that there are fewer mysterious evils around the secret place, which is due to the particularity of the secret place."
"And there are some places where trees, streams and so on with larger secret areas and more normal environment are more suitable for human life. We call them-"
Do those people whose world has been swallowed up and displaced in the paradox live in oases?
But according to the description of the silver-haired woman, the oasis is bigger than the secret
Even if it is several times or dozens of times as big as that, how big can the local oasis be and how many people can it accommodate?
And, after all, being in the paradox world is bound to be several times more dangerous than the normal world. If you can live in such a place …
I feel terrible when I think about it.

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