Wind Soul originally divided the demon clan of Hoping Mountain into nine parts, except for the part led by Ling Ning, which had no fighting capacity. All of them were warriors of the demon clan. When Yin Caigu and Kong Yuanfang died, they led the demons to lose their leaders and didn’t know how to cope with the situation. They were quickly killed by the exhausted enemies.

Both Feng Soul and Shi Daoxuan know that they can’t go to rescue those who have been slaughtered, otherwise they will even sink in. Good Wang Miao wants to lead them to continue to break through. Wang Miao wants to know that the most important thing about this truce is that they can’t stop. Although they pass by Feng Soul, they ignore it and continue to fly.
She turned her head outward, but turned upside down to Jiwangshan, and others naturally went to Jiwangshan with the array.
The gods foolishly fell to Tianwu and laughed. "They can’t kill them, so they can go back to the mountains and continue to be pussies."
Tianwu was silent.
Wang Miao wanted to rush to Hope Mountain and fly on over the top of the mountain without stopping. Although there were many hands, they just moved unconsciously in the way. Now the demon race is going back to the mountain. I didn’t expect to get to the front to intercept it, but Wang Miao wanted to take the demon race to the other side of Hope Mountain and leave them behind.
God fool and wuzhen and others just reacted and hurried forward to catch up.
However, Jiao Fang, the true fixer in the demon race, took him to lead those demons to stop looking forward to the mountain and intercept the gods in desperation. In great anger, he led several gods to surround these backward monsters and kill them wantonly, but these demon warriors had already held the consciousness of dying, but they did not let them go.
Tianwu knows that the other party is sacrificing these demons with a tail-cutting strategy to let others escape, so he sneers at a plan to kill himself here by the gods and fools, and throw them away with the female qi and others to recover from the demon race’s dead.
At this time, I heard a loud bang, and the whole Hoping Mountain suddenly blew up, and there were huge stones flying everywhere.
The bombing was unexpected, and I don’t know how many people of God were involved in the bait, and Fang naturally died on the spot.
The god fool was not so easy to be killed. He jumped out with shame and turned blue with anger.
The female sacrifice and consorts did not follow the gods’ foolish killing in the past, but kept the gods behind Wu. Although they saw the gods’ foolish eating a dark loss, they did not dare to show their smiling faces. The five witches, namely, Wu Pan, Wu Zhen, Wu Di and Wu Xie, were good at attacking witchcraft from afar. Although they were affected by some explosion waves, they could not help but bow their heads and snigger when they saw the gods’ foolish mess.
The gods are stupid, but how can they not see their thoughts? It’s no wonder that he wasn’t careful enough, so he snorted, "Why don’t you chase those bastards not far away?"
God Wu said with a straight face, "There is no hurry."
God stupid stare at tianwu "not to say that there is a secret path to the xuan heaven realm? If you don’t chase, you will be afraid of being run away by them. "
God Wu light tunnel "that young man named Feng Soul and his broken leg female disciple all appeared in Fengju Mountain at first, and the girl in red who killed Wu Gu was once captured by Wu Yi. It is conceivable that the mysterious exit to Xuan Tianjing must be Wu Xian, who is taking people to search for those people near Fengju Mountain if he wants to escape from that secret path."
God fools sneered, "You may not be able to stop them by Wu Xian alone."
Tianwu said, "Wang Miao thinks that Xu Feiqiong deserves to be the goddess of heaven and gold in science, and that guy named Wind Soul is proficient in Guigu art, and the military commander’s law is superb. If it weren’t for these three people, these demon families can’t escape from the world, but even so, these demons have been killed and injured for more than half. What’s worse, there is another person, Wu Xian, who is Wang Miao. I can’t win him."
God foolishly asked, "Who?"
Tianwu replied, "Since they came from the mysterious heaven, the Buddha was worried that Marshal Zhenwu of the four saints had something to do with them, so he sent someone to inform the one in Senluo Vientiane."
The god was dazed and then laughed. "This is very interesting. That man’s true martial arts are also four saints and one, but I don’t know which is better?"
Tianwu didn’t smile, but simply said, "Let’s go and make track for it."
The god said foolishly, "didn’t you say you were in no hurry?"
Tianwu said, "Those demons are already frightened. If we chase them to save their lives, the natural forces will flee, but if we relax, they will breathe a sigh of relief when they are chased by people, and their fighting spirit will not be weak. We will go after Wu Xian and that man Fengju Mountain with twice the result with half the effort. Of course, neither Wang Miaoxiang nor those demons can escape, but God has let us bring so many people here. If we let those guys escape to Fengju Mountain, we will have to rely on Wu Xian to wipe our bottoms. Then how dare we meet the Buddha?"
The god said foolishly, "You said not to chase, but you said to chase. Why are there so many blind tricks?"
Tian Wu was not angry, but said with a straight face, "Although my eyes can’t see my heart, I’m not blind, and some people can’t see the danger around them even though their eyes are not blind."
The god was stupid and angry. "You said it was me?"
Tianwu said lightly, "No, I said Wang Miaoxiang and Xu Feiqiong."
God is stupid. Even Wu Zhen and other five witches don’t have the meaning in Wu’s words during the day.
Is female qi and female sacrifice looked at each other …
Chapter sixty-nine Love is not specialized
When Shi Daoxuan and those demons take a break, the wind soul also sits in the dark and is silent.

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