This is an incalculable treasure!

Duruk’s mythology concealed his excitement and ecstasy. He swallowed a few mouthfuls, pressed his trembling hands and walked forward step by step.
Then it was blocked.
A faint curtain of light lay across him, and he couldn’t cross it like a moat.
He tried to attack and break through, but found that the white light at the tip of the pure white lighthouse not far away became more and more dazzling. After that, Duruk mythology resolutely followed the heart and chose to retreat from temptation.
At this time, the light curtain also emerged to be familiar with words
"Those who break into the trial site before the trial period comes will be marked as enemies. Please wait patiently, wait patiently, wait patiently …"
"When the trial begins …"
Looking at the screen, words emerge, and the myth of Duruk is unwilling and awed.
"I didn’t expect it to be true. Even after several years of scouring some Candeira relics, it can still operate on its own and has strong defense capabilities."
"In this way, you can wait and test yourself."
He looked around.
Outside the fog, there is a vast gray fog. It is difficult for the awakened person to find this trial relic unless it is quite coincidental.
But it’s not safe enough
"Candeira’s trial remains that my plan for the rise of the sunset kingdom must be lost!"
He pondered and gradually had a plan.
In the quiet night next door, the big oasis? At this time, he didn’t care that he sought a quiet night court. Now a great opportunity is in front of his eyes. It is clear which Duruk myth to choose.
Thinking of him gradually smiling, happy and confident.
"The Candeira Empire, also known as the Glorious Empire, has the rune skill of reproduction peak, which can be called the top stream of mysterious technology."
"Nowadays, the core component of many super oasis forces to build land is the treasures unearthed from the ruins of Candeira."
On the high viewing platform of Fuhuo base, you can sit in a rocking chair and look through printed intelligence documents.
With the rapid development of the organization, it has had exchanges with many super powers and gained some information such as clouds and roses. The organization information base is expanding at the same speed.
Among them, the most popular ones, besides Baal and ancient gods, are the Candeira Empire.
He has heard the name Candeira Empire too many times, but even in today’s era, this empire seems to be everywhere.
Many technologies and manufacturing processes were excavated from the ruins of Candeira and are now broadcast and carried forward.
The core component of the ground is even more rare, and most forces can make and engrave the desired skills in this’ core component’.
"I’m not the same as these, more similar to awakening and ability … It seems more complicated to match. Master Wang Hammer has dismantled one and can’t put it back."
"However, according to the Candeira Empire, the ability to bear land is also quite advanced, which is far from being seen by today’s shanzhai."

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