Chapter four hundred and ninety Forced alive congenital strong!

Spit out a foul breath and swell. Yu Dayou finally got rid of his physical strength and spirit. He stared at his hands, shook his round fan head and wore a high hat. Abe was tolerant.
At the moment, the gap between nature and nurture is highlighted. Abe Hirohito just hit it with a hand, but he wanted Yu Dayou to do his best to pick up the blow.
It can be said that at this moment, Yu Dayou has either been hit hard or fallen into the hands of Abe Hirohito.
Abe Hong-ren sighed lightly and looked at Yu Dayou’s way: "Many people have offended Tsuchimikado’s family, but they want to borrow a general."
Yu Dayou had this kind of repair at an early age, plus the respect shown by a large number of soldiers in Yu Dayou to Yu Dayou. Even if Yu Dayou is not a core senior general in the army, Abe Hongren is not stupid.
Although such a talented person as Yu Dayou is not in a high position, he must also be a general of a big generation. It is very important to have more senior generals in the military.
This is also normal. Yu Dayou is indeed a generation of generals trained by Chu Yi. This generation has Yang Yiqing, Wang Yang, Lu Dazhu, Han Kun and others, while the generation is Yu Dayou, Xu Tianzuo and other generals. If you say that it is farther away, Qi Jiguang and others can’t say anything unexpected. Yu Dayou is one of the big military leaders in the next 50 years set by Chu Yi.
Abe Hiroshi’s capture of Yu Dayou is definitely more qualified to negotiate with the big leaders than several big and high-level generals. Unfortunately, a blow failed to take Yu Dayou. Abe Hiroshi found that he had no chance to attack Yu Dayou again.
Because at this time, a huge momentum of the earth and only me came to my face. Where did Abe Hong-ren’s mind shake? Where did he still have the mind to manage Yu Dayou? It was almost a general spirit to face this sudden strong man
"Big manager!"
King Wu’s Hall!
When I saw that tall and straight figure coming slowly, many people’s eyes were full of excitement and reverence, and they couldn’t help but shout.
"Wu Wang Chu Yi!"
Abe Hirohito and others naturally listened to the whispers of all people clearly and at the same time understood Chu Yi’s identity.
It is widely recognized that Chu Yiming, the first man in the world, went to Japan from those merchants several years ago.
Although many people don’t trust Chu Yi, it doesn’t prevent Chu Yi from being a great aristocrat. Who makes Chu Yi’s deeds amazing?
And Abe Hiroshi obviously knew about Chu Yi’s deeds, and when he saw Chu Yi because of knowing Chu Yi’s deeds, Abe Hiroshi couldn’t help but have a wave in his heart.
Judging from Chu Yi’s acting style, Abe Hongren knows that Chu Yi is definitely the kind of decisive and lean figure, and once he has a decision in his heart, he will not change.
Because of this, Abe Hong couldn’t help but feel the looming murder that Chu Yi revealed. When Abe Hong couldn’t help sighing in his heart, his heart sank.
"Tsuchimikado’s family is finished!"
In my heart, I realized that Abe Hongren didn’t want to change Chu Yi’s mind by pleading with Chu Yi.
If it were so easy, Chu Yi wouldn’t have ended up in such a big name. Now that he felt Chu Yi’s undisguised murder, it is obvious that he was killed by Chu Yi as an example to the Tsuchimikado family.
Although there is almost no second one in Kyoto’s theory of strength and inside information that can be compared with their Tsuchimikado family, even if they want to make an example, their Tsuchimikado family should be warned of the monkey instead of sacrificing the chicken.
When I saw Chu Yi’s figure, Yu Dayou breathed a sigh of relief slightly. In fact, when I faced Abe’s forbearance, Yu Dayou Gen had no confidence to protect a group of foot soldiers. Now I can finally feel at ease.
Yu Dayou gave ChuYi a gift.
Chu Yi nodded slightly at Yu Dayou with a somewhat appreciative look in his eyes. "It’s not bad to be able to defeat the first world war with the innate level of the strong, even if it’s an attack."
Obviously, Chu Yi was very satisfied with Yu Dayou’s performance. Chu Yi praised Yu Dayou’s face for showing excitement and respectfully said, "It will be possible to achieve today’s achievements at the end of the year. Yu Dayou wants the temple to die!"
Patted Yu Dayou on the shoulder, Chu Yi passed by Yu Dayou and said, "Take it and keep your eyes open. If you get anything, it will still be of great help to you!"
Speaking with Chu Yi’s eyes behind his back, Abe Hongren’s face was somewhat indifferent and said, "Let’s do it!"
Chu Yi’s meaning is very clear, that is, Abe Hirohito should take the lead, otherwise once he starts talking, there will be no chance for Abe Hirohito to start.
Abe Hiroshi naturally means Bai Chu-yi. Although Chu-yi is so contemptuous or his attitude makes his heart very smoldering, Chu-yi feels like an insurmountable mountain. The more he looks at Chu-yi, the greater the pressure on Abe Hiroshi.
Finally, Abe Hongren’s mouth growled, and the whole person seemed to be blown up. A dozen figures emerged around him. Every figure was so real. Not far away, Yu Dayou opened his eyes when he saw this scene. His eyes were full of dignified colors. Because Yu Dayou found himself judging which one of these dozens of figures was Abe Hongren’s body.
It is true that every figure makes him feel no different from his real body, but Abe Hongren is not a fairy figure. It is absolutely impossible to personalize it. More than a dozen people say that there must be a real phantom key among these dozens of figures to judge which one is Abe Hongren’s real body
"Big manager!"
At the moment, everyone’s attention was focused on Chu Yi, and everyone saw that Abe Hongren was a person with more than a dozen people showing horror. Naturally, Chu Yi pinched a cold sweat.
But Chu Yi didn’t seem to see the dozens of figures coming towards him. The general look of the picture was still so indifferent. Seeing that the dozens of figures were going to jump on Chu Yi, Chu Yi suddenly smiled and shook his head slightly. "It’s just a transformation, even if you change your mind, there will be more illusions!"
Speaking, Chu Yi slowly raised his hand towards a figure in front of him, so he took it in the past, giving people the feeling that he was flying a fly casually.
In an instant, the phantom disappeared all around, and a figure appeared. It was Chu Yi who slapped and repeatedly retreated Abe Hongren.
Abe Hiroshi repeatedly retreated, and his mouth was faintly bloodshot. Obviously, Chu Yi’s slap was better than Abe Hiroshi’s and he was hurt a little.
"It’s really a feat to repair the King Wu Temple. It really deserves its name at first sight today!"
It was a fight with Abe Hirohito that he realized the gap between the two. Although he said that he was congenitally strong, it was unreasonable to detect both.
Abe Hirohito felt that when he faced Chu Yi, it was like a child facing a strong man. The gap between us was so wide. If Abe Hirohito’s mind and concentration were not bad, I am afraid that a fight would be hit and the whole person would collapse.
Even so, Abe Hirohito looked gloomy as if he had lost the rooster.
Looking at Chu Yi, Abe Hongren suddenly saluted Chu Yi, "Wu Wangdian Hongren is willing to die and apologize, and please let the temple give Tsuchimikado a chance to live!"
It’s absolutely a myth that Abe Sunny went to Japan. The character of Yin and Yang is like the Confucian Confucius and Mencius. Now Abe Hongren realizes that the Tsuchimikado family is likely to be wiped out because of this, but he is willing to die himself or the Tsuchimikado family will inherit the blood.
Chu Yi took a look at Abe Hongren and said, "Then you can kill yourself!"
Tsuchimikado’s family is dumbfounded. In their minds, Abe Hongren is absolutely an enemy of God, and it is also the foundation of their Tsuchimikado family. It’s like the white jade pillar with a needle in the sea, but at the moment their three views have collapsed.
Their enemies should implore Chu Yi to be willing to die and apologize. Tsuchimikado’s family bears this. If you don’t let Tsuchimikado’s family be struck by lightning one by one.
Watching Abe Hongren slowly raise my hand and shoot a group of Tsuchimikado family members one by one with a big look and shouted at Abe Hongren.
Abe Hiroshi took a look at those people’s eyes full of sadness and sighed, "May Hiroshi die in exchange for my Tsuchimikado family …"
Speaking, Abe Hiroshi looked at Chu Yi and patted his hand. Suddenly, he saw that blood was slowly flowing out of Abe Hiroshi’s 7 eyes, but his eyes were wide open and he looked at Chu Yi.
Yu Dayou and others looked at Chu Yi’s consciousness in the past, only to see Chu Yi go away behind his back.

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