Sure enough, I refused!

Bai Jing narrowed his eyes. She stared at Xu Le and didn’t talk. Xu Leshen was afraid.
Captain Bai Jing, why are you looking at me like that?
"Xu Le, our night watchman’s salary and benefits are very good. You can get 25 a month’s salary after you join the company."
Want to impress me with benefits? Impossible. Absolutely impossible.
Xu Le gave a face of firm said.
"Captain Bai, this is not a salary and welfare issue."
Bai Jing smiled gently.
"I know you are worried about your own safety, but I can tell you for sure that the night watchman also has a civilian body, so you can adapt to it first."
The night watchman has a civilian body, too That sounds good, but is it possible to lead him into a trap?
Let’s see what they have first!
"White captain, I think …"
Bai Jing directly interrupted Xu Le.
"Gu Beichen, tell him about the night watchman’s welfare."
Gu Beichen corners of the mouth take a smoke and then his trademark arrogant tone said
"You can get 6% of your salary every month and learn the extraordinary technical knowledge of the lighthouse.
Pay for advanced knowledge and apply for advanced knowledge. "
Knowledge? Right here?
Do you look down on me?
I’m kidding. How can a traveler give up his original idea for this reason?
See Xu Le unmoved gu Beichen continued.
"In addition to these, we night watchman can also meet government officials who don’t salute the club, Bai Piao takes a paid shit and so on."
Xu Le quietly looked up at Gu Beichen with a face of serious concern.
"Chen Ge said in detail!"
Chapter 43 Join the Night’s Watch
"What do you say in detail?"
If it weren’t for Gu Beichen, a face of serious questions asked Xu Le to wonder if this little thing was intentional.
"Ahem, an upright person like me is not interested in Bai Piao and paid shit in the clubhouse.
I mainly want brother Chen to elaborate on the social status and future direction of a night watchman. "
Looking at Xu Le, a full face of serious insincere words, Bai Jing became more and more satisfied with him. She pushed Gu Beichen and said directly
"This little want to ask is what level club is Bai Piao?
In fact, the so-called work direction is to ask if you need to go out in the field. "
Xu Le, the in the mind a warm captain understand me!
"White captain, how can you think that I am such a shallow person? You misinterpreted me. "
Bai Jing is not going to dwell on this issue.
"Line line civilian you can’t out of the field.
You want the conditions, our team 6 can give them to you.
It will even add some extra benefits, such as lighthouse citizens occasionally bribing you to take private jobs.
We won’t ask these questions without affecting the working conditions.
Including the transfer of your residence pension and so on, the night watchman can help you meet it.
Are you white? "
Hear this Xu Le squinting so rich Bai Jing all for him!
Additional accommodation and pensions are obviously the details of Lao Zhou’s affairs, and it has been investigated clearly.
Xu Le Bai wants to join the night watchman himself and must go through the night watchman’s political review.
This kind of investigation is just part of the political review.
Xu Leke is not as sensitive as the protagonist in the play. When people investigate him, they jump into the air.
He is very clean and pure, and the international student institute is not afraid of being investigated.
If this kind of entry does not investigate his background and experience, it is really a ghost.
There is a high probability that the senior security department will not check your background.

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