Keep it down! ! !

Of course, Gong Sunqi knows the meaning of the old woman in Central China. Li Lu is still young and doesn’t know what it means.
"What does she mean? What do you mean, be quiet? We didn’t make a scene."
Li Lu’s words made Gong Sunqi feel guilty. Now there are not many pure girls these days. Gong Sunqi said carelessly, "She is afraid that we will disturb her if we talk too much about catching up."
"Oh, then let’s go outside and talk about it so that it won’t disturb others." Li Lu was naive and really old-fashioned, just like Sun Qi said, and took the initiative to hold Sun Qi’s hand and walk out.
They haven’t seen each other for a long time, so there’s a lot to say. Li Lu asked Sun Qi about what happened after that. Sun Qi told a lie, but he didn’t lie about one thing, that is, going to Yunxi High School.
Gong Sunqi told Li Lu that the master helped him recover after he was rescued and took him to Yunxi High School.
"Li Lu, do you still know my ability?" GongSunQi asked.
From nodded. "What’s wrong with knowing that you are a water magician like me?"
"Do you know my other ability?" Gong Sunqi asked tentatively.
"The other one?" Li Lu carefully recalled a "another ability? Split up? " Suddenly, Li Lu seemed to understand something and pointed to Sun Qi. "Are you, your doppelganger, a power?"
Gong Sunqi nodded. "I have magic and power."
"It’s impossible." Li Lu didn’t believe that it was impossible to know the magic and powers in this world. Many countries tried to implant powers or magic into his body, but they died in an explosion. Moreover, there is no record in history that magic and powers have never merged.
"I also want to say it’s impossible, but I’m an example. I’m busy with power and water magic." Gong Sunqi decided to test Li Lu’s knowledge of the mysterious organization.
According to Gong Sunqi’s thinking method, his magic and power were first known to be the Li family, that is, Li Lu’s brother Li Yuhan Li Yuhan. That sister-in-law loves Li Lu so much will definitely let her know something, that is to say, if the mysterious organization is definitely in contact with Li Yuhan, then Li Yuhan may inform Li Lu more or less.
Gong Sunqi doesn’t want to benefit Li Lu, a naive girl, but it is also necessary to know that the mysterious organization has been constantly bothering him, and even let Yao Zi Ling die. Gong Sunqi is passive everywhere. If he doesn’t listen to some information and do something, how can he take revenge on the mysterious organization, such as turning passive into active?
"You are magic and power, so if you don’t come to me, at least let me know that you are still alive. I know my brother did something too much to make fun of your life." Li Lu apologized. "But there were only a few escape pods at that time, and we couldn’t bring more people, as you know."
"But I know that people don’t take the hindmost. Besides, your bodies are noble. I am a poor man who has benefited from your kindness. Of course, it is me."
Gong Sunqi said that it was a bit harsh to listen to Li Lu and asked, "If it was you at that time, you would make a choice."
GongSunQi sneer at a "sacrifice I’m not cocoa somehow and I say, you just throw me in that place while I’m in a coma? If it weren’t for my fate, I really wouldn’t have lived. "
"It’s all over. After that, I owe you, and the Li family has also paid off. It should be said that I owe Li Yuhan all paid off, and I don’t need any more trouble."
Gong Sunqi said this, which made Li Lu feel sour. It was all Li Yuhan, wasn’t it?
Gong Sunqi smiled and patted Li Lu on the shoulder. "Didn’t I say it’s all over? I owe the Li family everything back. I’m a free man now, aren’t I? I can pursue you aboveboard now, aren’t I?"
What GongSunQi did was also purposeful. In their previous conversation, GongSunQi couldn’t find out whether the mysterious organization was good for the Li family or not. If he pursued Li Lu, then he really got Li Lu. He is the Li family’s son-in-law. Then he can investigate further. If it is really the Li family, he won’t mind killing the Li family in Li Lu.
"The pursuit of me? !”
Li Lu deserted high school and pursued her everywhere. Many seniors also pursued her, but she didn’t even look at each other’s sweet words and gifts. But Gong Sunqi was different. She didn’t know anything. When Gong Sunqi said’ Pursuing you’, her heart thumped.
"Yes, I’m a lifesaver after you. Don’t you give me a chance to pursue you?" GongSunQi hey hey smile.
Chapter 19 Fog
When Leng Yunhai woke up, he was surprised and embarrassed to see that GongSunQi was still alive. He didn’t expect this day to come.
Aside, Chu Di Sheng didn’t feel surprised and embarrassed, clamoring to find a peach blossom to treat Li Yuhan, and even though the cold sea of clouds stopped him, he slapped the cold sea of clouds, saying that he didn’t have a brother’s friendship and said that he didn’t care about Li Yuhan’s safety
"Face peach blossom, if you want to die, go and get it."
Gong Sunqi said coldly, "Now Taoling Mountain has been surrounded by a group of people. This group of people is to cultivate peach blossoms. You can get them if you don’t want to die."
"Is that peach grove cultivated?"
Cold sea of clouds asked.
Gongsunqi glanced at the cold sea of clouds, and the three of them were relatively calm but farsighted.
"Yes, the real name of that peach forest is blood peach forest. The only way to grow blood peach is to nourish it with the blood and body of creatures." Gong Sunqi did not hide anything.
He turned a corner and asked from Li Lu, but he didn’t know that the blood peach was very mysterious. There was no way for Gong Sunqi to pin his hopes on the cold sea of clouds and the cold sea of clouds and Li Yuhan. It was also considered that his classmates and brothers should know more or less about Li Yuhan.
"That bloody peach forest is formed by white bones. At least hundreds of thousands of living creatures are buried in the bloody peach forest. It is lucky to be able to save you."
"Do you know anything about the blood peach forest again?"
Leng Yunhai pushed his glasses cautiously. "As far as I know, you are just a poor man. Even if you survive, you can’t know so much. Besides, is there such a coincidence? You went to rescue Murphy’s blood peach forest and you?"
Chu Di Sheng looked at Gong Sunqi, and even Li Lu looked at Gong Sunqi. Gong Sunqi laughed. "Your guess is very subtle, but you guessed wrong. I went there because I was looking for treasure."
Then Gong Sunqi took out a treasure map and threw it to the cold sea of clouds. He didn’t mind being seen by the cold sea of clouds. Now Gong Sunqi doubts the authenticity of the treasure map. Could it be that the treasure map bait of the mysterious organization lured a group of explorers to lure them into the blood peach forest and then make them into blood peach forest for nourishment?
"How did you get this treasure map?"
Leng Yunhai said that her voice was not calm and she looked at Chu Di Sheng "Take out our treasure map and compare it."
Treasure map? They also have a treasure map?
Gong Sunqi looked suspiciously at Chu Di-sheng and saw that Chu Di-sheng took the treasure map out of the ring and gave it to Leng Yunhai.
Cold sea of clouds stand their treasure map with two treasure maps. Sun Qi also leaned in. I don’t know if I saw it, but I was shocked. The two treasure maps were exactly the same.
"This is this! !”
"Two identical treasure maps! ! !”
"No, it’s not." Leng Yunhai took two treasure maps to Gong Sunqi. "It’s the same if you touch a texture, that is to say, the drawing techniques of the same animal skin are the same."
Gong Sunqi took two treasure maps and carefully distinguished them. "It is exactly the same, even some subtle parts are exactly the same. How did you get this one?"
"You get that one again" asks Leng Yunhai.
Gong Sunqi didn’t do anything to hide the "antique market"
"We also don’t accurately say that this one is Chu Di-sheng who went to the antique market to find specific words, so we should ask Chu Di-sheng." Leng Yunhai looked at Chu Di-sheng and hoped that Chu Di-sheng would tell the truth.
Chu Di-sheng recalled a story and told it in detail. "That’s what the boss said. There is a magical peach blossom in this treasure land, which can make people restore their original appearance and make women stay in Yan forever."
"Then it seems that we are all pawned."
Generate in Leng Yunhai’s squinting eyes has a strong sense of murder. Since the incident, they have tried every means to find out who the mastermind is, but they can’t find the mastermind. It’s like people evaporating. Now this incident makes Leng Yunhai feel that they have been framed again.
Suddenly, Gong Sunqi turned his head and looked out with a dignified face. "Oh, no"
"What’s the matter?"

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