Liu Ji, the thorn banshee, manipulated the vines, and her strength continued to expand through those one by one, which was equivalent to her busy planting.

Dozens of kilometers away.
Thick vines broke the window and kept pouring into the house, and those cultists strangled them in astonishment.
Then Liu Ji, the thorn banshee, turned her attention to another area.
Vines covered most of the fog and melted her hunting ground.
The sky is a red moon hanging high.
The sky is shrouded in trees.
Law Saint Anthony, the worst disaster area in the foggy city, looked amazed. The thick vines in his eyes were constantly extending and soon spreading, and there was a powerful and sinister area in the distance.
These strange vines are fighting with evil spirits.
Some vines are caught in the evil and some are torn by the evil.
However, the number of vines is increasing, and new vines are growing, and thick dark green vines are soaring.
Getting longer and thicker.
It’s like a string of rattan dragons binding two giant shadows in the distance to the ground! Even if rattan breaks from time to time, there are more and more rattan dragons clinging to it.
Winding! Bound!
Round and round! Keep stacking!
In a short time, a huge vine mountain was formed by winding several rattan dragons, standing in the ruins, and the earth appeared in front of the powerful sunset countries such as France, San Antonio and so on!
The mountain is shaking and protruding
The evil spirit makes a huge roar and swings far away.
But also like being held by two giants, it is getting tighter and tighter.
The tremor and the bulge gradually subsided, just like two giant beasts, Fujiyama, slowly calmed down.
Looking at this scene from a distance, the hearts of the strong people in the country are like a huge wave for a long time to calm down.
at this time
Saint Anthony looked up and found that the scarlet moon hanging high in the foggy city had disappeared before he knew it.
Red light is no longer as cool as water at night.
The cold wind blew over the night watchman’s cheeks, and they found that the vines around them disappeared in the distance, and the vine mountain disappeared with them, as well as that terrible evil.
It seems that the previous disasters are all illusions.
In front of them, the ruins are all over the floor, and occasionally there are some mysterious limbs that are still smoking, and the green liquid vines that burst out are even more shocking and fuzzy. All this tells them that this is not an illusion.
The night watchmans tightened their clothes and ran forward before dawn.
"another red mask that hung over the city disappeared!"
A command hall at the headquarters of Huangdu Bureau of Investigation.
Watching another ceremony venue be broken, I know that lovers can’t help punching.
"Now there is only one last ceremony venue left."
Looking at the pictures taken by satellite, Tang Bureau couldn’t help clenching his fist.
But all he can do now is watch.
They are still too weak.
In the future, we must keep pace with the development of the fire, so as to cope with this increasingly serious disaster.
Bald eagle federal area 51
At this time, the leader of Area 51 is also watching the satellite images.
His brow wrinkled.
"Seven cities are shrouded in red light and hung with red moons. What happened in this?"

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