"The name so-called I think Qin Ren is good!"

A fist rolled over, powder fist!
Dark record of fairy road
brief introduction
Cultivate immortals, seek immortality, be passionate, tread on lotus, drag waves, cleanse sword bones, and build holy souls with virtual wind!
How is wedge contempt crossing again?
If the name Li Ergou appeared 60 or 70 years ago or earlier, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. Even 40 or 50 years ago, it was normal for a rural person to take these two nicknames, but this name happened to appear as a student in the 21st century.
Li Ergou’s name is not so two dog. His name is Li Ergou. Because he was born in rural areas, his parents were illiterate, and I don’t know where to find this meticulous word to buy and learn. So his eldest brother’s name is Li Lingbu, and he got the name Er Gou according to the ranking second.
Maybe it’s because the name Li Ergou looks really dirty-after reading it at first glance, the first generation can’t forget that when they have nightmares, their weight is always amazing and inversely proportional to their size-1.6 meters and nearly 100 kilograms.
Li Ergou is a man and a normal man. He has all the common problems of normal men-lewd, and this guy is not generally lewd and belongs to man show type for personal reasons.
If the problem of lewdness grows into a handsome young man, most beautiful girls will willingly attach themselves to him.
If the problem of lewdness grows up with a beautiful woman who is not handsome but has a good family background and is young and rich, she will usually lean forward with a happy and excited smile while cursing "dude"
If he is a rich man who looks vulgar but spends a lot of money, even if his figure and weight are out of proportion, those young girls who yearn for extravagant life will fly away like moths in desperation.
The crux of the matter is that Li Ergou has no handsome appearance, no prominent family background, and he doesn’t have enough money to squander, so he can be a poor class that looks at beautiful women and spits. He has no woman’s favor, even the prehistoric dinosaur who looks worse than him shuns him.
It’s not so bad for a man to just look at a beautiful woman and swallow saliva. The key is that the weak are not very outstanding in academic performance, and they will not be loved and protected by snobbish teachers. Naturally, there are no fewer bullying in school.
The oppressive environment has completely shaped a person’s character. Li Ergou, who was born in the countryside and knew money and food was precious, was out of place these days, and his character became more and more eccentric.
Depressed to the extreme, Li Ergou can spend his limited time in the limited network and enjoy online novels to the fullest.
Familiar with 300 poems of Tang poetry that can’t be written, you can also sing the arty net. He has a vain name for a layman, and privately changed the word Ergou into the word "Suiyun", which is also elegant in the nickname of Ergou.
Without video, these two brands have fooled many beautiful girls, but the nickname two dog among his classmates can’t escape.
Li Suiyun really envied those people who went back to ancient times easily and created a career easily …
How come you don’t have such good luck when you strongly despise the old? While insatiability Li Ergou was muttering angrily, a rolling mine suddenly exploded, followed by a sudden leak of Li Er’s dog brain mouse, which seemed to be attracted. Nine days ago, the thickness of a bucket thundered and fell to the window without bias. Li Ergou was trembling with touch.
In an instant, he was burned to ashes, but it happened that Li Ergou was still conscious. An idea popped up in his mind in an instant. It wouldn’t be crossing! How is contempt crossing God again? I don’t want to cross …
The first chapter depends on how to cross too much
Being struck by lightning, Li Suiyun felt that he was involved in a huge vortex. There was darkness in front of him, and occasionally there were a few flashes, but it didn’t help. On the contrary, he became accustomed to the darkness. He lost his roots for a short time and couldn’t see his environment clearly. He was like an insect caught in sticky honey. No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t get rid of it.
I don’t know how long it took, but the vortex seems to have changed again, from a quagmire to an egg. There is still no light in front of me, and it is still dark. Even the original flash has disappeared, and it is so lonely to accompany Fat.
Li Suiyun doesn’t like this feeling very much. This feeling is very depressing. It makes people want to shout but can’t come out. It is a mental torture for the unknown future.
In the face of this strange phenomenon, a strange idea came to Li Suiyun’s mind. Isn’t this hell? Do you remember seeing the scene of hell, doing everything all day and being alone every day … Do you think your present situation is not very similar to what you said?
Although Li Suiyun still has a little doubt in his heart, he has always been law-abiding and has never done anything harmful, that is, he occasionally peeks at beautiful women. This is not too much. How did this happen today?
More importantly, if you really fell into hell, why didn’t you see the head of a cow and the face of a horse? Without them, who will manage this place?
I don’t know if I’m dead, but I’m more willing to believe that I’m crossing than Li Suiyun, but the crossing method is a little special.
However, Li Suiyun can’t even say it himself, and he doubts that if he has to say it, why would it be so weird to cross it himself? What is your current state?
If you say that you are a fetus now, why can’t you hear a click? If you say that you are robbing others, why can’t you see the sunshine? Don’t give up the object in a coma …
What’s all this? It’s a mess. Li Suiyun has a big head because of his own thoughts.
There is no time in the dark. If Li Suiyun didn’t believe that he would wake up sooner or later, he would have been crazy.
So I don’t know how long it’s been. It seems like 100 million years and it seems like a day …
Finally, one day, tortured by loneliness and chatting, Li Suiyun was about to have a nervous breakdown. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise, which was different from the natural sound for a person who had not heard the sound for a long time and had almost forgotten the sound. This was the first sound he "crossed" to hear.
Li Suiyun, who has been tortured by loneliness, stared around with excitement. An unusual idea came into his head. Am I really a fetus? Am I going to be born? But why is this movement so strange? Come on, come on, midwife. Where?
At this time, Li Suiyun no longer thinks about his affairs. He wants to have a chance to see the sun, even for a moment, even if he hangs up again.
Accustomed to the darkness, Li Suiyun first discovered that the light was so beautiful. At this moment, he had everything he had in exchange for that moment of light.
It’s a pity that his wish can’t come true. He felt a clear air rising and a heavy air sinking. At this moment, he was surprised to find that he could think and perceive everything in the world.
What makes him even more unbelievable is that he can’t feel his body, not to mention his limbs and facial features. There is an explanation that he is now a wisp of body without consciousness … Maybe he has really hung up and now there is a wisp of ghosts left.
Li Suiyun tried his best to spread his consciousness to perceive this world without light. What surprised him was that the world in his perception range was so monotonous.
There is no wind, no water, no light, no soil, bare stones everywhere, and there is no breath of life. It seems that all the elements that make up life have disappeared. The most surprising thing is that the edges and corners of these rocks are bright and the fractures have just broken.
Suddenly, Li Suiyun "saw" an incredible scene. A huge figure stood in the sky like an eternal mountain with an axe in his hand, quietly watching the sky rise and fall. Li Suiyun couldn’t help but be surprised at the thought of this word. He’s not a fool. He blurted out, "What’s the matter? Isn’t this Pangu Tian? How did I cross into this era? By crossing too much … "
Just gawking at the giant in the distance, I don’t know how long it will take. This nerve has always been a big guy. Suddenly, after the creation of the world, the chaotic gas of heaven and earth suddenly became chaotic, and it came to him as crazy as a burst of water found a vent.
These reiki are the most primitive breath of heaven and earth, just like the purest water in the world, without any impurities. With the continuous influx of reiki, Li Suiyun actually condensed into an illusory image the size of Mount Tai, and with the continuous increase of reiki, it gradually became materialized.
Pangu’s split seems to have taken a lot of effort. He gasped a little. The ancient great god was born directly from heaven and earth. He naturally knows a lot about the change of aura than others. The most primitive chaotic gas in heaven and earth flows wildly, so he can’t hide his feelings.
Pangu knows what this means. It says that there is a new life calling these aura. Although it may be a call of consciousness, it also means that there is another life in this world besides himself.
I also felt lonely. Pangu immediately showed his mind and frantically searched for the loneliness of his contemporaries. It is not only the reincarnation of Li Suiyun who can understand it.
Li Suiyun also sensed what Pangu was looking for. He wouldn’t look for himself, would he? !
Li Suiyun, who considers himself a nobody, once again looks at this carefully, and the ancient great god is full of shock in his heart.
You won’t know Pangu is tall until you see him with your own eyes. He is really a giant with indomitable spirit. Li Suiyun already felt very big, but he didn’t think that he was like an ant looking at the mountain in front of him.
But he didn’t know that he, an ant, had reached the second floor of the pyramid, second only to Pangu at the top.

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