It’s like being born with a charm, and being born with a big hand.

These two magical powers are the ones that make up these two magical powers, and the magic effects made by the enemy are similar.
If the other side’s realm and strength can’t crush Lingqing, Shuangnaji can restrain it.
However, it’s definitely not easy for the fox demon to know that Brother Wan is a master.
Road flyover spirit saw that everyone was thoughtful, and the father gave jade ruyi a knock on the palm and said, "All right.
I don’t know where they have fled and whether they dare to come to the Dragon Palace, but just in case, we should be cautious and try to get together during the Dragon Banquet.
Try to be accompanied by me, Daoli and Daoqing. "
"Yes, brother." When they heard this, they nodded.
Immediately, Zhu Guang fiddled with three ghost-gate iron plates placed in front of everyone and said, "I wonder if they want to take this world for themselves? Is it only by virtue of these three ghosts that Rashomon is born? "
He practiced "The Ghost Method of Bones", which is also a ghost magic. You can see at a glance that these three iron plates contain a ghost atmosphere.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-six Control the secret key of the shakotan coast
Rashomon usually shows its appearance when it turns into a palm-sized iron card.
One of them was cut off by Tian Yong, and the other two were found from Ghost Pill and Sunny Body.
"It’s difficult to control a secret world and see how hard it is to master it," said Taoist Lingdao, shaking his head.
"The simplest thing is not to regard it as a real vice and find out its laws and methods.
Then through a certain number of people to monitor and guard, send people to explore at any time.
At this point, the Special Affairs Department is in the best position.
Since the days of change, there have been many large and small borders and various secret realms.
Among them, it can be determined that there are about 300 after verification.
It is possible for the Ministry of Special Affairs to master one-fifth or even one-third of them. "
"Is it so exaggerated?" Lingqing and others smell speech surprised and asked
It’s only about five years since the change of the sky, when some people are still struggling to find a secret place that is not available.
The secret service department not only adapted quickly, but also quietly had such control?
However, when you think about it, it seems that it is not difficult to see that the Ministry of Special Affairs is making rapid progress.
After all, for this country, this aspect has a talent that is difficult for other countries since ancient times.
"This is normal. Every time the Secret Service explores the deputy action, it is special.
One of them is to search for information as much as possible, find the auxiliary method to control the secret realm, and at least find the auxiliary law
But everyone didn’t have much contact in the past, and some didn’t know much about it. "
After seeing that everyone can freely explain the sentence, Taoist Lingdao continued, "Although this method of finding out the law is simple, it also needs a lot of reliable people to maintain it."
Therefore, some forces that do not have this strength or want to liberate this part of the manpower also include the Ministry of Special Affairs.
New methods have been explored on this basis one after another.
That is, talented people like Japan generally hold the secret world in their hands.
There will be a secret fluctuation in the secret world at the beginning, and if you can receive the corresponding breath in a secret world, you will put it away and turn it into something like dependence
In this way, it is necessary to hold this equivalent to relying on the key.
It is not only equivalent to mastering the keys and tickets to and from this secret world, but also preventing others from entering and leaving this world. "
Said the road flyover spirit will be this a few Abe too first-class called rashomon ghost door picked it up.
"In the sight of these three multiplier is specialized system key.
And they have collected a small part of it, and this vice-breath has been able to travel to and from this side of the world through them. "
"I have never heard of this information before." Lingqing also picked up one and looked at it carefully.
He had played with this thing before, but he didn’t see any abnormality.
At this time, the cave is a real eye-opener and the goblin avatar is blessed with water-magic, but I have seen a little doorway and found a kind of fluctuation that depends on the same time.

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