The officer of the monitoring department of the Freedom Army Base gaped at the screen and asked incredulously, "What enemy fighters suddenly increased? ! So close, even if the stealth performance of H-25 J-26 is strong, it is impossible to avoid monitoring. "

"It’s … it’s synchronous flight!" The technicians took the lead to react. "Their fighter planes are flying synchronously. Simply put, two fighters of the same model are sailing at the same speed one by one, so that our military radar monitoring can be scanned by satellite to the top plane. We can’t see the fighter plane that wants the other plane to interfere with the equipment … and what’s terrible is that the track cloud is actually synchronized when they are sailing."
How powerful is this flight technology and execution to achieve medium-tactical maneuver?
At this moment, the person in charge of the monitoring department thought of many things, such as the Chinese military parade, for example, when some kind of disaster came, the strong and unified pace of this nation was to evolve the word body to the extreme.
It is not difficult for groups to fly synchronously, but it is definitely a feat for more than 100 fighter planes to fly synchronously to avoid detection.
Lin Yaozong chose people, and Governor Zhou chose people who are the most elite in the Chinese army. They come from the same army and have a tacit understanding beyond ordinary people. This is the key!
After the fission of 65 fighters, the enemy annihilation fleet took the lead in covering the enemy defense units.
Dense ground-to-ground missiles are showered with bullets!
"boomed! !”
Shake the earth and explode around the first military base!
One fighter in Area 9 is shot down, and one fighter is missing, but this situation is the same for the free side. Their fire resistance is shattered, which means their fire power will be weaker!
Consumption! !
Crazy consumption!
The two sides exchanged fire in less than two minutes, and more than 50 of the 196 fighters were shot down!
In the ninth district, most of the ares chose to finally control the fighter plane and crashed into the enemy’s abdomen defense point.
When the warriors who control the enemy annihilation fleet give their lives to the bomber group to fight for scattered shells!
Han Jingzhong sat in the cockpit and kept shouting, "Attack the artillery fleet warehouse of the enemy base! Can’t let them intercept the plane up fast! "
The sonic boom is endless, and a large number of enemy fighters dive from it to reduce their height, and then the ground-to-ground missile guns fire wildly at the enemy airport!
Kirill, the main building of the airport, was protected by everyone and fled to the cave. As he ran, he shouted, "… damn it, they must have betrayed the information of our military base …! ! Order the nearest army defense unit to move in the direction of our airport …! "
Kirill’s orders are the most correct nonsense. The general didn’t know to ask for help from the Army Defense Department? But can the fucking army reach Mach 2? Isn’t this bullshit?
After several attacks by the enemy annihilation fleet, the fire protection around the enemy base was also consumed, and there were loopholes.
At this time, wait for the bomber group to enter the field for a long time!
The maximum tonnage of H-25 is 15 tons, and this battle is to bomb the enemy’s main base. The amount of bombs must be selected by the large area and the nine areas, so that the ammunition is a long sword. 2 Cruise missiles, which are seven meters long and weigh two cups, have strong and precise strike capability.
A plane is equipped with about five swords, and his small missiles, and more than a dozen of them bomb 25 bodies to release ammunition. How horrible and destructive would it be? !
When the missiles in the belly cabin of all bombers fell into the middle, the awakening cruise system directly made them fly to the strike site by mistake 3!
It seems that the whole world has been quiet for more than ten seconds!
Immediately after a missile landed first, it caused a large-scale explosion. Fiona Fang was in a sea of fire for dozens of kilometers, as if the earth were burning!
After the one-time launch, all the army ares will be over because the enemy’s No.1 military base has completely evaporated!
However, these ares know in their hearts that it is easier to come than to go!
The surprise attack is sudden, but the return trip will definitely be monitored by the enemy. After the ammunition runs out, they will not even have a chance to fight back.
When the fleet sailed home, it was violently intercepted by enemy army troops!
Han Jingzhong sat on the first command channel of the warehouse bomber and shouted, "Brothers! It’s time for the country to be loyal to the motherland and defend the North Wind Mouth to the death! ! ! Natural enemies of our army! !”
The bomber swooped down and hit the army defense unit directly
One fighter after another swooped in!
If you never come back, you never come back …
196 fighter planes and 196 military ares didn’t come back, but they saved many people in Beifengkou. Perhaps in this turbulent new era, our military and political forces law guarantees that every region can carry out urbanization construction, but when there is a national difficulty, someone must come out and die first!
Around 1 o’clock that night
The Qin Gu Bingtuan on the border of Xinjiang also launched the final decisive battle.
After the free fall attack plan was completely destroyed, the military department became angry from embarrassment and directly attacked Beifengkou with 150 thousand troops!
This is almost the strength of their northern line, but without the support of the recent military base, their advancing speed is much slower than expected!
Chapter 2513 Race against time
At present, the six districts are also in a state of split interests, and the political parties occupy their own turf separately, but the scope of activities of the liberal forces is staggered with respect to the radiation range of the forward forces in the northeast of the six districts.
That’s why Freedom is so hostile to the three regions, because the two sides are the closest. If the military forces in Beifengkou, the ninth region suddenly rise, they will be the first to threaten.
The free fall of 150,000 troops mobilized almost all their main forces in the northeast, saying that it was only a matter of time, but the main reason why they did this was that they hardly got a bargain in their attack on Beifengkou, and they only wanted to take it here with a bang after they had a memory.
Of course, there must be a preventive strategy behind the free fall. In this period, the European Union has secretly intervened in various interest prices to reconcile the six districts to ensure that the free fall will not encounter military threats from other political parties in the six districts when sending troops.
One hundred and fifty thousand troops were under siege, and soon there was a firefight between Wu Shoujun and Beifengkou.
The battle was very tragic. After the two sides contacted each other, only more than ten hours of fighting, a division of Wu Frontier was completely crippled, and more than 6,000 people were reduced. When they returned, the remaining combatants were less than 5,000.
The attack by Free Change was a great force. Their vanguard troops adopted the advanced tank group of Butan Cooperative Tactical Corps, and more than 2,000 rocket troops were dispatched to the periphery to give accurate fire support. To put it bluntly, they smashed the gate of Beifengkou with all their possessions.
Wu started from scratch. When the military and political forces developed, they didn’t even get their equipment for ten years. Most of them relied on the support of the Sichuan government and the district to buy from other military and political forces through the income of Beifengkou. They didn’t have a complete military production line and equipment. They were much worse than Freedom.
Wu Tianyin didn’t come to Beifengkou. This is a small-scale people’s gathering place composed of more than a dozen living towns and villages. The ability of economic operation and self-sufficiency is very poor, but even after several years of rapid development, the infrastructure and military engineering buildings here can’t compare with the district.
For comprehensive reasons, Wu started from scratch, and his disadvantage is still very obvious after facing the power of political parties with decades of history.
This kind of adherence to the country should not have been borne by local armed forces like Wu, which is not their responsibility, because Wu has never received a dime from the people in the three major districts, and he has never enjoyed a lot of people’s love. Some time ago, many people in the nine districts and districts called them bandits and scum of the land.
But now the disaster is coming, this group of scum and bandit troops are the first people to go abroad first.
After a day of fierce fighting, Wu suffered heavy losses, but he still did not retreat.
Wu Tianyin frontier command spoke two words.
First, "Beifengkou is the home to buy guns and gather troops to ensure that I am not bullied. I am not fighting for others, but fighting for what I want. People can’t quit their positions until they die."
Second, "When the North Wind Mouth of the District War is lost, Chen Zhongren of the Zhou Xingli Alliance will get a breather, and the ninth district will also be threatened by the military. Once we withdraw, the war will never end, and our relatives who have withdrawn to Erlonggang in the ninth district will have no guarantee. Even the last person in the war will stop the enemy from advancing!"

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