"It turns out that there are so many people who are so ordinary and very ugly. I saw men enjoying nv people high and wantonly. I saw a heavy person enjoying others’ pleasure. I saw so much sludge and bones of the people after a hard day’s work. I returned to the mountains, but I found my way. I couldn’t find the initial peace. At that time, I knew that this feeling was called’ loneliness’."

"I set foot on the earth again. People were amazed at my beauty, but they regarded me as a painting. No one knew that I was sad. Fortunately, I went to the clouds and met Zhiqiu and Xia, when they were in their prime. I saw Zhiqiu painting Xia and sold five silver baht. Then those five silver baht went to the pub to buy wine. They were so drunk that it was very interesting to lie on the street. I went to them and saw them giggling."
"At that time, I thought that they were happier than me because they were not lonely, so I wanted to be happy with them. It took a long time for them to wake up a little. They were as surprised by my beauty as other men, but their eyes were so pure and free of impurities. They asked me about me. I casually pointed to the nearby’ Yihongyuan’ and said that I was a brothel pianist, which was even lower than selling my body to prostitutes. But they laughed and said that they were going to find me, but I really doubted their words."
Words here, the spirit nv sighed for a night, and the mind was tangled like a wonderful hand writing on a blank sheet of paper, but I didn’t know how to write.
When the water leaves the mark and the wind leaves the short pause, it seems that I have left the most magical and moving image of nv in my heart, and I also feel the surging B movement hidden in the depths of the nv heart lake.
It took him a long time to gently test, "It’s a hassle to like both, but you have to choose one?"
"But I can’t choose." Acacia reluctantly smiled. "I don’t know if I can come out for a walk this time. It’s good to know them thoroughly. I won’t be lonely with them." The voice patted Feather’s shoulder again. "If you have someone you like, don’t like several at once."
Feather was startled by her and blushed to "no, no, no"
"Well, it’s time to get down to business." Acacia Moon sat up and said leisurely, "Here he comes!" < d Chapter ninety-two The assassin is now.
Text] Chapter ninety-two The assassin is now-
Surrounding scenery, hidden light fog floats into the Woods from the water in the dark night, and little by little dng comes to dng to whimper, and the wind opens a lock that oppresses people.
Feather spirit nv story ups and downs to think of a headache is still can’t figure out what a condensed entity charm just can’t fit into this world because of the unknown and fear? He stared blankly at the water surface of Kuxi and locked his brow quietly. This was the first time he thought about one thing so seriously and ignored the change of the water surface until the lovesickness moon woke him up.
"Who’s here?" Feather looked around, bared his teeth like a monster, and the strange branches just flowed slowly, but the sound didn’t sound good. Without his life, however, the sensitive intuition he had cultivated in his hometown mountains all the year round still made him smell a little uneasy
"Is it really haunted?"
Acacia month heart toward the stream a slight make signal with the lips "look carefully"
The floating black gas in the stream is slowly gathering a wisp from all directions. In front of them, there is a whirlpool in the stream. At first, it was still small, and it gradually expanded to faintly show dullness. After a while, it turned out to be a vast pit, which rumbled like a muffled thunder hidden at the bottom of the water. All the black gas was absorbed by the whirlpool and gathered into ink. It was also like a dark cloud, and the moonlight was pale. This dark cloud was still brilliant.
Feather saw the chill in my heart and rushed straight to the body. The blood was cold. Xiao killed the instantaneous dispersion as if it could freeze the blood. He suddenly got up and cried, "There is a ghost!"
Acacia Moon smiled indifferently, raised Y arm and waved gently. A long bundle came out of the tent jish and broke the knot on its own in the middle. L came out with a big instrument. She saw her sitting cross-legged, and her knees fell gently. She looked at the dark cloud forming fingers and quietly pressed the instrument string to pick a clear sound.
This unvoiced voice, however, flowed slowly through the heart like running water, calming down the anxiety and nerves, and instantly calmed down a lot. He asked in a low voice, "What the hell is that?"
"that’s what I just said!"
The dark clouds are twisted up, and two red stars suddenly flicker and spread out, which are strange but half-shaped. The general part of the body is still empty, dngdng. It flies close to the lovesickness month and shakes the strange body at a distance of nv feet. It seems to study the appearance of nv, and the two red stars are extinguished like blinking.
A floating fairy nv, a strange black shape like a demon, looked at a cup of tea like this. Guang Chen felt very strange and feathered, and she was uneasy. Anyway, he knew that this evil spirit nv means that he was not afraid of being bullied by the black shape, but he had never had a fight with a ghost. It is estimated that he would suffer by himself.
He quietly took a small step back to see that they were still confronting each other, and then he took a small step back. The two creatures didn’t seem to pay attention to his actions. He didn’t hesitate to slide the big stone very carefully and fell to the ground. The red light flashed in front of him. This surprise was really serious. He just calmed down again and broke out in a cold sweat with his mouth wide open.
Black shape seems to be surrounded by his ji nu and suddenly his body swells and expands into Zhang Xu’s overwhelming darkness.
Feather fierce teeth don’t hesitate to show strength from the throat generate "help ~ ~ ~"
The sound is piercing and piercing, and the night suddenly rings into pieces, and the trees and branches around it are swaying as if they should be ashamed of him. Even the black shape can’t help but eat.
The sound of the voice suddenly gave out a clear hum and shook the air. The black shape seemed to be blown by the wind and could not keep shaking the fog outside. The body seemed to be angry with something. Those two red stars shone more brightly.
"Come to me. This demon attacks mankind."
Feather didn’t show her self-reflection. She climbed the big stone and squatted behind the lovesickness moon with joy and peeped.
Acacia month looked up at the semi-publicity black shape and sighed slightly, flashing the light of sympathy and said, "How many years have you still refused to put hatred on human beings?" The talents of our predecessors are not shallow. Don’t you know that human beings often judge others? It’s not wrong to meet that nv person. It’s just that my predecessors didn’t choose the right one. "
Black body twisted violently, and it was dozens and a half miles back and forth in the blink of an eye, but I saw that the black gas was thick and continuous. At two o’clock, the red star was bright and bright, and the red S trajectory was feathered, making my scalp feel more panic.

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