To deal with people who haven’t reached the realm of San Wu, he didn’t need to conjure up a full moon to erase them with a gentle wave of his hand, but Nangong Yan and Hu Yancheng didn’t reach the realm of San Wu physically, but they were all lost in the world by real ghosts and spirits, and they only reappeared after killing the moon for ten thousand years.

The power of the sun seems to have decreased a lot. The blue sky is full and the moon is cold.
Like the moonlight, it is beautiful and quiet. If a couple is accompanied, it is the most beautiful picture in the world.
However, Mu Chengde and other Jiuzu people do not feel the slightest beauty, because they feel a cool and icy breath slowly invading their bodies and destroying their hearts, lungs and spleen crazily.
But to their surprise, it seems that the gods are not so powerful. Although the power destroys their bodies, it is very slow, which is far from the saying that the gods can wipe away thousands of creatures with a gentle wave of their hands.
"Mama a ba! Shui Chihiro, you bastard, what kind of hero is it to kill people so slowly? " HuYanCheng and suddenly exclaimed.
Suddenly, the Jiuzu people’s hearts are suddenly bright, not because the gods are as powerful as they say, but because this man wants to slowly torture everyone to death.
Shui Chihiro smiled gently. "Hehe, I just want to watch you die in pain. Are you patient with me?"
"Mom always fights with you?" Huyancheng and yazi are both cracked.
"Fight?" Shui Chihiro shook his head piteously. "You can’t move. What do you want to fight with me? Reptiles? "
Huyancheng and Long Dao suddenly rowed away by themselves.
Gorgeous blood flowers flashed HuYanCheng and actually roared and flew up. The cold long knife drew a large screen and went to Spirited Away.
"Not bad, I can think of pain to stimulate my body and fear." Shui Chihiro smiled in surprise and then shook his head gently. "But what?"
And he stretched out his hand gently.
A wisp of weak and clear glow hangs in the full moon.
Roaring with a god of death, the long knife immediately dispersed like a phantom, and Hu Yancheng fell to the ground like a discus!
"Hehe, why can’t I move again?" Shui Chihiro smiled lightly and said, "Come again and give yourself a knife and move again."
Indeed as expected HuYan into and barking again long dao rapid condensation and then blood flashing people also fly quickly.
"Bang ~ ~ ~"
"Bang ~ ~ ~"
As soon as you click.
Hu Yancheng and his body have been covered with large and small scars, but none of them are left by the other party.
Every time Chihiro Shui moves, he is very measured to repel the red-blooded man. He wants to see each other hurt themselves, but he has given up killing others. It is abnormal to appreciate Hu Yancheng and gnash his teeth with one person.
However, HuYan ChengHe seems to have cut himself again and again with a long knife.
Finally, Nangong Yan also angrily exclaimed that the purple mountain flashed across himself with a knife.
"Ha ha, the Nangong girl also made moves." Shui Chihiro smiled grimly. "That’s just decent. Those Jiuzu people are too weak to move even if they hurt themselves. It’s too monotonous for you to call Brother Huyan without making moves."
However, to the surprise of Chihiro Shui, Nangong Yan did not rush to him, but embraced Hu Yancheng.
"The bitch is going to kill him when she is old!" HuYan into and leng immediately cursed out.
"Fool! He just wants to see you like this! " The nangongshan Yan make one hand to HuYanCheng and head gently point a..
"That,,,," HuYanCheng and slightly one leng then decisively bitten to grind "that I also want to kill her, you are quick to let!"
"No, no, no! You will cut off my body and cut yourself! " The nangongshan Yan stubbornly shook his head, but his hands will HuYanCheng and bound more tightly.
"Oh, the good show can’t be seen!" Shui Chihiro shook his head and felt sorry for Nangong Yan. Now that he has made moves to Huyancheng and naturally, he can’t act according to his wishes.
"Forget it, you’ll still die in pain after the meridians and dirty parts are slowly broken."
Disappear cold breath slowly invaded the body again.
Nangong Yan and Hu Yancheng hugged each other tightly, as if they had never heard of the outside world.
Jiuzu people, Sun Ning smoke, and Cheng Tian’s face are deformed by pain, but it seems that everyone has hidden their painful faces in the yellow sand in advance. Master Simon is most afraid of pain, and his head hangs tightly without shaking at all.
Because he didn’t want Shui Chihiro to see his pain.

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