Thyme maple succeeded in smiling and waved to the guards to catch people.

Suddenly, it was just a long month, and the sky was covered with dark clouds.
A thunder at thyme maple pledge split.
Thyme maple eyes a clot fly flash.
Everyone was frightened. This thunder came too strangely.
Yun Wan broke out in a cold sweat when he saw that lightning struck the thyme maple.
Hurriedly lifted the skirt sedan chair and threw it into his arms, raising his frightened little face. "Are you okay?"
Bai Lifeng was also shocked and saw the worried look in her arms. "I’m fine, don’t worry!"
"Ha ha ha ….." Prissy suddenly smiled and narrowed his eyes slightly. "Even the sky wants to punish you … Bailifeng, you will be cursed one day for doing things today."
Thyme maple face a heavy drink "pressure"
Before the guards were concerned, they took Prissy with shackles.
There is a storm in the heart of bailifeng. Is there danger in the fundus to reveal the scourge?
He waited … just to see who the immortal at the top of the imperial city would eventually be.
The night is fine, the moonlight is fine, and the light is flowing from the numerous Yuqiong flowers, and the breeze blows over the ground.
After a long time, I saw the man in white as snow and handsome as if I saw a fairy in the finely divided moonlight of Yun Qing.
She hardly knows what language to express her mood at the moment until she is sure that this is not a dream, and this is indeed her room.
And that person who appear with the moonlight window in front of him is really Helan Xunshi.
She sat up from the couch "Helan Xun? You … you … What’s going on? "
Helan Xun hung his head and ink hair slipped from his ear.
The original is like a god, the face is getting more and more dusty, and the hand in the sleeve is counting.
For a moment, I stared at Yun Qing with deep eyes.
"Do you remember I told you about life? Now you don’t have much time! Save the people from fire and water. You have redeemed the sins of the year … But now you can’t face the last robbery. Chapter 71 Omen (4)
"… you are in love with thyme, which will hinder you in the future, and you are bound to face difficult choices … this is a test given by God, and you can’t escape your fate after all!"
"What do you mean! ?” Li Yun-ching seemed puzzled, but he was still shocked that Helan Xun could materialize.
"You’ll understand what I’m saying now. I’ve been waiting for you for a thousand years, but I still lost to a love word!"
There seems to be a clear spring sparkling in Helan Xun’s eyes. He slowly walked over. The fundus was cold and varied like a god looking down on all beings. He reached out and brushed his hand away from Yun Qing’s hair and was extremely gentle.
"I want to be by your side forever, but you don’t belong to me or to God … if you love me, we will never meet again."
"…" From Yun Qing, I feel that something has been provoked in my heart. Now Helan Xun is not only amazing, but also makes her feel heartbroken and painful.
She sipped her lips, and the words flowed out like still water, with a low bitterness and a soft light like a full moon. "Are you leaving me?"
The moonlight shines on Helan Xun’s delicate eyebrows as transparent as glass, staring at Yun Qing with a shallow smile as if the bright moonlight flows through the jade jade. "Will I be sad if I leave you …?"
From Yun Qing, I felt in vain that my heart nodded "yes" without thinking.
Helan Xun may be more like family to her.
Because they are not from this world.
Helan Xun looked blankly at the stars in the night, and the last aftermath of the night disappeared like water. He heard his pale voice and video sinking into the water and getting lighter and lighter. "I won’t leave you."
Less now and never leave.
But he knew that day would come eventually.
If she gave up everything, she would return to fairyland.
And he has only a little spiritual strength, and he is afraid that he will not last long.
God has a destiny, so no one can change it.
"What’s going on? You will appear? " From Yun Qing, it seems that she can’t get over the fact in front of her eyes. She slowly straightened up and the thin silk gauze of her shawl was dropped.
"I will appear when the time comes." Helan Xun spoke faintly.
Although he is a god, he has been transformed into an adult after thousands of years of practice, but he doesn’t want to appear.

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