Feeling the smell in the front room, the two spellcasting spirits surrounded their bodies so that their breath wouldn’t leak so easily, and at the same time, they took their staves and slowly drew lines in front of them.

To tell the truth, casting magic is really not suitable for sneak attack. After all, most powerful magic will fluctuate with great power when it is released, but the magic fluctuation is too small, but it is not a powerful spell. You want to minimize the magic fluctuation and promote the powerful magic. There is no other way except the magic circle.
Fortunately, this time, this guy didn’t know what happened, but he stayed in that room and didn’t let them prepare for the magic circle from the ground. However, they were able to master the skills of forcing magic fluctuations.
Soon, two magic circle frames with six-pointed stars are now in the air, and the staves are constantly depicting magic runes in the magic circle frames. As the magic circle becomes more and more perfect, the magic fluctuation in the air is gradually weak.
If the initial magic fluctuation was still four or five magic levels, then now the magic fluctuation is like a magician trying to release fireballs, which will not make people feel that there are two powerful holy orders casting spells desperately outside.
They have made great efforts to prepare for this magic circle of compressing magic and fluctuating, but they don’t really want to release fireballs. If they know that Tang Yi San is an unscrupulous guy and still foolishly fight with him for a long time, then the two of them should also hit the wall and do their best. This is the idea in their hearts.
If you can kill the enemy, of course, not many people are willing to make great efforts to fight each other slowly. Mages are no better than soldiers. What they need is the most sophisticated calculation efficiency. Think of the two enemies of life and death. You will fight one after another slowly in novels or cartoons.
Their idea is to kill each other instead of simply defeating them. It is a knot, not a process.
This is the most direct and clear idea in the hearts of these three people.
Gently ha a mouthful of polluted air Tang Yi loose glasses and gently narrowed his forefinger to the eyebrows, thinking about the slight mental fluctuation and spreading around. At the same time, the bridge of the nose and eyes also flashed a reddish light and sent a scanning wave around.
Although mental scanning is like radar, Herrick doesn’t know that Tang Yi has mastered this ability, so he makes Tang Yi more satisfied with himself. He has made great efforts to counter his power in this pair of glasses. It is not difficult to do this.
Tang Yi scattered this spirit to scan around, of course, the scope is not small and the precision is very high, but it is also very difficult for those high-level experts to hide their hearts. After all, the spirit of the nine-level wizard is really nothing too powerful, and here it is still famous for its superb average strength.
Grade nine wizards are a big force in other places, but it’s not uncommon here. After all, grade nine wizards in this legion are less than 200, and grade nine wizards in it are not less than ten. Tang Yi’s essays on Wu Liran are stronger than those in these wizards, but when it comes to the spiritual surface, they can barely be regarded as medium.
Whether it’s Rohm Dart or Helaste’s black robe, it’s true that the holy order is made by self-penance. The strength of their spirit is not much to say. Therefore, Tang Yi scattered after scanning, but found nothing unusual. But when he was about to go to this house, his footsteps suddenly stopped and his forehead was faintly covered with a cold sweat.
Although his mental scan was not finished, the infrared scan of the back wave scan of his glasses showed that there were two lives outside the house
Will not be aware of life by one’s own mental scan
Cold sweat slipped gently from his forehead and slowly dripped on the ground. Damn it, if it wasn’t for this pair of glasses, it would have been inexplicably ambushed. Now the physical strength is ambushed by surprise, then something will happen.
Corners of the mouth with a lightly sneer at Tang Yi scattered eyes flashed a lightly glad feeling oneself this time back perhaps really need Herrick this weirdo to prepare more equipment.
Radar is a good thing.
I gently released a skill in my body. I saw him with an emerald round mask. The mask was covered with complex mysterious runes. This green thing, like a table tennis shell, was constantly releasing a faint green light, which was quite dazzling in this room.
This skill is the best skill for casting spells in Warcraft.
Anti-magic shell
Anti-magic shell skill Warcraft world skill will add an anti-magic shell to the target after releasing the skill, which will produce 25% resistance to mortal magic. The anti-magic shell resistance effect will not rise or be superimposed, and will be sung with the increase of spirit.
Although this magic has reached the magic epidemic due to the laws of the world, the 25% spell resistance is enough to reduce the magic power released by human beings by a quarter, which makes no difference to the general magic power, but if the spell is reduced by a quarter.
After using this skill, Tang Yi-san didn’t stop. He pointed his hands gently toward the outside at the same time. Although there was a wall in front of him, he didn’t hesitate to move, but he was kind of hard to say.
Singing a magic spell in the lowlands, Helaste felt that his voice suddenly showed a strange force, and then the throat band seemed to be tightened and frozen, and then stuffed into the sticky mouth, which was tougher than the rubber in the mud, to vibrate. Although he was trying hard, he couldn’t make even the slightest sound. When the magic spell was sung to the end, he stopped breathing, and the huge magic that trembled with the rhythm adjustment of the magic spell suddenly stopped and gradually showed signs of collapse.
Damn guy actually found out?
Helaste sighed angrily, her eyes narrowed gently, and then the magic spell rang again. This time, the sound was just different. It sounded very strange, just like another person. With this dull sound, the magic fluctuations gradually collapsed and went wild, and quickly subsided, and finally gathered in an orderly way.
Being silenced, Helaste’s throat is impossible to pronounce, but the speaker is still his silence. Although it can prohibit the pronunciation of the throat, it can stop a person’s belly from shaking.
At this critical juncture, Helaste did not consider revealing his secret and directly transferred himself from an upcoming circus to a ventriloquism when he was wandering in the mainland. The voice is the most important part of the magician-but even if the magician pays attention to protection, it is impossible to guarantee that his voice will not be hurt forever. A cold, fever or other diseases and accidents may cause the magician to temporarily sing magic spells perfectly. Although many magics can treat this unexpected situation, how can the enemy let you slowly treat your voice when fighting?
Although ventriloquism will make a magician suffer many restrictions, Helaste believes that ventriloquism will never be a bad thing. At that time, he was not a holy order, so he often voiced ventriloquism and released double magic to attack the enemy. However, after becoming a holy order, ventriloquism, who had grown up with him, was deliberately protected by him, and all the people who had listened to ventriloquism were killed by him mercilessly, asking for protection, which was an unexpected card.
What will happen without ventriloquism? That magic will get out of control, run away, and then explode and cause magic to bite back.
No one knows exactly how powerful the curse magic is, because people who bite are no longer in this world.
Helaste perfectly survived the crisis of being killed by his own magic and successfully completed his preparation. This magic has a thin pale finger pointing to the front wall, although I didn’t see Tang Yi scattered, but his spirit has already locked the man’s breath.
He believes that the magic he has prepared this time will inevitably make him never escape through the door again. That damn bastard will not have the courage to knock on the door again in the face of this magic that has the ability to disrupt the elements and break fast and stabilize.
Black-gray weaves a light like a roaring demon’s head, showing its fangs, whistling and flying towards the house.

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