With a wave of his hand, thousands of ghosts and gods echoed around him. Although they dismissed Simon and others, their hearts were also very clear that these people had entered the realm of San Wu, even though they had just entered it, they also had a lot of fighting power. When they were taken captive, they relied on surprise and many people.

The sea of red and white is still rolling in the distance.
Nearby, thousands of ghosts and gods lurk high, heavy and dignified, and the earth rattles.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I’m always afraid that you won’t succeed, even if you die, I won’t let you threaten Brother Yang. I’ll bite you if I die."
Wretched fat broke out like hell fire, and resolutely refused to stick out his fat finger and bite it in his mouth, and resolutely went out of the forbidden forest to learn the taboo method of burning life.
At the same time, in the face of this moth, his lovers and friends-Sun Ningyan, Cheng Tian, and the overseas Jiuzu were once ancient ghosts and gods, Nangong Yan and Hu Yancheng did not stop the movement at all, and even stopped the sound.
There is also a strong determination from the depths of the blood.
Perhaps this is the appeal of Yanglingtian.
If heaven is unfair, it will punish heaven.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ Who can threaten Yang Gong with our lives!"
"We’ve had enough protection days to end early! Before the end, let’s eat two bites of ancient ghost meat. "
Crying from the depths of claustrophobic heart, more than 200 new demons echoed in lonely days and bit their fingers at the same time.
Lotus flower, taboo secret method drives vitality to form a strange appearance, proudly singing and rushing to the thousand gods and demons.
The towering trees kept swaying in the red and white sea in the distance.
Although Yanglingtian is in a tree, everything outside is still well known. Although Ximenji and others have entered the realm of San Wu, everyone except Nangong Yan and Hu Yancheng can be regarded as novices. Compared with this group of ancient ghosts and gods, there is still a big gap. Besides, there are thousands of people watching the battle next to two hundred pairs! ! ! ! Even with the occult arts and laws, they can support for half a day at most, and it takes at least ten days to recover from their physical injuries.
Maybe if you go out, the immediate disaster can be solved immediately, but Simon is right. After your death, everyone is absolutely law. Chapter 1 Anger burns the sky (3)
Accumulated grievances for ten thousand years finally found a place to vent. Thousands of ghosts and gods fully demonstrated their conan the destroyer power.
Holy white, cold black, rare purple, and different colors, Guanghua masked all the splendor of the sky or turned into the image of a demon in hell, or presented a kind Buddha, King Kong, with an angry look. He growled and went to Ximenji and others and swept away. The king of destiny and the remaining gods and demons watched from afar without any expression. Only when he saw the distant shaking of the ice and snow holy tree did his eyes flash a look of difficulty.
In the blood gas, the nine overseas families, Chengtian, Sun Ningyan, Ximenji, and Shaoshaoyang all gnawed their teeth and struggled, not because they begged for life but because they were unwilling.
Today, they have no idea of leaving here alive. They just want to fulfill their vows and bite each other twice before they die.
However, before the powerful strength of heaven, some naive ideals are weak here, but they have become so far away.
"Brother Yang won’t really think of it!" Looking at Simon, the holy tree of ice and snow, who is constantly shaking, can’t help but feel anxious.
The wisdom of Yanglingtian should not come out rationally, but the fool in the eyes of the world-Master Simon knows clearly that there is a lamella behind Yanglingtian’s indifferent face-if it is touched,
"Alas ~ ~ ~ Forget it. Anyway, Brother Yang will avenge us or end it early and don’t want to make any money."
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ Brother Yang is willing to be a brother again in the next life!" Master Simon managed to squeeze out a lovely smile and finally decided to end it early, but he didn’t shout to others. He knew that if one of the more than 200 people made a decision, others would suddenly realize that the humble idea of biting each other twice was meaningless.
Turned to look at the distant Yanglingtian and turned to look at Sun Ning’s smoke behind him. Simon’s face was very calm. There was no regret in this life, but a little hate.
He hates himself for never trying to practice hard, and he always needs Yanglingtian protection from beginning to end. If he has strong strength, he can protect his lover at this moment.
"I must practice hard to protect my friends," said Master Simon, who blew himself up with a longing for strength.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Do you want strength? I, Kyle, can give you less so that you can protect these people and delay until the minor injury recovers. "
Suddenly a clear ear.
"who?" Simon very suddenly leng turned to look around, but unfortunately there are proud and ferocious faces of ghosts and gods all over the sky, as well as Sun Ning’s smoke and others who are unwilling to sample.
"There is no doubt that I will give you strength, but there are some conditions to get this strength!" That deep voice keeps coming.
Ximenji’s spirit instantly shocked "I am willing to talk about any conditions!" What conditions are you afraid of if you are not afraid of death! To make Sun Ning smoke them alive, to make Yanglingtian feel at ease and recuperate.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ Don’t worry." The voice smiled gently, but people could not help but feel a chill. It was cold with heavy resentment. "Have you ever heard of Hungry Shura?"
"Hungry shura?" Simon extremely leng one.
Hungry shura said that he naturally knew that when he fell into the soul slope, he also showed his profound knowledge. According to the classics, when a person dies, his heart contains resentment, and he will die unsatisfied. If the resentment reaches a certain level, the ghost spirit can gather together for a while, but this ghost spirit is very weak and has no great ability, and it will naturally pass away after a while. However, if someone’s ability is very strong before his death and his resentment reaches the conan the destroyer realm, his spirit can be turned into hunger shura, which can last forever.
Hungry shura’s residence will form a ghost area, and all the birds and animals around it will become affected, and the land will become dark and cold. On the theory that there will be grievances during the day and night, whether it is an animal or a person who dies and is broken, it will be swallowed up by hungry shura at that moment, and once any creature enters the ghost area, it will be invaded by anger and resentment into a wisp of ghosts and become the best food for hungry shura to grow.
However, at that time, when the soul slope told this allusion, it was also taught a lesson that it was too difficult to form the conditions for the formation of hungry shura. Although the theory was not good, it was actually exceeded.
"Do you want me to become a hungry shura?" Master Simon leng for a long time finally mind sound in the past.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ You are not stupid." The voice smiled.
Simon frowned. "But even if I die, I won’t be able to fix it."
"What you know about the formation conditions of hungry shura should be from the point of view of ancient books or told to you." The sound once again means with a little lesson that "there is a way to remember that a person becomes hungry shura after death in real books, and there is a way to achieve hungry shura, that is, a living person’s body is United with ten thousand ghosts and gods, and the most resentful of these ten thousand ghosts and gods before they die must be the same person or thing."
"Said is not white! Where do you want me to combine the resentment and strength of ten thousand gods and demons? " Simon was very angry and suddenly got hope, but suddenly found that hope was just a mirage, no matter who would be angry.
"If you don’t get angry, I have 10,000 supernatural powers and grievances here. They all want to kill a person." The voice suddenly became dignified. "But if you want to inherit these things and let them be yours, you must give up something."
"Give up what? I am willing! " Simon very want to also didn’t want to direct voice said
"Give up body and mind! Everything depends on the "human" emotion. If you inherit these things, whoever approaches you will be infected by your body and die. Finally, your soul will be absorbed by you. Whether you are a relative or a friend, you will become a person who can approach monsters! I have to hide in the dark all my life and never see the light of day, and I have to live more than I can. "
"Anyone who comes near me will die?" Simon turned to look at Sun Ning Yan and others and Yanglingtian. Maybe it’s not terrible to die, but it’s worse than death if he never sees Sun Ning Yan and others again. Even if he doesn’t see them, won’t they find themselves?
"Think about it" and look at Simon with great hesitation. The sound lightly sighed. I don’t know whether it is disappointment or satisfaction.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Forget it ~ ~ I’d like to" Simon smiled very mournfully. With strength, they want to find themselves and don’t know how to run.
When Tianwu was in mainland China, no one looked up to him because of his poor qualifications and obesity. No one regarded him as a friend. At first, he was not ignorant of Liu Huan’s altruism, but he was still willing to be benefited by Liu Huan’s lack of superficiality and his friends, while Yanglingtian and others regarded him as a friend and defended him everywhere.

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