Cao Luoshui still can’t believe it, and then her long sleeves brushed the ground. Before she was elegant, she reached out for a hundred miles to graze her forehead. When she saw that his temperature was normal, she murmured, "How strange! How can you say such nonsense when you are not sick? "

Thyme Pastor is quite in distress situation. It seems that he is so careless about marrying a princess that he doesn’t even believe in himself as his mother princess.
Shook his head, and he looked serious. "The mother princess’s son is telling the truth. The mother princess needs her father’s side to get married, which is left to the son."
"which young lady is the emperor going to marry?" Cao Luoshui has to say that he believes in it even if he doesn’t believe it, and he can keep his eyes open and wait for him to say his name.
"Potential …" Thyme Pastoral corners of the mouth slightly hook eyes inscrutable "is even more sinister than poppy … If the mother princess wants to get ahead, then this imperial concubine is the only one for her." If the goddess is the most poisonous, then it is the Xuan Youjiao Yi Song who dares to kill the teacher himself at the age of fifteen. Now she can still fight with a smile. Although she still lost a big chess game by an army, things still have a turning point.
Potential? Cao Luoshui was still looking forward to the face. "How can you marry a princess when you are joking again?" You have to think about the fact that Helianzi is now much more powerful and can be proud. If the emperor wants to marry a princess, he must marry someone who can match it … According to the palace, the eldest daughter of a general, Yunyan, is good and powerful, and the family is really worthy. "
He Lianzi’s eldest daughter-in-law is the eldest daughter-in-law and the third daughter-in-law, while the second daughter-in-law and the second daughter-in-law are the second imperial concubine or the second imperial concubine, and the second husband is holding the imperial commander! So ….. She is just a surname’s daughter, how can she climb?
Thyme grazing noncommittally "people say that marrying a good emperor is just going against the sky!" The imperial throne is not her power, but most of it is an artificial mother princess. What is there to worry about? "
"This ….." Cao Luo water heart has doubts. She naturally knows the shepherd’s brain, but now it’s a matter of imperial concubine! Bad choice
However, I didn’t expect that a maid suddenly ran into the door of the temple and saluted respectfully. After that, the service road "The Empress Four Empresses returned to the emperor and ordered all the palace ladies to go out of the city to meet them."
"What? Go out of town to meet? " Cao Luoshui almost jumped up for such a big ceremony? In all her life, she has never seen that minister Bai Lizhen put on such a big show.
Thyme animal husbandry took a deep breath with clenched fists slightly "Mother Princess … do you have any good concerns? In this way, even the mother princess will be suppressed by the queen. The mother princess can rest assured that although she is potential, she can get along with the royal family of Huahuaguo and kiss her name then … "
(Recently, it is a wonderful type to make a new discovery. Interested readers can add my special new creation group 351477 to verify the information. The third demon princess finally announced a reader group 84364433. Chapter 33 Back to the DPRK (4)
It’s not easy to get the name of the princess!
Haven’t say that finish Cao Luoshui brow and suffused with joy quickly, "oh? And meet the royal family has a son. You said so early, but it is very worthy of the mother princess to find a time to make your marriage to your father. "
Hua Jian, although defeated, still has a good glimpse of the strength of this country. If she has already kissed the princess, then this title is really much more eye-catching. Even if she doesn’t pay attention to it, she has to pay attention to it. This is a good certificate for the two countries.
And turned to look at the maid anger a lot less "go out of the city"
The maid hurried back to "yes" and thought it was really scary.
After thyme herding followed … You can’t take it outside the city. Are you afraid of being helpless in the city?
No matter if it is sharp, it must be pulled out first, otherwise it will be a disaster.
A large group of people drove slowly along Suzaku Avenue, attracting people around them to watch you push and push as if to see clearly who is sitting in the chic and elegant carriage. Can you be so treated by the sky?
From Yun Qing, dressed in a white flowing brocade robe and a jade crown, the face should be cold and clear, and now it is also a little lazy and tired. She raised her hand and rolled up the veil, and she saw the majestic imperial city not far away, and the sunset was light and beautiful, which looked solemn and solemn.
Even in dreams, the world wants to enter the imperial city, but it is like a deep pool and a den away from Yun Qing. Now, Li Yi once flew … How many people with ulterior motives have surfaced!
I’m afraid it’s going to be hard in the future! And her four imperial concubines will suffer! It’s really killing her to have such a husband.
"See what? Look so engrossed? " Bailiyi probe looked at the past, and the line was getting closer and closer to the imperial city.
Li Yun-ching suddenly let go of the veil to hit this bureaucratic tone and said, "Let’s look at the burial place of the temple again, male and female servants."
Bailiyi leaned on the embroidered cushion, but she didn’t care about the wind and the clouds. "Do you believe that one day I will be the bully of the city wall?"
In a word, she was surprised to be away from Yun Qing. She glanced at Bai Liyi strangely. Aha! ? Is he out of his mind? How can you say such a rude thing? I curled my head and smiled at the corners of my mouth. "Is the temple finally going to show sex?"
Thyme is shook "you are wrong! I am your smile. "
"Ha ha ha ….." But the words just fell from Yun Qing’s snow, and the more he laughed, the more he laughed. In the end, even the tears almost burst out. She thought that she had never been so vivid in her life, but this sentence was so funny that she finally stopped laughing and asked slowly, "Does the temple really need male and female servants to help you please go back to Mo Chi imperial doctor?"
"Believe it or not! Do you want to know that I am a sharp-edged person, but you are the goal of everyone … Don’t forget that no matter whether your name is known to everyone … "Bailiyi’s dark eyes are particularly sincere, and he continued slowly," If others don’t give you a way out, you will swallow it. If your wish is to settle down, then I will settle down for you. 34 Chapter 34 Back to the DPRK (5)
Can he remember clearly that day when he asked Li Yunqing, but he wanted to be a strong man? At that time, her eyes seemed to have gone through all kinds of hardships to find a stable place to live.
That’s what he can’t afford now …
Yun Qing couldn’t laugh, but the radian of her mouth just stopped, but she felt that it was all wrong. Is this his new trick? Yes, can she continue to be a famous strategist behind him?
But ….. When Li Yunqing looked up at those dark eyes of Bai Liyi, his heart still trembled, and the answer was definitely given. He wasn’t lying!
"What?" Ask from Yun Qing with a dignified look

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