Han Qiyue gave Lin Jing a cold look. "Don’t play a play, it’s really divorced from reality. How can he have this ability?"

Lin Jing smiled gently but made Han Qiyue feel colder than winter. "You can try if you don’t believe me." Then Lin Jing also turned into the locker room.
Leaving Han Qiyue alone, she didn’t know what to think until the agent came and patted her.
Che Lifei couldn’t help asking, "What was she talking to you just now?"
Jiang Lianqi didn’t answer. He continued to repose.
Li Fei embarrassed to change the subject "what’s in your bag? I didn’t see you have such a big bag before. Did she give it to you? " As soon as the words were exported, Li Fei rejected the idea that Jiang Lianqi could never accept something from others.
Li Fei looked at Jiang Lianqi with some trepidation. "Are you still angry?"
Answering him was still a silence. Seeing that Li Fei was about to get angry, Jiang Lianqi finally said, "Do you care?"
Li Fei was stunned. "Huh?"
Jiang Lianqi said again, "Do you care?"
Li Fei still didn’t react. "What …" What does Jiang Lianqi mean by "care"?
Jiang Lianqi continued, "You just asked all."
Li Fei snapped at him angrily. "Of course. Why don’t you care if I ask?"
Jiang Lianqi looked out of the window "is it? Then you continue to care. "
Li Fei’s head suddenly popped out with three question marks. Is this dead facial paralysis playing him again? !
Li Fei was dissatisfied with reaching out to break off Jiang Lianqi. He patted his hand indifferently. "Don’t touch it and go home."
How can Li Fei do what he wants? He also has a small temper! The more Jiang Lianqi won’t let him move, the more he will move!
Jiang Lianqi, of course, knew that Li Fei’s rebellious mentality was so light that he said, "I can’t guarantee what I will do if you talk again."
Li Fei’s fingers became stiff, and some barked, "Stop scaring people!"
Jiang Lianqi suddenly turned to hold Li Fei’s hand and pressed him in the back seat. Spraying hot air on Li Fei’s face made Li Fei uncomfortable. But at this time, he didn’t have time to be shy. Just a bump made his back hurt and began to hurt again. Although the driver was Jiang Lianqi’s house, it was still very awkward to be looked at.
When Li Fei was struggling, he was crushed to death by Jiang Lianqi. Li Fei was somewhat wronged and looked at him, but he was attracted by Jiang Lianqi’s deep eyes.
Jiang Lianqi seriously asked, "Can you stop it? Can you stay quiet for a while? "
Li Fei like bewitched gawk nodded his head.
In a second, Jiang Lianqi immediately let go. He continued to sit in the front position and looked out of the window. Then he said lightly, "What did you see just now?"
The driver replied in a cold sweat, "I didn’t see anything back to the young master." Even if I saw him, I didn’t dare to say! Although he was sent by his wife to spy on the young master, as we all know, he would rather offend his wife than the young master. The young master’s terror index is higher than that of his master. He managed to find this job, but he can’t just lose it. He still has a family to feed!
Jiang Lianqi said with satisfaction, "Well, have a good drive to Li’s house."
Li Fei stare big eyes looking at Jiang Lianqi this dead facial paralysis going to his house again? This dead facial paralysis is not up to something again, is it?
Jiang Lianqi noticed Li Fei’s sight but ignored him.
Li Fei wanted to think, but he still wondered in his heart, "What are you-"
"Huh?" Jiang Lianqi’s ending sound was raised on the spot, so that Li Fei automatically silenced it that he didn’t ask, didn’t he? ! He lived a really humbled life. He was bullied by his second brother at home, and he was bullied by this dead facial paralysis. He once suspected that Jiang Lianqi and Li Xin were his own way of doing things. The morals were simply carved out of a mold!
After about an hour, I finally arrived at Li’s house, and Jiang Lianqi finally broke the silence. "Don’t be silly and get home." I bagged the car and went to the driver’s window. "I won’t go home today."
Li Fei just got on the bus and heard such a "dangerous" news. He stared at Jiang Lianqi.
Jiang Lianqi glanced at him. "Don’t stare, your eyes are almost falling out."
Then he rang the doorbell and Lin Bo opened the door for him. After Jiang Lianqi said a few pleasantries, he entered the house with Li Fei’s back collar.
Chapter 44 What did she say to you
Li Fei sat on the bed trembling and looked at Jiang Lianqi, who was busy in front of him. "That …"
Jiang Lianqi looked back. "Huh?"
"Are you still angry …" If Li Fei flies.
Jiang Lianqi turned his head back again. It seems that there is no need to answer this question.
Li Fei has some grievances. "Why don’t you talk to me?"
Jiang doesn’t even answer Qi’s head, "I didn’t ignore you." If he really ignores Li Fei, is he still here?
Li Fei continued to ask, "Then why don’t you answer my question?"
Jiang Lianqi is very resistant. "Don’t you think all your questions are nonsense?"
Li Fei bowed his head silently.
At this time, Jiang Lianqi came slowly towards him and stretched out his hand to unbutton Li Fei’s shirt. Li Fei was so scared that he played a "dry, dry?"
Jiang Lianqi didn’t back to his self-care Li Fei clothes Li Fei desperate efforts to break free clutching his collar "that, that what we this is too early? And … Didn’t I promise to be with you? You this is too-"said Li Fei silence and then turned red.
He saw Jiang Lianqi Yang hand bandages and medicine cold way "what are you thinking? Give you medicine. "
Li Fei barely scratched his head bald. Why did he just think that way? This is too shameful! He was famous all his life …
Jiang Lianqi looked at the dead machine. Li Fei sighed and stretched out his hand to untie him, then slowly took off his bright and clean jade body.
Jianglian Qili pressed him to lie prone on the bed and poured the medicinal liquor in his hand, saying, "It hurts a little."
Don’t wait for Li Fei to recover. A sharp pain suddenly attacked him, causing him to sweat. Li Fei clenched his teeth and clung to being stubborn and kept silent.
Jiang Lianqi’s debut "Shout out when it hurts" added strength to his hands and wanted to rub all the medicines in and melt all the congestion.
Li Fei shook his head. How could he scream? Jiang Ming is at home now. What would she think if he called out and saw him naked, gritting his teeth, clutching the sheets and sweating? Jiang Lianqi was still sitting astride him! When the time comes, he will really jump into the Yellow River and be washed away!
Jiang Lianqi looked at him and his pain was really severe, but his mouth said, "What do you expect me to do for you?" How old are you? Are you hard? "
Li Fei listened to Jiang Lian Qi Jiang Lian Qi who actually questioned his dignity as a man. He was about to get up without pain on the spot, but he was pressed by Jiang Lian Qi Li to "don’t touch"
Li Fei was wronged and smacked. In fact, it didn’t hurt so much after the congestion melted. Li Fei also felt that the temperature on his back was white. Why did Jiang Lianqi open the yellow cavity for the first time? So he buried his head in the quilt and asked, "Are you really not angry?"

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