But obviously God didn’t hear her prayers and didn’t care for her! When Ji Wenhua was drugged, she found herself lying in untidy clothes, and she was also disheveled. When Zhu Yinqi was around, she seemed to be severely punched and stunned.

Ji Wenhua soon realized what had happened because of her strange body discomfort. She actually happened to Zhu Yinqi! ! This kind of cognition made Ji Wenhua’s day collapse, and all the good expectations disappeared. Her original Wan Liyun sun shone brightly in heaven, and the clouds were gathering, and the wind and thunder fell from heaven to hell. Ji Wenhua almost collapsed.
Ji Wenhua didn’t know how to face Zhu Yinzhen. She didn’t even have the right to hate Zhu Yinqi. She was secretly drugged because of Zhu Yinqi, and Zhu Yinqi didn’t know what happened to Ji Wenhua at first.
Because there is no evidence and no medicine person can be found to prove that Ji Wenhua and Zhu Yinzhen didn’t go to the rain voluntarily, so this matter became Ji Wenhua’s way to bear the pain. She couldn’t prove herself before Zhu Yinzhen. Considering Zhu Yinqi’s situation and mood, Ji Wenhua could not get justice by herself, but had to beg Zhu Yinzhen not to pursue Zhu Yinqi’s responsibility.
Although Zhu Yinzhen was forced to promise to press this matter, she was never close to Ji Wenhua. Zhu Yinzhen’s indifference was like a sharp knife, which made Ji Wenhua miserable. Ji Wenhua once wanted to die, but she was pregnant.
The queen Ji Wenhua flinched and lost the courage to kill herself. The unexpected fetus made Ji Wenhua sweet and painful. Ji Wenhua wanted to keep a child and Zhu Yinzhen made an agreement with her.
Shi Ji Wenhua admitted that she should have died at that time. When Sheng Jingxuan suffered dystocia, the fetus slipped out of the body smoothly and passed out. Ji Wenhua felt dead and regretted it at that time.
However, at last, she walked around Dafu GREAT GHOST Gate and was sent back to Yang. And because of Zhu Yinzhen’s kindness, Ji Wenhua still has a chance to accompany Jing Xuan to grow up.
For Ji Wenhua, these years of life are like stealing. Now Dezong wants to take back her life. Ji Wenhua complains.
"You go call JingXuan? What about Wang? " Zhu Yinzhen was angry. "You should have told the king about the poisoning. 98 male and female servants are so damn it! (6+)
"You go call JingXuan? What about Wang? " Zhu Yinzhen was angry. "You should have told Wang about the poisoning!"
"The report child’s memory is shallow, and the male and female servants may be sad when they leave the first Jingxuan, but in time, Jingxuan’s impression of the male and female servants will fade. Jingxuan has a report who carefully cares for the male and female servants and believes that he will have a good life after leaving the male and female servants." For Jingxuan Ji Wenhua, it is natural to give up, but he can’t bear to give up, and she can’t bear it again. Jingxuan has an excuse to be shameless and linger on.
In Zhu Yinzhen Ji Wenhua’s heart, there is a deep blessing in addition to guilt. "Your majesty’s kindness has caused you a lot of grievances over the years. Your concubine is a burden to your majesty, and now your life will soon be over, and you will be able to live a little easier after your concubine leaves. I believe that without your concubine, you will be able to meet a woman you really love, and then your majesty will live up to your princess."
Ji Wenhua said in a meaningful way that Zhu Yinzhen didn’t have a chance to marry a woman who tempted him until she died, so that he wouldn’t be wronged by the woman he really loved.
People’s hearts have always been biased towards Queen Ji, and Queen Ji is no exception. Although she was not so pure in raising Ji Wenhua at the beginning, over the years, she has given birth to some mother-daughter feelings. According to Ji Wenhua, a woman who has stepped into Muwangfu can be relegated to a concubine position.
If one day Zhu Yinzhen meets a girl from two of a kind, she will be hurt, which Ji Wenhua doesn’t want to happen. She hopes Zhu Yinzhen can be happy and really happy!
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes are dark. "Is this how you locate the king?"
Although what Ji Wenhua said is true, listening to a dying person say these words, Zhu Yinzhen’s heart is still as uncomfortable as being stabbed. Zhu Yinzhen’s heart is dull and painful, and the love is subtle but it is neglected.
For Ji Wenhua, Zhu Yinzhen admitted that he pitied her more than he loved her. Zhu Yinzhen knew that his mother, Queen Ji, had too many constraints on Ji Wenhua. Ji Wenhua was forced to deal with him and Zhu Yinqi, and her heart would not be less painful than that of him and Zhu Yinqi. In fact, Ji Wenhua was the most hurt in their misfortunes.
Zhu Yinzhen once saw Ji Wenhua smiling and earnestly persuading Zhu Yinqi to accept Wei Chengou. He also witnessed Zhu Yinqi’s wedding day, and Ji Wenhua gave Zhu Yinqi and Wei Chengou a gift with a peach blossom smile, wishing them a hundred years of harmony. I accidentally bumped into Ji Wenhua several times and secretly cried.
Every time I am caught, Ji Wenhua always explains to Zhu Yinzhen with tears in her eyes, and then turns around. Ji Wenhua has returned to her dignified appearance and picked up a smile like a spring breeze.
Zhu Yinzhen never poked Ji Wenhua’s technical lies. He pitied Ji Wenhua, but every time he was so vulnerable, he was so strong that Ji Wenhua could not help but feel distressed.
People don’t smile until they have a heart. It’s the best disguise for a person. This is Zhu Yinzhen of Ji Wenhua Church.
There was a time when Zhu Yinzhen couldn’t bear to look directly at Ji Wenhua’s pleasant smiling face because he could always see the pain in Ji Wenhua’s heart through that charming smiling face.
In front of Queen Ji, Ji Wenhua smiled except for her smile. When she first came behind Queen Ji, Ji Wenhua had lost her sadness and didn’t even frown before others.
"Report, you remember that you are good to your male and female servants. Your male and female servants have paid too much. It’s time for you to consider your own report. You are too affectionate and righteous. In the future, please ask your report to be selfish. Don’t let others wronged you again." Ji Wenhua habitually raised a warm smiling face at Zhu Yinzhen. "Do you know, report? Male and female servants have regretted several times that if male and female servants had not begged the report to accept them, the report would not have suffered all these years. "
Because of Ji Wenhua and Zhu Yinzhen’s marriage, Zhu Yinqi and Zhu Yinzhen’s brothers became more and more estranged from each other. At one time, the two brothers had become strangers, and Zhu Yinzhen seemed to be indifferent to the brotherhood. What is the so-called white of Ji Wenhua? How deep is Zhu Yinzhen’s heart pain?
Later, because of Ji Wenhua’s incest with Zhu Yinqi, Zhu Yinzhen’s indifference to Ji Wenhua once made Zhu Yinqi furious. Zhu Yinqi attacked Zhu Yinzhen several times. On the one hand, he had to endure Zhu Yinqi’s misunderstanding, on the other hand, he had to face the humiliation Ji Wenhua brought him. His life was once in darkness.
Actually, Zhu Yinzhen can tell Zhu Yinqi to regret and reflect on this matter, and let Zhu Yinqi go to hot water. But he didn’t suffer from Zhu Yinqi’s heart disease, and Zhu Yinzhen was also afraid that he would bear the reality and affect his health.
"Don’t talk about this. If you don’t, the king will go to the palace and ask his father for an antidote!" In the past, Zhu Yinzhen didn’t want to mourn him when he was in waves. What he wanted to do most was to find a way to save Ji Wenhua’s life. He didn’t want Ji Wenhua to die into a ghost.
Ji Wenhua’s Zhu Yinqi incident is behind Zhu Yinqi’s pleats. Ji Wenhua’s roots are Gu Dezong’s. It’s unfair to treat Ji Wenhua like this.
"Don’t report!" Ji Wenhua grabbed Zhu Yinzhen’s robe. "It is natural for the emperor to do this. The male and female servants don’t feel wronged at all."
Dezong didn’t dare to attack Ji Wenhua, but chose this assassination method for various reasons. Ji Wenhua was very white in his heart. He didn’t want Zhu Yinzhen to stand up for himself, but he didn’t want their father to have bad blood because of it.
Zhu Yinzhen’s going to Dezong at this time will lead to Dezong’s deeper dissatisfaction with Ji Wenhua. In Dezong’s eyes, Ji Wenhua is the one who must be removed and then quickly ruined!
What’s more, she is already terminally ill. Don’t say that Dezong gave her no antidote. Even if there is an antidote, it’s too late. Don’t say that it’s an antidote. Even a fairy can’t save her!
What can Dezong make of it? It’s not protecting calves! Zhu Yinzhen clenched his fists consciously. "You don’t think the king feels wronged."
Why should Dezong’s son let his princess bear the guilt? If you really want to be held accountable for this matter, you should also look for Zhu Yin pleats. You should die. It should be a vicious Zhu Yin pleat! Zhu Yinzhen’s anger ratio!
"If you take medicine, Wang Yi will get back justice for you!" Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes were overcast, and he turned to go.
"If you don’t go, please be a male and female servant." Ji Wenhua dragged herself to her knees, tearing Zhu Yinzhen’s robe and pleading to "Report, male and female servants deserve to die. Report, don’t provoke the emperor because of male and female servants."
"What are you doing? Get up quickly! " Zhu Yinzhen quickly took Ji Wenhua back to huang, angry and anxious to blame "how can you be so careless about your body?" How can you be so negative by your parents and how can you be worthy of your dead parents and treat you as your own? "
Ji Taifu was Ji Wenhua’s uncle. Ji Wenhua was lucky enough to survive in the house fight, and she also relied on Ji Taifu’s full protection. Later, after Queen Ji decided to betroth Ji Wenhua to Zhu Yinzhen, she decided to adopt Ji Wenhua to Ji Taifu and gave Ji Wenhua a justified identity.
As the saying goes, it’s better to die than to live. Zhu Yinzhen has seen too many people struggling to survive. For Ji Wenhua, who is bent on dying, he really hates iron and does not produce!
"If you don’t think about it yourself, you should also consider Jingxuan’s youth. Do you want him to suffer from the loss of his mother?" Five-year-old Jing Xuan, although teaching her peers to be mature and sensible, is a child after all. The lack of maternal love will inevitably leave a shadow on Jing Xuan’s childhood.
"Report male and female servants can’t violate the emperor’s meaning even more because of considering Jingxuan." At the moment, Ji Wenhua can’t hold the signboard and smile with a bitter expression. "Male and female servants living in the world will bring shame to Jingxuan in the future. Report, you should not have a grain of sand in the eyes of the white emperor. Only male and female servants can’t cherish Jingxuan, and it will double! If … if the male and female servants live against the will, they will be afraid that the emperor’s love for Jingxuan will be greatly reduced in the future! "
"Report when male and female servants please you JingXuan think please don’t go to male and female servants s when male and female servants is sick! Just pretend you never knew about the poisoning of male and female servants, okay? Your highness, please! " Ji Wenhua’s eyes are tearful. She doesn’t resist, but she has selfishness besides Nai! When she died, Jing Xuan, her young mother, was bound to be doubly pitied by Queen Ji and Dezong.
"Hua Fei, you ask for the king too many times." Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes are light and gloomy. Ji Wenhua’s weak performance made him hate Ji Wenhua very much. He begged for a living out of pity for her. Zhu Yinzhen could barely promise her, but this time she begged Zhu Yinzhen to die. She felt furious. What did Ji Wenhua take him as?

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